Vice City

The activities I have planned for today are ehh… Well I need an immersive occupation to kill time with until my piano is here. And until I can see my babyyy. <3

But before I continue, I will be making cornflour pourridge, because I’m out of yogurt.

& By the way, I didn’t go straight to bed last night.


It was an attempt to compensate for my scanty dinner. It worked…

10:43 (AM) CET


Of course, I haven’t shared that my dream last night was quite uneventful (I dreamt that I was working at airport security and that Rotterdam Centraal was the airport. That Schoolboy Q was my teacher and we thought the other students were stupid. And that a former neighbor of mine with whom I used to be close when we were younger was unaware that she had walked past a restricted area (I was armed) and that I very warmly told her: “If you’re early, I highly recommend you to go for some mint tea or coffee at La Place. 🙂 ”

And that before I made my pourridge just now, I spent some extra time in my cuddly bed because it’s cold and I spent some time washing dished. Sharing the most watered down aspects of myself IT’S ALL PART OF THE PLAN. YEAH.

Had I also told you that the way Felix’s livestream ended last night was both genial and hilarious? No? IT’S ALL PART OF THE PLAN.

13:33 (01:33 PM) CET

Meanwhile I’ve vacuum cleaned. I mean, as a proud high pile carpet owner, I must be very responsible…

Now it’s time for actionnn.

By the way, am I the only one who finds it weird that Harris has chosen to hire an all-women staff? Like I already find it stupid that the white man must hire diverse people to be considered not a racist, but she, the person who is already “diverse” could have selected people purely based on competence without any protest and chooses to hire only women. Why (does she hate men…)?

Men (and of course women) of all backgrounds are welcome at D.O.C.I.S. International. #JustSayin’

14:07 (02:07 PM) CET


I just joined a biker gang by ending first in a bike race so they will now do security at the band’s concert, as requested by that one British guy.

14:43 (02:43 PM) CET

Wildcatted ambienceee.

I’m about to make a burger. And take salmon out of the freezer to defrost for making dinner later. Steamed salmon, spinach & mac&cheese.

That mission where I had to create chaos to show the country that I’m mad took me way more attempts than I thought. Now I need to steal a bike. After having made late lunch.

15:41 (03:41 PM) CET


There’s parmesan under that tomato. I’m out of artificial cheddar haha… Now back to stealing that bike.

16:25 (04:25 PM) CET

I forgot to save in between missions and ended up losing all my weapons after dying, so reloaded the latest save file I had and had to do the causing chaos mission again. The last mission I completed before shutting down was driving around the limousine to prevent it from exploding. (Ahahaha it had such a long unskippable cutscene and it took a while before I got the logic of the mission, so the first two times after the cutscene I waited too long to start to drive – because accelerating into momentum doesn’t count and first I didn’t get why accelerating was what made it not explode – I had to drive from my mansion to the mission’s location every time which was quite annoying. It took me like 5 attempts to complete it (because I crashed it and then had to drive backwards a few times and then the process of starting to accelerate again does not count as driving at full speed).) Then I saved the game, shut down my computer and took a nap.

Dinner was yayed.

And I’ve seen my baby so I’m happyyy. I’m now (now that my food has been digested (I’ve been playing solitaire)) going to do some exercises and take a quick shower and go to bed hopefully all quickly enough for my happiness not to be gone yet.

Welterusten liefjeee x

23:30 (11:30 PM) CET

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