To Lamp or Not to Lamp

That’s the question. On the one hand, I think I prefer a walking stick. On the other hand, I just want this friggin’ lamp to work. When I installed it following the instructions and it ended up not working, I admitted defeat. Calling Ikea is just not an option for me because how am I going to ask someone on the phone to try to install a lamp and see what works. Sending a picture of the lamp versus what is in the guide, showing the error, would have been better, but I’ve not gotten a response and according to the internet this doesn’t seem to be a common issue.

But a few days ago I thought: (so under the L-port there are two spots to insert the wires, as well as for the N-port and the neutral one. What I have tried is to once attach them all on the left port and once attach them all on the right port, treating L as L and N as N, though on the lamp itself this is in reverse compared to in the guide) “What if I treat L as N and N as L?” then I would be following the same positions as in the guide, instead of the same positions “physics-ly”. Maybe it won’t work and I might end up having to buy a new lamp (or blowing up my apartment haha I don’t know), but maybe it will and then I won’t be in this dim light darkness anymore. I’ve been in this for over a month now…

Pre-yogurt post-honey-stirring

Meanwhile yogurt is in stomach. Haha I saw this one meme about Greek yogurt a while back and I can’t find it anymore, so I recreated it:


People who don’t stir their Greek yogurt are on a level so otherworldly my brain is unable to grasp the *insert Yayence word meaning “next level shxt”* required to perform such an act.

I also came across this:

Life does not make any fxcking sense anymore.

First of all: bro what employer needs someone with a master’s in digital humanities (or anyyy of the other studies on that list)? The fxck is that useful for? And who wants to study near Brussels haha ewww.

Secondly, why do these people still want to try to control a virus they cannot control? They drag all of society down in the process. (With a curfew they’re just encouraging daytime drinking and its touchiness. :p ) About schools I’m neutral in the sense that school sucks and being stuck at home sucks as well.

I guess I’m gonna do some pre-lamp shxt.

08:35 (AM) CET

I’ll be fine, by the way. (This is actually “an argument” that is not rational, but I’ve done things in my life that are way more dangerous than this (for example turning the car around on the side track of a dyke that turned out to be the entrance towards a house and then accidentally slipping quarter of the car off of the dyke, somehow making it back on the right side of the road again with bystanders looking at me like ” ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ” and not even holding up traffic – here I was also by myself) so ye #yolo. I’ve walked the stairs of laundry just a couple of minutes ago and ehm haha ye I’ll just hold on tight. This is healthy pre-lamptive tension. :p

Afterwards I’ll share thoughts on earlier words of my baby and het wildcatje yay. ๐Ÿ˜€

By the way, I have purposely not SEO’d this blog, so how does anyone find this via Googleยฟ Hey ๐Ÿ˜€

09:33 (AM) CET


To re-illustrate the issue.

I’ve done blue on blue and brown on brown. Tried it both on the left and both on the right (maybe I’ve already fried itยฟ). Both attempts did not work. Now I’m going to treat it as if it says L N instead of N L.

09:57 (AM) CET

I’m about to flick the switch. Also:

“Noah, get the boat”

It is strip club/brothel hair salon. No further translation needed.

10:17 (AM) CET

It doesn’t work. ๐Ÿ™ I guess I’m going to install it “physics-ly” once more. Have I fried the circuit?

10:19 (AM) CET

First I’ll be eating lunch.

My foot is doing wayyy better than earlier this week. But now the healing process seems to be stagnating. ๐Ÿ™ Also, the pain at first was more concentrated in the part where my foot goes ^, but that’s now gone and it’s only on the opposite side of the part where it goes ^ now. I don’t know how to cure that. ๐Ÿ™ As long as I don’t put my full weight on it, I’m fine, though.

I’m eating left-overs for lunch again… Tonight I’ll be eating steak, fries and vegetables, though, so I’ll have to make actual lunch tomorrow haha…

Chances are quite high that I’ll have to buy a new lamp, or I’ll somehow need Ikea’s assistance, but I don’t know if they’re liable if I’m experimenting with this lamp. Though it’s not the way it is in the installation manual. Haha send Felixxx.

*sigh* this propaganda, man…

10:57 (AM) CET

Not Depending on Politics to Defend Individual Rights

There are two ways to look at the state of the US presidential elections (decided or undecided). Regardless who wins, the left will not stop pushing for detrimental legislature. I’d rather see Trump win, but even if he wins, that does not mean that all problems will be solved. Especially because his power too is limited.

You know I’m not enthusiastic about it regardless, but if the vulnerability of voting machines being connected to the internet is so serious that it would make all digital votes invalid: does that then also invalidate previous election results? The safest way to hold elections is to not hold elections at all. Ga maar lekker essays schrijven over waarom je denkt dat beleidsvoorstellen niet goed zijn en gebruik dat maar als vote. :p I don’t know which cases are used for sensationalism and which cases are used in court anymore. (35:00) But regardless, Trump as president is an advantage and not a win. It does not take away the core issue:

Let’s pretend the concepts “Democrat” and “Republican” do not exist. What remains are two main ideologies that are conflicting each other. One side wants to progress the world into an everyone-is-LGBTQIA++++++++ only online shopping, fast food and supermarkets, let’s replace all nature with iron windmills and high apartment buildings to store our illegal immigrants in. (For more insight I’d recommend reading my baby’s most recent publication.) The other side is constantly redrawing the line that defines what goes against their individual principles.

The leftist progressive ambition is based on lies. Yes, I’m biased, because I want people to stay away from me with that shxt, but still the defenses they give for encouraging people to “transition their gender” or do anti-climate-change (or anti-coronavirus) things are often erroneous. (“Their priests” know they’re lying. 10:00 Colbert knows he’s lying.) And if they were discreet with their beliefs in such a way that other people could have other beliefs I’d have no problem with that people want to believe in that bullshxt, but they’re going after their non-believers more and more intensely.

I wonder how many people whose minds can be changed are left. And by that I mean the of people who were raised to lean in a certain direction but never got too carried away in being on the liberal or conservative side. (As in a diehard anti-Trump extremist will never be a Fangyist.) Because the point where the ultimate thicky line has to be drawn is very near. As het Wildcatje illustrated it very well yesterday when he mentioned the protests in Hong Kong, the entire world depends on the United States, but that country too is being destroyed from the inside out.

We cannot expect politicians to solve this problem. Hell, we can’t even expect them to not infringe on our individual rights. In the alternative I have in mind, an indescribably large amount of people will be replaced in such a way that their existence will have no meaning at all anymore. What we’re seeing in the eternal routine of trends, holidays and political cycles is the struggle of many to stay relevant. For some reason people all want to do impactful shxt (often detrimental) and try to be remembered and shxt (28:00). That habit has to end.

In that same context, given how fascisty social media have become with their “fact checks” and shxt, I guess people might have to try to become independent from social media and other mainstream shxt. I might end up being obligated to buy my own servers, if we don’t do anything other than talking about it.

Sure it is of some importance, but election fraud or not, we can’t all within a year’s time be forced to pretend like transgenderism is the best thing ever invented because otherwise we risk being imprisoned. Enforcing such ideologies – consider it a religion – is illegal and should not be permitted. But it happens too often that people legislate unconstitutional laws.

Now how do I turn this into a direct Fangyist incentive for you?

14:17 (02:17 PM) CET

Meanwhile I’ve also taken my laundry out of the dryer, I’ve ran some updates on my sites and I’ve bought a walking stick. ๐Ÿ™ The pain on the side of my foot is likely caused by my Baxter nerve (opens in new tab) something tape can’t fix and I really miss support when I walk, so I just purchased a walking stick. (opens in new tab) I also need to buy new shoes, but I guess that will have to wait…

Just got an e-mail:

(The message continues.) So I’ll be voting tonight…

On the one hand I want Thierry to be in a loving environment (in other words, leaving his party behind and starting a new chapter in his life) and would most preferably see him make the switch to being one of D.O.C.I.S. International’s Praesenses as a main occupation. But on the other hand I worry about my vote being interpreted as me being one of his backstabbers. Like his party is nothing without him, so he will likely win this, but then I don’t want to be one of those people who voted against him. If he proceeds to be an FvD’er, that is.

And if he’s voted out of his own party (haha he’s the fxcking founder man what the fxck is this… Such shifty people can never be allowed into D.O.C.I.S. International), that does not necessarily instantly mean that he would decide to make the D.O.C.I.S. switch. Though I do think it is what society needs the most and he knows that too. I have a couple of hours more to reflect, before I make my final decision.

Meanwhile I don’t feel like lamping anymore. It just won’t work. ๐Ÿ™

Folding laundry x

14:47 (02:47 PM) CET

Give me a reason to iron my sheetsss…
Haha his dog whisperer can confirm.

16:04 (04:04 PM) CET

Omg it’s happeninggg. Fangyist Economics are becoming more and more inevitable.

Will ending the coronavirus measures be the lead? I can cook up a global strategy? Though there will be a lot of hassle with crossing closed borders and bullets raining and stuff. But there’s no point in being alive for anyone if the economy is structurally being held still and the lower and middle class are going brankrupt, so change is inevitable. The elite will lose at their own game soon enough.

16:57 (04:57 PM) CET

To clarify: of course ending the policy pandemic was going to be an aspect of us getting together. The controversy is whether to say that that is the main reason or not. Especially because that part is not a permanently lasting occupation.

The lead is solely about the reason. Like is it for coronavirus? Is it to record our own R-rated movie? Or something else?

I’m never going to make the strategy digitally available haha. Not going to make that mistake again.

17:15 (05:15 PM) CET

After some pondering, some cooking and some quality time with my baby, I have decided…

To vote for a better life for my dear Catthierry.

(I’ve gone through the confirmation process. I just took this picture before that.) I think he is the last politician who can save the Netherlands. But with the left that was already rallied up against him from the start and now most (if not all) of his former allies turning on him, I think it is the healthiest for him to take a break from public life, or at least have a serious change of scenes.

If the story hadn’t blown up, I – civilian (as in non-politician) party member – wouldn’t have known about the drama. (I must say that I consider it at least remarkable that in the referendum it is not clearly explained what the referendum is about. The announcement message basically just said. “The board had a difference of opinion and now we want you to choose whether we should keep Baudet or not.”) I decided to become a member, after having followed the party for about a year, because I consider the party agenda the only one that is vital and I really like Baudet’s attitude and rhetorics. Before that, I used to have no faith in politics at all. Now I’m back at that, because all of this is fxcking ridiculous. He is the founder, for fxck’s sake.

I will remember Forum voor Democratie as a manifestation of divine intelligence in the midst of a land that was already lost, destroyed by dispassionate opportunists. If the majority votes for Thierry to stay (and he staysยฟ (like is it binding in both ways for some think he won’t leave regardless of the outcome (doesn’t that sound familiar :p))), I will stay a member. If he resigns, I will revoke my membership.

If I were in charge of dismantling coronavirus policy globally, I need him by my side. But regardless, I’d be happier knowing that he is a free man. Like mentally and socially not constrained by the media and politicians and other snakes anymore. Also, I’ll be having my popcorn ready in case the dispassionates with no idea what to strive for will end up taking the lead. They have no idea what they’re doing.

Nighty x

22:27 (10:27 PM) CET

Photo by Obsahovka Obsahovka from Pexels

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