Hunter Biden Sexyyy

Before I say anything else, I must share with you that last night right before I laid my head on my pillow, I read that my mother had sent me a message saying that my sister was diagnosed with the coronavirus, that she is asymptomatic and that my family is in quarantine now. And that schools are corona hotbeds and they should be closed.

First of all, beterschap for my sister even though she basically is not sick. And may she be freed from quarantine soon.

And secondly, even though the numbers say otherwise and I of course need to take into consideration a strong mother’s instinct, I think it’s remarkable that someone can want for schools to be closed because of someone asymptomatic. Like how exponentially are students dying right now? They aren’t, because the virus is not dangerous to them. O, the power of the media. I’m with my baby on this one.

Then, I took this huge step in terms of manifesting palpitations by searching sexy Hunter’s name on Google Images. (Those eyesss my God. <3_<3) Then I came across an interview that confirms what I said the other day, that he is likely a political outcast, that he can’t express these views of his because of his father’s job and that the people around him basically don’t want him to be seen or heard. The interviewer didn’t say it like that, but could she have asked him if he thinks he could become a distraction from his father if she didn’t think that he could potentially be a distraction from his father? When he said that he was raised to respect the oval office and that he’s proud to be an American, even I felt like saying “YEEEEEEHAWWWW” so you know it’s serious.

Also, I see his past is a sensitive subject he has heard brought up far too often, that he likely uses antipsychotics and that I don’t have to worry about him ever letting me down. Here is the interview:

In other news, I have growing concerns about Tim’s social environment given that no one there is really with him or even wants that, some social rest, and this guest wanting to get in his pants:

Yoghurt timeee.

11:15 (AM) CET

Petje hereee <3 ahahaha

I still haven’t left my bed, but I will now.

13:37 (01:37 PM) CET

Also I feel I should mention that I noticed that my baby said “Palest… Cuba” yesterday? It could be completely random but my baby is so mysterious so I don’t knowww.

Also I couldn’t help but notice this:

Uniteee hahaha

15:20 (03:20 PM) CET

What if they’re just Russians…?
LilFangs.com achievementtt.
Haha imagine the aliens being like “Why tf is that kid blurred out?” and then the answer is “Because Republicans in 20 years will say: “OOOHHH SHE HAD CLOSE TIES WITH HILLARY CLINTON”.”

17:43 (05:43 PM) CET

Shxt is giving me trypophobia wanting to vomit. But I still eat them though because it’s the healthiest I can eat.

18:18 (06:18 PM) CET

I made pineapple cakeee
And juiceee

Now I’m going to make dinnerrr…

19:11 (07:11 PM) CET

Do you think in the future meat will grow with the packaging on it already?

I’m making duck curry pasta.

I must nuance my earlier statement. The oranges I used here are mass production farm oranges (not my favorite brand that is artificially sweetened but are becoming smaller and more sour the last few times I bought it), imported from Southern Europe. It’s that EU internal market shxt. Though there is air pollution everywhere, I’d rather buy from a small Belgian farm if that were possible for me. (If they still exist?)

Something else I should nuance is that in Belgium in general food is of better quality than in the Netherlands. Like they don’t sell siamese tomatoes here.

Last night I saw my Pokémon plead against the Dutch government disowning farmers “in the name of climate change”. They will make the country 100% dependent on farmers from abroad and will use the land to store more illegal immigrants. (While I am staying in Belgium. I’m not complaining though…)

I can’t wait for the days when “Get vaccinated,” and “Go to McDonalds,” will be new and inventive ways of saying “fuck you”.

I’m done. 😀

I’ll be checking in with my babyyyay.

20:50 (08:50 PM) CET

I, by the way, believe eating artificial foods should be a choice and not an obligation. Like if other people want to eat cancerous foods, that’s fine. But don’t force me to do the same. When it comes to that, I really miss Suriname a lot. But still that stuwdam must be blasted into pieces.

20:52 (08:52 PM) CET

I didn’t realize it was Friday until that Instagram moment of my baby.

As for that one phonecall, sharpness related I think that person sounded more like Hunter than like Joe. They sound incrediblyyyyy similar.

Haha Mario said ittt.
Let society continue like this for a couple more years and all food will look like this.
Trust your governments guysss. 😀

I’m out. x

22:28 (10:28 PM) CET

Ahahahaha ey please tell me this is an art form. And that there’s not some place in the world where people are eating banana with foreskin.

In other news, yesterday I heard from my baby that Hunter is likely single? Can I make HunTishe real with relatively more ease? <3_<3

23:57 (11:57 PM) CET


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