Fried Rice 2

People always ask me: “Omg Fangs when is that sequel coming?” Well ask no more. More flavorful, eggier, with better overall texture: fried rice is back!!! 😀 *confetti*

Before I say anything else… It’s time to yogurt up.

08:57 (AM) CET

Awww yeaaah

My right foot is doing worse than last night. Every time I incorrectly time the placement of my walking stick or don’t put enough weight on it, I’m like “Ah shxttt” internally. But given that my right foot was doing better last night (and my left foot is about the same but slightly better than last night), I’m hoping to see more improvement today. Like maybe my system is still booting up and that’s why the pains. I’ll try to not stand as much as I can, but I reallyyy need to do some deep cleaning of my sanitary…

Before I share my latest dream(s) (I’ve been dreaming absurdly much lately, which means I need weed now more than ever :p) and wild commentary, I have to admit that I’m guilty of some serious informational malfeasance.

I said that I had shared with you everything I know about the great drama within FvD, but in the shower last night I realized that I had left out the most important part… The pinnacle of the great “FvD versus Baudet” was, of course, that at the dinner (with the anti-Semitism and the Soros stuff), someone wanted to play ’80s disco. Someone wanted to play ’80s disco at the dinner, and Thierry insisted on classical music. (opens in new tab) As the neutral hobbyist commentator, I asked myself: what is ’80s disco? Is it better than classical music?

Well, after listening to 0.001 second of this:

I made my decision. I know what I would have done if I were present at that dinner. If the debate was about whether to play classical music or ’80s disco, I would have opted for absolute fxcking silence. Like everyone just shut the fxck up and finish your fxcking plates. No sound at all is definitely the best option. The hell is this.

But that is, of course, if jazz that includes a saxophone was not an option. I think listening to very upbeat music during dinner is weird, honestly. Especially if it’s basically an invitation for polonaise and other shxt. That jolly shxt I don’t see my poor Catthierry or myself genuinely happily do.

Simultaneously I think the majority of classical music is either overrated or depressing. (Like I don’t understand this genre of men that is my catje and my baby.) So, given that it would touch everyone’s ears (like if you want to put on headphones go ahead), I’d choose absolute fxcking silence. Like don’t ruin my fxcking appetite.

Oh well from FvD itself I haven’t heard anything, but here it says 76% of voters voted for Thierry to stay. (opens in new tab) Haha my politically imprisoned Pokémon…

Pan heating rice time x

10:09 (AM) CET

Same plate and spoon as yesterday aayyy…

Tonight I’ll be eating more of this and fried chicken and witloof. As you may have noticed, my set of standard dishes has slightly evolved, in comparison to when I first moved here.

Meanwhile, all this talk of ’80s disco got me in the mood to play some Vice City… Earlier listed topics can wait. :p

11:33 (AM) CET

I remember why I stopped playing this game. I keep dying at the mission “Death Row”. After one attempt (but I forgot the controls so by the time I figured how to switch weapons and how to shoot), I decided to clean my toilet because that was very necessary, as I tried to think of a strategy to kill that little army of goons that are holding my homeboy hostage. I already tried using a bazooka last time, I see because that weapon is among the options, but without success I guess. I will try again.

If they had suggested to play the music on the “Wildstyle” channel in the game, it would have been a completely different discussion, of course. (I’m kidding.)

12:55 (PM) CET


I keep reaching for RT and LT to shoot.

13:08 (01:08 PM) CET

Fail strategically, by the way.

When this streak of failure started, I stacked up on armor and ammo and created a save file. So now every time homeboy dies I restart from there.

13:15 (01:15 PM) CET

Haha why do I have to stand still to shoot in this gameee…

Shielding costs too much time and the confrontational approach costs too much health… I’ll have to find some kind of midway.

13:40 (01:40 PM) CET

With a decent amount of health for both Lance and I, I was so close to saving him, but I ran straight into the last goon standing inside the warehouse. Okay okay I got this… At least to the point where we can leave the site, I hope.

13:47 (01:47 PM) CET


Given the fact that I’m neither drinking Mountain Dew nor G Fuel, it is very evident that I’m not anywhere near being a pro gamer. Haha I’m still at it. I want to succeed in this mission today. As I work on my aiming and remind myself that I need to press B to shoot and not LT or X. What button to switch weapons again…

Haha can you believe that I can play the piano based on memory…

14:32 (02:32 PM) CET

Haha why am I homewrecker…

14:57 (02:57 PM) CET

Did I just friggin’ shoot Lance…?

15:05 (03:05 PM) CET

On my pro gamer shxttt


16:05 (04:05 PM) CET

New save fileee

16:20 (04:20 PM) CET

1 second into the mission “All Hands on Deck” I already got a hard reminder that it’s B to shoot and not X.

I accidentally jumped off the boat before we were starting to be chased by goons… *face palm*

16:27 (04:27 PM) CET

Win #1
Win #2
Property acquired ayyy

Okey cooking breakkk.

17:25 (05:25 PM) CET

Rightfully so, right?

I mean we’re in this pandemic in which politicians must at least pretend to believe the reasons why they destroy their citizens’ livelihood, first of all. (Were there no policy pandemic, then they would not have been caught.)

Secondly, listen, what is happening in Eastern Europe is controversial to me because of the constitutional rights of gay people, but politicians are supposed to at least aspire to be a decent example. You know my thoughts on sodomy. If two men want to be in a romantic relationship, as long as I don’t have to hear about their intercourse, I’m fine with two men being in love. But this is on another level, man… I think it’s a very good and rational decision to resign after being caught in something so… I don’t have the right word for it. Like controversial and barbaric.

This tone is not directed towards the article. I must say that that article is one of the most neutral seeming, objective articles I’ve read in a veryyy long time. But I’m not too familiar with the names and further context, so I might be mistaken.

I made some juiceee.

Before I started cooking, I made some orange apple juice including ginger and cloves (kruidnagelen). Haha of my giant pile of fruit, now only 2 apples are left.

Side note, I just rinsed utensils that had fruit pulp on it from making the juice before I took that picture. The pulp was clogging the drainage, which is why there is water in my sink. Like I need to clean my sanitary, but it’s not that bad haha.

My chicken is done pre-cooking. (I made the juice first so I wouldn’t have to deep clean my utensils before tackling the chicken etc.)

21:30 (09:30 PM) CET


Unfortunately I put my pan with witloof on the highest heat with intentions of making the pan heat up faster, but then later forgot to lower the heat and ended up burning the bottom side. But my rice and chicken were tasty. 🙂

Also, I granted myself a shower after doing some exercises. This time I didn’t melt a full gletsjer yay. 😀

Now, as promised, I will share my wild commentary and dreams – for progression purposes. If I share this after having slept, things might pile up. But most of the body of what I wanted to say has eroded because of the time that has passed and also I decided to postpone further gaming to tomorrow because of too much screen time and it’s late, so I will be brief.

Behold, my baby:

02:00 To us it is clear that Biden is not a leader. But a few days ago I came across a Reddit meme that stated ambitions of prominent people next to their picture. There was a picture of Elon Musk that said “I want to put the first person on Mars”, followed by a picture of Joe Biden that said “I want to end the coronavirus pandemic”, followed by a picture of Donald Trump that said “I want to deport all Mexicans”. Aside from that controversial statement about Trump, it is quite crazy that people think that Joe Biden would be able to – or even wants to – end this policy pandemic.

05:00 Now the BLM systemic racism shxt as part of the Democrats’ political agenda makes a lot more sense to me. (I stopped reading because I am alone.)

09:00 It’s such tunnel vision that they think that they need a person from a racial group to appeal to a racial group. First of all, needs and preferences within racial groups differ per person. There is indeed for example blue collar workers that conflict with mass immigration (genuine question: who does illegal immigration not conflict with¿). (Ahahaha babyyy. </3) There is also, for example, I’ll say “traditionalists”, who don’t want to hear anything about anything LGBTQ+ related.

An example of what I mean by “traditionalist”:

It’s indeed not like if there’s 1 black token Democrat, all black Americans will identify with that person.

Secondly, (though close to this for some reason heavily illegal concept “cultural appropriation”,) I think it’s much more powerful when someone who is not of the targeted racial group is aware of (real (as in based on the rational aspects of culture and not on the defects)) potential cultural needs and preferences and knows how to appeal to them. Though I can’t give an example right now, it is what would work for me.

By the way, the social media algorithms use race as a determining factor, right? Like recognizing race on a profile picture or something. Like how do people end up on Black Twitter?

24:30 I think most people have no idea what society actually needs.

27:30 Ahahahaha I never buy merchandise, but I’d sooo buy thattt.

30:00 Am I the only one who has never met a person who wears anyone’s merchandise? (Except when it’s bought at concerts.)

35:00 Define R-rated?¿?

38:00 In Western Europe that is not disagreeable.

55:00 Saying that these fascistic policies are effective based on general statistics (which I think are mostly defined by only what season it is, related to the strength of the immune system) is like saying that an ice cream shop in Lutjebroek opening in the Summer around the same time when the daily amount of cases becomes less means that Lutjebroek’s ice cream leads to less coronavirus. Or cases in Belgium going down and that gay sex party so gay sex parties lead to less corona. Everyone follows the seasons, not everyone follows the rules (correctly). It’s all nonsense.

01:00:00 I’d never go to a party wearing a mask.

01:02:00 Ahahaha “Sorry but I can’t visit you because you’re too fat. #staysafe ” ahahahaha.

As for the dreams – or nightmares actually but they’re not that scary anymore in comparison to when I was younger thank the lawddd – I will share those tomorrow (my notes are detailed enough 🙂 ) because, just like my response to that one news article, there’s a heavy morality aspect to that and I want to take my time for that.

So good night liefjeee <3

00:59 (12:59 AM) CET

Photo by Momo King from Pexels

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