“Popcorn M&Ms”

Unfortunately there is no continuation of yesterday’s lead related theme, because I see no clear path to initiation. Everyone individually is ready for a Volta, but there is no clear way to kick it off. Yet…? It’s unfortunate that I can’t consult you.

This post could have been called “pasta left-overs” but is instead called “popcorn M&Ms”, because of an odd dream of mine I’d like to tell you about.

Popcorn M&Ms

I dreamt that, on the way from the central station of Rotterdam towards my old high school, together with my baby Yayence (haha I’ve gotten too used to calling him this) and someone I don’t know, we were walking to a location where a Jewish party was going to be held. My baby was listing all of the food that was going to be there, including a wide variety of M&Ms. When he highlighted the fact that there would be popcorn M&Ms, cherishingly I thought: “He al-ways speaks of popcorn M&Ms.” (As if it was one of the many aspects I cherish about him¿)

(Side note: I was half my face taller than him and wonder if in real life that would be the same? I’ve heard him mention that he is not tall and wonder if that means that he would be shorter than I. I’m relatively tall. (I’m too randomly nervous to google it.) Does my brain already know our height difference? (&Also, apparently “popcorn m&ms” is an actual thing.))

We were early. It was in the living area of a “bakery-and-home”, which was (non-existent in real life) very spacious for Dutch standards. (The interior style was… Basically like that of family friends in Spijkenisse but I assume that doesn’t ring a bell haha. Brick walls, dark wooden doors, light colored stones on the ground, light brown leather furniture, glass table, glass display cabinet.) On two separate cornered couches near the windows, my sister was sitting, next to someone I don’t know. On the other couch my baby next to someone I don’t know. Aside from my baby, basically no one present was visibly Jewish.

Next to the couches there was a restaurant-style (lot of things colored silver) open kitchen, in which my mother was making giant waffles in a trippy way. She put dough on a reverse clam shaped cooking plate, then held aluminum foil over it for a few seconds, in which the dough rose very high and became barrel shaped. Then she spun it around and smashed it, after which it turned into a giant waffle. I was sitting alone on a bar stool near the kitchen, facing them.

To my left, there was a little boy with thick glasses waiting for a game on the old PlayStation 2 he was playing on to start. My mother asked if I had bought any new games recently. I told her that I buy games less and less frequently and that most games suck. My sister asked if I played this “new popular game”, which was like an old Flash Player multiplayer game where you throw bombs at each other’s pyramid of soldier team members until someone wins. I told her “no” I had never heard of the game and held back my salt. I had to repeat myself and speak very loudly because of the distance between us and loud murmuring. Repeatedly, I was thinking to myself that I felt uncomfortable sitting so far away from my baby.

My baby asked my mother how many waffles she was going to make. She had made like 6 in total and a lot more would have to be made given the plenty of guests that were behind me/still expected to arrive(?). She replied that she was going to make like 2 more, that people would have to call her if they want more waffles, and that she was feeling unsafe around all those people of a certain group. I was cringing so hard that I woke up.

I’m wondering what the dream means. More frequently, my sister is appearing in my dreams. This is also the third time I see the Yayence in my dreams. How the other aspects of the dream are aligned with the direction of my life I don’t know.

Martial Law

Something I just saw I’d like to share my thoughts on, namely prominent Trump-supporters calling for marital law for the controversy among the fairness of the presidential elections and crescendo-ing contrasting convictions.

Calling for marital law here is hard to defend as a bipartisan act. But given the fact that as soon as the establishment is back in the oval office, you can this time around forget the entire concept of “bipartisan” for the rest of your existence, I can understand the urgency. (Is it, by the way, also not possible to legally disqualify the Democrats since they have openly planned to punish people for their political views?)

I (too) think that martial law will have the opposite effect on wanting to simmer down civil unrest. Even if it’s just because one side will say it’s rightful and the other will say it’s fascist. But in terms of legally protecting the average citizen, it may be necessary. If it were declared to be for the legal protection of the average citizen, I think it would hit the right spot in terms of establishment media being less able to push a fake narrative for it.

Especially because someone people just don’t want to hear about voter fraud at all. For Trump’s first election and Obama’s previous elections, there was no thorough investigation into voter fraud either. (By the way are those tons of affidavits now used in court or not¿) Also we’re getting into the more dusty legal procedures of the system now. There is, after all that has happened, no conventional way out of this, especially because going after “Trump enablers” should be illegal.

I don’t believe in this system and I despise the idea of the democracy in which the public votes for people and not for ideas, so I have no solution to this chaos that does not dismantle the entire government. I mean Fangyist ideological cleansing would solve this problem once and for all.

Omg We Haven’t Even Started Yet

An amazing contrast we can see fade in is that of the display of reality that is in sync with the establishment’s ambitions for the world. On the one hand there are people trying to get fairness out of a broken system the other side abuses, and on the other hand there are a bunch of… Like I don’t know who or what they are, but I know they are very fxcking stupid… Trying to impose a view on reality they have made up. It is 100% made up and they all treat it as if it’s the ultimate perception of reality.

It’s so annoying that these people are constantly emphasizing the identity politics shxt in every choice they make. (An upside herein, though, is that they have already shot their bolts. As in after the inauguration, if that will take place, they can’t talk about it anymore because they’ve already milked it all the way. And about policy they can’t talk too much because their policies are absolute trash and if theu talk about that too much they will give away that it’s absolute trash.) Hopefully when they’ve done that enough in politics, they won’t talk about that at all anymore. Like at some point – as if this in the West is not already the case – men and women are equal and the people whining about that can shut the fxck up.

The same goes for the handful of positive things they can say about Joe Biden. They have already said almost everything there is to say about him. 20:00 like even Biden’s dogs allegedly have an opinion about Trump? I spent 6 months in a psychiatric ward after saying telepathy is real and this person is making a living with this bullshxt. (Saying animals have emotions and feel emotions I can believe, but prominent serious media reporting that animals have a political opinion and know what politics is… What the fxck is this…)

09:00 too much money going to too many stupid people is exactly what defines this system being absolute trash. Coronavirus policy, critical race theory, me being unable to kick off anything and other shxt wouldn’t have been a thing if wealth, including the inequality thereof given that people have different aspirations, would be distributed in such a way that the most intelligent would earn the most. (As far as I know in Belgium and the Netherlands it is basically alien to casually hear of someone inheriting billions. (Especially because the government would take half and people would get angry finding that they would have to hand in even more. In that philosophy people are stuck at the bottom, never wanting anyone to have anything, where people keep having to hand in what they have “in excess”. (Though it suits the increasing lack of living space. (If only I had the funds and/or academic authority to influence public opinion. -.-“))))

And then there’s this…

It pains me that they themselves consider women unequal to men. If a woman does this trashy kick, people shouldn’t act as if she kicked the ball out of the stadium just because she is a woman. Not only is that a display of inequality: it is also structurally forcing people to treat a false image as if it’s real. It was not something to be proud of.

Also, I never thought that there was a difference in gender-based motivation, but I guess there is. Though I really don’t understand how: “Yeah fxcking penis face you can’t play for shxt that’s why your wife left you fxcking pxssy cxnts do better” can motivate anyone, but I guess that is then my gender? I guess people are not aware of this, but every time a man (sometimes women too) tried to motivate our basketball team, or whatever group setting or me personally, it was that toxic shxt that made me feel more depressed than motivated.

Though I think enthusiastically saying “Yeah come on guysss we can do this 😀 ” while losing big time is equally depressing(, I’d say that is not a standard thing because we would know when it’s time to stop pushing and just take the L and make it to the end of the game), I guess it is only the more positive approach that can motivate me. Agression versus compassion can, generally speaking, be a gender-based preference, but I think that at some level reason is the main factor that motivates regardless of gender.

For me reason is the only factor that motivates. On the one hand there was my father who (doesn’t like soft women, which is why we know self defense, play video games, don’t look all that feminine and may not complain and stuff (ye I’m living life on the edge, as I told you, like I’m a complete failure in his eyes), I’d say it has also made my voice relatively low :p) uses “you fxcking suck” to motivate my sister and me, where the thing that gets us to do it is otherwise it won’t fxcking stop. On the other hand there’s my mother who, though I mostly remember her saying “just give up it’s okay if you don’t succeed”, like many mostly women (including myself) I guess, lists strengths and other positive things to encourage. I know I am motivated when someone lists reasons to keep going that I hadn’t thought of before. (Currently running out.)

The thing is, though, that, generally speaking, the positive things listed are not real. Like telling me: “You’re very smart, of course you will pass your finals.” Being smart, in this context, does not mean much if it is not invested in mastering school material, so those words meant for motivation, because in terms of reason they don’t add up, do not motivate me. (It’s still better than the toxic shxt though, that shxt makes me want to kill myself. Like please just shut up.)

I wonder, though, if most men are just “raised by wolves” that they prefer toxic, abusive shxt for motivation. Or if this is just another one of those odd scientific studies that tries to generalize races and genders and gives my baby these odd strong convictions. (Ahahaha…) Like I think that what in the end motivates people is convincing arguments that make clear (epiphanal) sense and that if they are then screamed they, regardless of gender, have a strong effect. Have you ever seen a Fangs rally? :p

This is strongly related to my Volta related dilemma. I think I’ve listed plentyyyyyyyyyy of reasons why you should Volta. And those are just the common reasons. There are also the personal reasons that are clearest to you personally, which you know extremely well. Do I need to do something else for motivation? (Is me risking to fall off a ladder and no one being able to help me not enough? 🙁 ) I wouldn’t know what else I can do to motivate anyone to take action. Especially because no prominent source is openly considering my proposal. On the one hand there are people trying to make a broken system work, and on the other hand there are people with leftist priorities…

Late yogurt timeee…

Leftist Priorities

12:33 (PM) CET

Post-fruit post-yogurt.

Before I say something about leftist priorities and then spend the rest of the day giving random commentary, I have some random things to show.

First, there is this:

If people can barely have 2 friends over without police knocking on their door, how do people think they can pull off a gay orgy with 25+ people?

I see there is correlation here… (opens in new tab)


I’m going to explain this joke that is funny. “Vandenbroucke” is the last name of a Belgian politician, which is worded similarly to Dutch for “of the pants”. Then, on the right in the meme, there is the politician who resigned after being caught in a gay sex party, above whom, worded closely to “Vandenbroucke”, “of the pants”, it says “Zonderbroeke”, which is “without pants”. That’s a funny joke.

Then, there is this:

I can’t believe it’s that time of the year already. (opens in new tab) This year went fast as hell? (Also, if all goes well, less than a month until my piano will be hereee… 😀 )

Lastly, I think I will postpone my latest lamp-fixing-guess until tomorrow. Foot not yayed enough. 🙁 (But still every time much better than the day before. The cause of this is likely walking a long distance on shoes with soles that are too thin for me. I guess I need me some a them Buffalo shoes… Not exactly that brand because it is not my individual taste, but branded shoes the way shoes, jackets and bags always used to be the things I buy from the slightly more expensive brands. What happened to sneakers in the past 10 years, though…? There used to be too many sneakers I loved and now I don’t like anything.)

Now, about leftist priorities: in this time of growing tensions and increasingly conflicting world views, there’s a chance that – in case Biden is inaugurated – there is no way around leftist priorities anymore. From the elitist figures who don’t give a fxck to begin with, to the poorest in the West/their minions who don’t know any world view different from the one the establishment wants to have: they all have these leftist priorities. These priorities that make a government operate like a non-secular religious institution (that worships the devil haha holy shxt). Theoretically speaking, all a government needs to do is make sure that the overall circumstances in society are good enough for people to accomplish what they wish to accomplish in life. Instead, they are focusing on hyping up transgenderism, convincing everyone that they should want lesser quality standards in name of climate change and shxt like that.*

Imagine an unemployed Dutch person on welfare, living in the tiniest house you have ever seen, eating fermented grass, saying that her main priority in life is making sure that everyone goes vegan. Leftists got their priorities all fxcked up.

If a pecuniary basic income were introduced, most people receiving that would end up living life the way I’m doing right now: without fulfilling a purpose. I have no reason to wake up every day. This post corona great shifty stuff seems to be heading towards something like that. (Also with the redistribution of wealth and stuff…)

I have been repeatedly pleading “against work” in the past, but that is against purposeless, repetitious, mind-numbing jobs. Unfortunately it is that kind of labor that is continuing or done from home, and the more passion-driven jobs that are suffering under the governmental stranglehold performed in name of the coronavirus. (They can try to control people’s behavior, but they will never be able to control the minds of those who matter. At some point, I hope people will strike back. Like we really can’t pretend to actually care that much about leftist priorities.)

* Yes, the climate changing (which, just like the very far multiplied coronavirus, cannot be controlled/overpowered by human beings (especially not the ones who think that they can play God)) will have a disastrous impact on society at some point in time. But this is inevitable. (Fangyism focuses on restabilizing order after that has happened.) You deciding to buy a Prius will not change the inevitable.

That being said, if my car doesn’t do “vroom” when I turn on the engine, I don’t want it. Sorry Elon. :p Though in terms of space and resources it is not possible to give everyone a car and in that context electronic cars are yayed. I think part gas part electronic is in the end, in the Fangyist context, the most sustainable.)

Look at graph.

Humans started doing their industrial pollution and anti-climate-change shxt way at the end of it.

14:50 (02:50 PM) CET

Sharing in advance:

There’s also this, but my Pokémon is out of the arena and I think this is one of those topics that require less talking and more action and the corona policy should be ended so there won’t be stimulus packages necessary anymore:

I will be doing a face mask (the cosmetic kind haha) and eating something.

15:20 (03:20 PM) CET

Had I, by the way, already shared the funniest video in history?

The context is that (at the time) it was constantly on the news that Dutch Moroccans were involved in criminal activities and gay people were victims of hate and stuff (and most Moroccans being against homosexuality). When I saw the video titled “gay people strike back, Moroccan man threatened in Amsterdam”, I thought there would be some kind of physical fight. Behold, gay man strikes back:

16:10 (04:10 PM) CET

Good night liefjeee x

21:43 (09:43 PM) CET

Image from searching “popcorn m&ms” on Google Images

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