Deprogramming 2

Deprogramming 2 is here guysss yay. 😀 Before I pick up where I left off, I need to share something that warmed my heart last night:

He is still shining. After all that has happened, he is standing there like it was all nothing. (In terms of the reasons for the drama it was indeed nothing, but emotionally I felt that it was quite something. Like the other day I read that they changed the locks. (opens in new tab) Is that even legal?) What a legend! So much grace. And what a smile. <3_<3

Also, the EU will send 17,1 billion to what…? *sigh* A simple costs and benefits analysis would have told these people that spending sooo much [they are spending less than that on coronavirus aid!?!] on gender equality policy is just not worth it, because it will lead to the disregard of competence and strive for unimportant quota. That is all costs and no benefits.

Also, it’s quite ridiculous that they take out so much money for that, while the costs are actually just one bonus for whoever comes up with the (bullshxt) policy. (Most of that money goes to their crony organizations.) I don’t even pay taxes myself, but that so much of Europeans (who are financially hurting and locked in their homes) goes to this bullshxt is unforgivable. I’m starting to become a little Poland and Hungary fangirl.

“In the West, we have the freedom to have differences of opinion.”

So they have been blackmailed by the EU 2 days ago, they have still not lifted their vetoes (my heroes), and now, EU? The serious leadership that is shown in Poland and Hungary was something I initially, instinctively kept my mouth shut over. I used to express my views about LGBTQ related things a lot differently when I was younger, as well as some of my friends and family.

We used to make jokes about this sort of stuff and I used to openly say that I think that it is controversial. But as time passed and media intensified, we got more and more intensely attacked for doing that. It was something like “Imagine someone saying that to you about your race,” that made me give in. (Like I can’t hide my race but I’m not flashing my sexual preferences all the time. But race is a sensitive subject to me and the individual attacks in discussions make it hard for me to keep my composure, so I folded.) Veryyy close relatives of mine are all about hyperliberal tolerance.

I became 100% tolerance. When I mentioned it on LilFangs.com I was like: “Yeah do whatever makes you happy. 😀 (Please don’t kill me. 😀 ) I think I’m bisexual. 😀 ” When you’re sexually starving long enough, anything can be sexually attractive. (It’s all about not giving in to lust.) I’m not bisexual. But some women are breathtakingly beautiful though.

We have been tolerant, but these people keep demanding us to stomach more and more and more of the things they do we don’t like. This makes me think that it’s best to go back to zero tolerance. I am all about people having the freedom to believe whatever they want to believe in, but now please keep those flags out of my face. I don’t want to be disturbed by other people’s beliefs. (Like if you’re disturbed by me writing this, you did that to yourself because this is private online property hosted privately.)


Let me rephrase what I said. If people want to wear shirts with flags on them, that’s fine as long as I won’t be forced to talk to them. Private businesses can have flags on them, I will simply avoid them. Pedestrian crossing lines (zebrapad), state universities, state libraries, the only supermarket within a 10 mile radius and such have to be neutral.

Traditional black cultures all around the world have very strict definitions when it comes to who to have a sexual relationship with and how to perform sexual acts. “Mine” is derived from triangular trade colonialism, thus relatively disconnected from ancient tribalism, with a remaining element of superstition and founded in (mostly¿) Christian principles. The element of superstition, I have not been taught (Winti) so to me it seems like superstition but maybe if I’d know more about it I’d be saying something else. (I heard there’s a link between Winti and psychiatry?)

In my upbringing, some people were about the strong principles and others were more about the “You can get aroused, what arouses you (becomes your sexual preference) and I see you like sweaters and gaming aren’t you a man and you’re still not in a relationship aren’t you asexual”. I have been to traditional events (mostly of other cultures), I have been to church and I have been to LGBTQ events. And I have been raised and educated in the Netherlands. I’d say I’m a liberal traditionalist.

As in I don’t believe in marriage but I do believe in love (it’s just very rare). I believe in fixed sexual companionship. I believe sodomy is bad. (So if for a man nothing but a good night kiss from another man he fully confides in is enough, I’m totally fine with that.) I believe food should be 100% natural. I love traditional Surinamese food, but also love European food and food of other cultures. (I believe clothes for all should be tailor made. Everything should be hand made in such a way that everything is fully customized but not a product of slavery.) I’m in favor of interracial relationships (not to force them but if they happen they happen and that is beautiful). And I believe that family life and life defined by religious institutions are prisons and because the shrinking amount of available resources per person people should stop making babies. Society was rigged against my beliefs already before I was born.

I have had shallow immersive experiences in LGBTQ life. I say shallow because I am not LGBTQ and – THANK GOD – I haven’t been at a gay orgy nor have I seen the men’s bathroom in a gay club (but I’ve heard about it… *cries on the inside*). Monogamous, or sexually tamed at least, people who are LGBTQ who don’t flash that shxt in the faces of people who have nothing to do with that, I can live with the existence of. But some people are severely derailing with no sign of it ever becoming less. I’ve always been tolerant (going to LGBTQ events as non-LGBTQ person is the crusade of tolerance, which I have walked), but mind you if I ever thought it were truly amazing, I’d be doing it myself.

The reason why gay people (this goes for both men and women) are switching partners so fast and/or involved in orgies relatively more than straight people is, I think, because their perception of sexual love goes against their natural design. Sodomy and toys and such spark some sort of an experience of sex, but not the ultimate experience one’s body has been designed for. So they end up wanting more and more and more and more and never reaching their ultimate climax (is where one settles). They are trapped in lust.

Breinbreker: what happens when LGBTQ runs out of letters in the alphabet? (Is the “+” not underrepresentative, since this is all about minorities within minorities?)

So yes here I am speaking up and saying that I do feel something for what Poland and Hungary are doing to protect their citizens. “Protection” sounds like a strong word for this context, but it is rightfully used because they are fighting against an economic and mental takeover. One that should be pushed back against or reversed in Western Europe as well.

Black traditionalists are severely drown out by black hyperliberals. As in the media portray black people as if they won’t culturally oppose LGBTQ things, while in reality it is in my veins and I’m so sick and tired of hiding it. If we must become more and more tolerant of them, then they must become more and more tolerant of us being principled against them.

Late lunch timeee.

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No. Just no. *sigh* these people think political decision making is like playing a dungeon-crawler board game.

All idiocy aside, how can people right now be certain that detaching oneself from the EU in 100 years is not a good decision?

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Haha I made meme.

More money pleaseee.

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Before I started this post, before yoghurting.
The Dutchest?

I think my eating habits and the fact that I think in this next level free “alles kan” type of way are the main ways in which I’ve been influenced by my location of upbringing. Extremely similar to Belgium, but I consider Belgium slightly more cultured and slightly more principled. (This is deeprooted in history, given that Belgium became Belgium when the Dutch were like: “We’re going to try this new type of Christianityyy,” Belgium was like, “Nah.”)

I will elaborate on aliens and further deprogramming and the most recent words spoken by my baby on YouTube later.

I’m back at it yayy.

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You know what I think is funny about Dutch people, by the way? That some men measure their level of alpha-male toughness by how much bread they eat. They’re like: “Ik eet 8 boterhammen per dag.” “Ik eet 16 boterhammen per dag!” “IK EET TWEE ZAKKEN BROOD PER DAG.” Ahahaha *eats popcorn*.

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Het wildcatjeee

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Okayyy sooo the other day I was watching this livestream that as a central theme had that a professor from Israel had stated that aliens live amongst us and they want to introduce themselves, but humans have to stop fighting with each other for them to want to introduce themselves. If I have followed it correctly. Please forgive me, because for nearly all news I focus more on the overall philosophical aspect of it and not the details of the news itself. (And I was quite fixated on the comment section for other reasons.)

I think I’m correct. I was also looking for more details to add more of a link to what I want to say, but didn’t have the patience to get beyond this Dutch article that insinuates that the professor has mental health issues. (opens in new tab)

*sigh* Anyway, I am convinced that the way average people are taught to see life (let’s say just school and leftist media) does not encompass all knowledge there is about the universe. I think the “knowledge” that is considered common knowledge, as far as it’s actually true, is like less than 10% of everything there is to know about the universe. The rest of the knowledge is, I think, not fully unknown but just not publicly shared.

I also think that other planets do not exist the way “space agencies” say that they exist. To me it seems more likely that the map of planet Earth is actually just a small percentage of the land there is on this surface, and that Earth (or beyond Earth¿) still has places that are undiscovered/unknown to the public.

As for aliens, I think that there are just many different species of “humans”, but that everyone pretends to be homo sapiens and that homo sapiens themselves don’t know any better. That there are more advanced societies but that they do everything they can to keep their technology a secret because most (if not all) humans destroy everything they touch.

I think there is too much scepticism, too much confusion, too much pride and too much arrogance for people to “stop civil unrest” (I mean they feel justified in doing what they’re doing) to communicate with aliens. (They can barely communicate with themselves.) Would that then mean that the aliens will never step forward?

Also, like, I don’t want to say “speaking of aliens…”, but… This news is coming from Israel…? This is the first time in my conscious lifetime that I have ever seen Israel sort of take the center stage with breaking news. People have opinions about Jews/Israelites (that is/isn’t the same thing), but most people don’t know anything about them. I can’t even pretend to know anything about Jews/Israelites/Judaism. (((*whispers* Are they going to introduce themselves?)))

Let me further explain what I mean by knowing. I mean yeah I know that people say “Judeo-Christian traditions”, insinuating that there are similarities. And both religions acknowledge the Old Testament. And that the Talmud is a sort of perception/knowledge/rule book addition to the Torah which is the Old Testament? And that there are two sorts of Talmud? (It must be noticeable that I say this off the top of my head. Like I could google these things but that makes me nervous.)

Something else I think I know is that if Christianity and Judaism were files, Christianity is like 10 MB and Judaism is like 100 TB. Because it seems to me that that comes with an entirely different perception of life. Like wayyy more esoteric knowledge. Also, I read that in terms of timelines, Judaism is the religion that was founded in the year 1 AD. (The rest way before or later than that.)

I know these things because at some point in my life I considered conversion. (Not that I knew how to or if that is even possible, but I was considering going after that.) When I was about 13, I learnt something beyond “Anti-Semitism World War II”, in philosophy of life class. But in that same semester I basically snapped out of it. I can’t really fully explain the context because the memory is vague, but it was a 10 second clip of two men screaming at a book (without context) that made me think: “Eh okay I think I’ll pass…”

Also sooo manyyy habits and rules and holidays. (I’m too used to not having religious obligations.) They say there are similarities, but the only similarity I know of is that Chanukah and Christmas are around the same time. I learnt that because Seth, a character from The OC I used to watch celebrated “Chrismukkah” because he is mixed. Oh yes and the Old Testament. Other than that I know nothing.

And that is just the religious/cultural (the 100 TB makes it one thing¿) aspect. About individual life I know absolutely zero. Like what do you have for breakfast? How do you have breakfast? You shower? What does your morning routine look like? Do you do anything special before you – I don’t know how to say this in English – put on special gear? What is the secret behind still the tastiest meal I’ve ever had in my entire life? The list is so endless I wouldn’t even know where to start. Do you give hugs to people you meet for the first time? Do you give hugs?

Yes I look forward to people stopping their fxcking unimportant quarrels so we can finally have some real fxcking news. Niets ten nadele van mijn baby who looks younger than I of course because he is my baby, but I’m going to call it a day and in the next post I will merge my commentary into something separate because “the news” is getting more and more unnecessary. About interim score court stuff they’re basically determining the fate of their country by playing rock, paper, scissors and some Chinese sex spy I have nothing to say anyway. I don’t care. (I only care about my babyyy.)

Good night liefjeee x

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