When I designed walking sticks that had a self-defense element to it (I recently had a better idea for it), those were just decorative. Like an accessory. I wouldn’t think I’d actually be needing one. 🙁 But I’ve been limping around for over a week now. And though there has been some progress, I do seriously need walking support. Especially if I don’t want my other foot to become injured as well. So I guess I’ll be pimpin’.

Hopefully I will soon be able to carry 2 heavy shopping bags again (because I have no idea how I could pull that off with this painful foot of mine). Seeing the best in the worst, the real-life image of myself is getting closer to the 24-year-old-non-ancestral(¿)-regent-treated-like-the-pope image of myself that exists in this fantasy land that is my mind has gotten closer (in a non-practical way unfortunately). I hope the generic universal walking stick I’ve ordered will be delivered according to schedule (that is today) and will suit my height and weight.

If I’m correct, the FvD election results will come in today. (I’ve been praying for no more harassment of my Catthierry when this is over like crazy. I’m worried. 🙁 ) I’ll share it with you as soon as I’ve heard anything.

Another thing I’ll be doing today, aside from sharing my contemporary thoughts in elaboration on my baby, is making a concrete strategy (since the patterns have formed) to bring the economy back like coronavirus never existed (without vaccine (I don’t care that people invested in it)) and out of this recession. But you’ll be reading none about that because it will not be stealable digitally and will be detailed mostly in my mind. Can’t have the incompetent elite run off with an influential strategy again. We’ve seen what happens when they do. Hell, we’ve been living it.

But first: late yogurt time.

12:17 (PM) CET

Another yayed nay in the context of lady gangster pimp is that finally my deep voice is of contextual use.

12:25 (PM) CET

By the way, the dream I had last night told me that the leftist elite and their minions do not like the influence I have on public opinion. (I remember parts of the dream because when I dream I always write down what I remember when I wake up.)

I dreamt that I was at a rentable holiday mansion for a party, sitting outside on wooden stairs with white iron bars, watching children play. As if going rabid insane but managing to slightly keep his composure, Stephen Colbert, wearing a black suit and a black tie, was brutally assaulting them. He kicked one like kicking a soccer ball in full swing. Without screaming or anything, with a facial expression some people have in case of a minor inconvenience, like “oh well (this is in the way)” with mouth slightly folded in and eyes more wide open.

He seemed to be doing it without motive, so if I would make any noise or make myself noticeable in another way, I would be next. But I had this giant camera with a giant lens with me and tried to “sneakily” take pictures. (I was aware that I’d likely be noticed, but did it anyway.) He came to me – tall as hell – with that same going-crazy-but-holding-back-the-most-crazy facial expression and said, “Delete those pictures,” with a smile. I told him, “No.” He then swung a few punches at me and I managed to dodge everything and punch him full in the face a couple of times. Later I was standing around the body of a heavily bruised child wearing a turquoise/blue robe on an mortuarium table together with a dozen white mothers. I told them what happened.

Meanwhile, I have become a certified pimp.

But I’m just, like, a level 1 pimp. I still need to work myself up to golden-snake-head-walking-stick-handheld-level pimp. Postal service is fast asf ey I ordered this yesterday afternoon and it’s sent from North-Holland.

13:49 (01:49 PM) CET

How to be a pimp 101:

14:23 (02:23 PM) CET

I don’t get why these people keep striving for legal and economic destruction, by the way. Like you know what an airplane is right? (opens in new tab)

14:37 (02:37 PM) CET

I can’t say too much about my strategy, but I do hope CNN gets a centrist takeover.

15:10 (03:10 PM) CET

Poor children 🙁
I’m back in beddd

As the outline of my strategy is simmering, this is a good moment to share my last night’s mental commentary on the news told by my adorable baby.

When people act on crazy beliefs I disagree with in closed quarters, I really don’t care. But these leftist elitist figures, world-wide, have their tentacles on nearly everyone and have an entire army of minions. I feel like if I don’t go against my principles, it will never stop.

Ahahaha 09:00 I thought that “Come on, man” was just a catchphrase he used for the election campaign or something. But he actually uses that on the regular? Ahahaha I can’t bear this.

11:00 though it’s normal, it’s weird that the privileges they misuse so often can’t be taken away from them for exactly that reason. Or that it’s possible but it just doesn’t happen.

13:00 I bet if that man cheated he would bring the remorseful news with that exact same smile.

37:00 having fewer nursing home deaths is an odd but unfortunately serious policy achievement. Serious steps need to be taken to have the media operate like actual media.

54:00 omggg please make it stoppp ahahaha. That “and just one white man” was stated like some positive achievement is crazy. As a person of color who does not care about race, I think selecting people primarily based on race is ridiculous. But I can’t imagine how ridiculous this is for my Jewish twin. (Who is alien to Christmas, which is another thing I can’t imagine. It’s funny to be used to things that are not common to others.)

59:00 they expect to achieve goals with people who have been selected based on anything but competence. Again, if their influence were solely in closed quarters, I wouldn’t care. That entire administration should not be allowed to worsen what was already bad.

01:03:00 Obama is the level 9000 final boss of elitist leftists. Like he is really good at hiding his evil side. (Also, am I the only one who doesn’t understand why his wife is his wife?) He is a snake genius, but unfortunately I’m very glad to see that his boat is sinking. (Are they cancelling their strongest fighter? (Is he their strongest fighter? Or is there someone else?))

I always write my commentary down in short sentences when I watch an episode during dinner, to share the next day. Tomorrow I’m babyless again. </3

16:59 (04:59 PM) CET

I haven’t heard anything about FvD election results yet. Given what the news media that are biased against him have been broadcasting, the insinuation makes it seem likely that he will lose. But on the other hand, most people, like me, became a member because of him specifically, are likely not that moved by debunked allegations of anti-Semitism and would rather see him attempt to save the country than become a private citizen. (But maybe they’re moved by the D.O.C.I.S. vote haha who knows. :p) I have no idea what will happen. Haha I have offered him a place to stay in case he wants to get out of the country. My place is minuscule, but we can turn it into a little refugee camp for wild catjes who want to retire from public life.

Also: so I’ve been limping for like a week. Now I have this walking stick and the pain I had is almost completely gone. Not that I could comfortably jump style dance (but why could I ever do that comfortably in the first place ahahahaha x_x) – metaphorically speaking – but I can take soft steps without any issue in my right foot now.

My left foot, however, is starting to be counter-injured from me overly leaning on it to compensate the pain in my right foot. I might reach a point where both feet are injured. For that I see only one solution: a Tishe. Someone will have to carry me around. Ja, ik kan er verder ook niets aan doen. :p My insurance must be able to cover that because I pay €125+ a month and still pay the full price for every aspect of health care I get. (And with the health care system having become so fascisty because of the “pandemic” under almost no circumstance I will go to the doctor.) Als ik wel €365 moest betalen voor een ambulance die ik niet wilde en €45 per maand moest betalen voor antipsychotica die ik niet wilde, dan moet ik denk ik wel een gratis Tishe kunnen krijgen. Want dit is echt te gek voor woorden. I don’t want to be insureddd.

Lastly, I spent the rest of the day marinating fish, washing dishes, preparing breaded fish and fried rice, having dinner with my baby and – as friggin’ usual – wanting to take a 5 minute shower and then ending up melting a full gletsjer.

Why is my baby sexier than usual? Why? Like I’ve been living in isolation for months you can’t do this to meee. (Omg haha ofc please read this in the right context namely someone unrelated who is older than I. (But ranked main baby on my pimp scale.)) Also where my weekend wisdom? (Of course I’m not actually mad, but it’s unfortunate. I like getting common context on something I read way differently haha.) Baddd babyyy.

Good nighttt liefjeee x

00:23 (12:23 AM) CET

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