The anti-coronavirus-strategy (as in the ending of the policy pandemic and working towards further economic prosperity again) I’m working on (it’s taking longer than usual to “tie the ends together”) comes with a paradox.

Regardless of which approach is chosen, people need to be deprogrammed. Just like the coronavirus has become real to people through “programming” (not saying that it isn’t real (like please don’t kill me haha)), people will have to start living like the virus doesn’t exist anymore through “programming”. I’d be open about it. The issue, though, is that not everyone will allow to be deprogrammed. Some – I think most, actually – are programmed so far into confusion that they trust only that which makes sense to their confusion. In other words, not everyone will allow me to deprogram them.

In order for any strategy to work, cooperation is necessary. The only way out of this policy pandemic is through me, because those who are enforcing it do not want to stop enforcing it. (They like to stay relevant.) In the range of case scenarios I’m aiming at, my strategy has a peaceful, unifying effect on society. But not everyone will want to listen to me, given that they want no one else but them to have any power over them. If I’d actually officially be allowed to deprogram, I’d become the most powerful person to ever have lived, you see.

11:03 (AM) CET

A lot of people on this planet are believing some serious, serious bullshxt. I could, with the best intentions, appear on the big screen out of nowhere, as someone who has lived a quite plain life, but it could get people screaming: “NEW WORLD ORDER” “HOLOGRAM” “SCHIZOPHRENIC” and other untrue shxt. At the end of the day, I will share what the paradox is. It needs some contextual explanation, which I will spend the rest of the day on.

Firstly, am I the only one who has this odd urge to scroll through apps before bed? Like I’m in bed, tired, trying to stare into screens less before bed. But then when it’s time for me to switch off my night light, my brain is like: “Maybe there are new memes on Snapchat?” “Maybe there’s a new subscription upload on YouTube?” “How about just one game of solitaire?” I ended up playing like 5 games of solitaire. ๐Ÿ™ (At like 1 AM.) Then I saw that Tim was live, talking about aliens. You won’t believe what was keeping me up until like 5 AM???

Sorry I need to get food out of oven.

11:21 (AM) CET

(The content in the video is, I’d say, controversial. I’ll get to that.) In the comment section, there was someone posting with the name “Hunter Biden”.

At first I thought someone was trolling. Immediately after screenshotting, feeling this next level urge – ahahahah ye idk – I posted something like “Hey Hunter”, with some tongue emojis, in the comment section. Like Hunter sexy. But that was because I thought someone was trolling. If I’d actually had a chance to talk to him, he is a family guy, I would have gone for a reserved approach. (Unless… (& My baby I’d approach with the yays of seeing my baby haha you have been warneddd. ๐Ÿ˜€ )) Anyway, given the life experiences he has had and the things he was saying, I think this was THE Hunter Biden. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Excuse me, I need to do something.

11:45 (AM) CET

I’m backkk.

I went grocery shopping.

Haha see how I’m attempt to hide my like 3 hours of sleep? Also, it has come to my attention that I rarely smile in pictures lately.

So here.
Suckas :p

Don’t ask me how I did it…

Look what was back on the shelvesss ๐Ÿ˜€
Restackeddd. (The peppers and paksoi will go in the fridge after I’ve made dinner because I need to make room.)
Holiday spiritยฟ

I’ll be washing dishes. x

14:43 (02:43 PM) CET

Winter Wildcatjeee

I’m making extremely late lunchhh.

16:33 (04:33 PM) CET

Ahahaha ahw this Santa phonecall is so adorableee.

17:23 (05:23 PM) CET

Okay I’m back againnn. In my long tangent about deprogramming. There’s this brand of Dutch people who are proud of their country because it is “tolerant” – smiling in the faces of people you disagree with and then behind closed doors venting about how you want to roast their pets, or first beating someone to near death and then going for a beer together afterwards. That is why Amsterdam is intercontinentally known as the city of drugs and unprotected anal sex for everyone.

The process of deprogramming, though, would take away some of this tolerance. (We have gotten to this point because of tolerance.) Some serious bullets will have to be bitten. You may wonder why I mentioned sodomy once again. That’s because if we ever want to be unified and live in harmony (notice “if (…) want”, because not everyone will agree), serious bullets will have to be bitten. We need to share the same principles.

To lay the bridge towards why these principles also touch on things that have nothing to do with economic policy (and why this anti-corona economic policy is 75% PR, but many details about that I cannot share), I present to you my babyyy:

17:00 This CIA guy is spraying serious accusations without a proper explanation. (As in if the reporter would have asked him to give an example, he would have given away that he’s full of shxt.) I’ve addressed this issue on the left more extensively in Liberal Oppression.

28:00 The “holy” democratic system is designed like 2 rival soccer teams who think of each other that their supporters are direct spawns of Satan. Especially because people want to win, tension only increases and does not decrease. Not within this system. (And some will not want another system because it’s all they know and they think that everything that is not democracy is primitive famine “hongerwinter” communism.) If people continue to abide by this system, things can only get worse. (It’s their choice, really. I don’t give a fxck if the world goes to shxt because people want to be fxcking stubborn.)

33:00 Only getting paid when hospital beds are full is a broken window fallacy? (In Fangyism Medici get money regardless if people go to the doctor or not. We have medical personnel on stand-by at all times and do not consider repetitive medicine prescriptions a solution. #JustSayin’)

37:00 So Hollywood movie paradise is still open… How many actors and/or supporting personnel have died from working on set this far? (And how are trash Nickelback syndrome movies essential?) Because if the movie people haven’t gone extinct from continuing to work by now, whatever standards are applied to keep things running over there can also be applied throughout the rest of society. (Crazy fxcks.)

41:00 I like edgyyy.

47:00 Am I the only one who considers giving the people the right to protest by means of standing up for oneself the same as teaching a child to throw him/herself on the ground and kick and scream when not getting what he/she wants? I’m all about people making clear what they need, but in a decent society I don’t think this is the way. (But that’s just my opinion.) Also, I wonder how that teacher behaves when her students get on her nerves. Maybe having the schools closed isn’t that bad haha… (It’s just a great controversy. Like education is important but schools teach bullshxt.) She would look funny if her noise is replaced by CoD zombies noise.

Someone really has to explain to me what being against corona fascism has to do with misogyny and the other dog whistles mentioned.

49:30 Why does there need to be political pressure to stand up for what’s right? (See this passive stupidity is why I don’t want other people to have the right to make authority related decisions for me.)

01:04:30 How can holding people back on a racially discriminating way be seen as something positive?

01:10:00 Ye this is where I start bridging.

What I was hoping, when race – African roots specifically – became a more-on-the-foreground topic earlier this year, was that progress would be made. (But coronavirus and the racial extremism this year were the last straw for me. I do not expect positive surprises from humans anymore. (I thought yay rational leadership and yay good discussions. But no, bullshxt and bullshxt once again.)) We live in societies of mixed races, still mostly in indirect segregation because of the many misconceptions there are in the context of race. I was hoping that the discourse would lead to the awareness that regardless of racial background, in the end people are the same.

But mainly programming is the reason why people think that people of other races are different, or that they themselves are different. Black Americans (“African Americans”, the Americans whose ancestors came to America as slave or in another way affiliated with slave trade (for e.g. Nigerian Americans or South African Americans, this is slightly different, in the sense that they are more aware of what their real culture is)) are, I think, the most severe example of this. In contrast to for example black Europeans, black Americans have, because of segregation laws, been disadvantaged by the system. That is true. But as mentioned by Iustis Shapiro earlier, the main economic disadvantage caused by the system was, impressively, already caught up on decades ago.

Space and resources are limited, so unfortunately, in terms of average wealth, black people in the West will never catch up on white people in the West. (As in building up generational wealth takes time and white people have had more time to build up wealth in the West.) As long as the average quality of life is decent, this is not the end of the world. To try to overrun this natural balance (natural as in caused by hundreds of years of history) with far-reaching policies – and with that eventually destroying the economy for everyone, including the people they want to “help” – is irrational.

In the West, the quality of life of black Americans is still relatively the worst. I think this comes from two directions. Firstly the serious disconnect between actual racial culture of “black Americans” and what they think that their culture is. Secondly (disturbing) “racist science”.

A lot happens, in terms of programming, in between a baby being born and that baby later as an adult man saying “Imma bust a cap in yo ass.” It is not ethnicity itself that causes that problem. Black Americans have lost touch with their roots and think that the immoral methods used to make money that have become increasingly popular in the last couple of decades (drugs, single motherhood, illegal arms dealing etc.) are their culture. (And the hip-hop/rap music made by black Americans is known all across the globe.) So to encourage people to misbehave “because it’s their culture (and otherwise they’re acting “white”)” from black American to black American (this culture has blown over to Europe as well), thus programming, is what I think is the main cause of this economic problem. (If I deprogram once, I might as well do everything at once, right?)

Then, if it is not race that defines a person, but the content of their character – which it is, given that everyone who lives in “the ghetto” where mostly black Americans live (as in there are different types of ghetto), gets sucked into that “culture” (it’s a dysfunctional subculture ๐Ÿ™ ) – then “racial” studies cannot be a thing, because race is not a determining factor. (*sigh* These racist scientists…) Race should not be a parameter in any study. Everyone is unique, therefore – if science is used as a medium to find universal truth – we should focus on the parameters that define someone as an individual. (But of course not everyone will agree with me here, because there is slave mentality and there are racists. They will say: “No, not everyone is unique, because black people this and white people that.”) That is DNA, interests, blood type, ambitions, physical strengths and weaknesses et cetera. Not race. (I am black, but many people who are considered black don’t know the struggle of having 4c hair. (You’re lucky. u_u) As an example of saying that there’s not just one type of black. (You idiots.))

No one wants to hear: “Oh you’re black, so 77% chance you have diabetes, 80% chance you’re poor, 90% chance you will die from a gunshot and 99% chance you’re dumb.” (Statistics not real.) Please end racist science. It’s one of the first things that have to be tackled for deprogramming beyond the coronavirus. I’m hesitant to interact with white people because the ones who judge race solely based on numbers (which is a lot given the cultural segregation that is currently in place) often have offensive assumptions about me.

Also, please for the love of God when African music is playing, do not expect me to start dancing and singing. (Expect me to not know the song, please. Because that’s the truth.) The same goes for rap etc. When I’m in a racially mixed environment or an all-white environment and African music or rap music starts playing, every white person within a 10 mile radius turns their neck exorcist style and looks at me like: “Is she going to burst out in song? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ” Ahahahahaha you racist pricks.

20:43 (08:43 PM) CET

I’ll get to sodomy and tolerance (and “traditionalism” (and the suppression thereof)) and aliens and coronavirus later. My beef has defrosted, so I’m going to make stew (for a late night snack and so that I don’t have to cook tomorrow and my full fridge veggies etc).

Also straight fax?

20:57 (08:57 PM) CET

Thanks to my half-a-beer-because-the-rest-is-in-my-stew and 3 hours of sleep, I have amazing news: there will be a Deprogramming 2. ๐Ÿ˜€ Because, though I’m just about to check in with my baby and my stew is still stewing, I don’t have the energy to explain the rest now. Dus die heb je nog te goed van me. :p

Haha good niight liefjeee x

22:29 (10:29 PM) CET

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

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