A Lead¿

I was thinking: “Hmm, shall I name this post pineapple cake?” Or, even better: “ananas cake”? (Which is a Dutch “bad English” joke. Ananas, the Dutch word for pineapple, sounds like an English loanword, but it isn’t. A Dutch person can be like: “Doe joe hev enenes?” And the English-speaking person is like: “???”) But, inspired by this liefje of mine, I see I can share a Fangyist dilemma of mine with you, which my thematic focus will be on. I will also be making pineapple cake, though. 🙂

Good morning. Time for some yogurt.

07:55 (AM) CET

Some post-yogurt action
Retaped. It is going much, much better. 🙂 (Aanschouw my cold season leg fur.)

Attaching the initial strain of tape to the other side of my ankle has more of the desired effect. I guess I don’t exactly remember how it used to be attached, but with versus without tape walking hurts a lot less (now almost none) in comparison to without. It seems like tomorrow I will be healed enough to do laundry and wrestle with that one lamp. Now back in beddd.

08:35 (AM) CET

This post is called “A Lead¿” because I will zoom in on my latest growing dilemma in search of a lead for our Volta. Some recent examples of the great disconnect between what the people with authority do and what society needs, illustrate how the need of a Volta is getting more and more serious.

I myself am not knowledgeable (or patient) enough to give you any detailed knowledge about today’s news. As in all I know is what sticks with me from the sources I share with you. So for the context in which I will share what I consider a serious need for a Volta, here is my heart and piece of art:

The Volta

I am convinced that in every single country in the world, there are two main contrasting convictions that define the country’s policies and public debates. The details of the debates may be very different, but in the end they all come down to the same thing.

An example thereof is that here in Europe there are many different political parties that make up the government and in the United States there basically is a two-party system. These things illustrate national differences of opinion and people think that the systems are very different, but in the end the European multi-party system also comes down to two contrasting convictions. One side wants a healthy and independent economy and the other side wants to cram all remaining free nature with “green energy” windmills. :p

If the “green energy” controversy and all its attributes is a controversy in every single country in the world, I don’t know. But what I want to get to is that within these many contrasting convictions worldwide, there is a group of people who, instead of being driven by being part of a certain team, they are driven purely by what seems most reasonable to them. They do not belong to any group, and tensions between groups are rising to a level I have never experienced in my life before.

Within these rising tensions, the establishments are (using coronavirus as their strongest weapon) using their authority to let the tension be decided in their favor, if not suppress it in its full entirety. We are at the point that, I believe, every potential Fangyist knows that the climax of misused political authority in this era is coming closer and we must make sure that they cannot tell us what to do (anymore).

It is evident that in their policies they do not even consider the well-being of the great majority. All they are doing is attempting to secure their position further and further, while trying very hard to stay relevant. I, however, know of many potential Fangyists who cannot be told to shut up and do what they are told.

The way their authority impacts people is suppressed information and what is brought to the foreground is some plasticky image of political greatness. Not only do many people live a life that is direct proof that that is nonsense, I also don’t give a fxck about the plastic shxt they put forward. I don’t give a fxck about people’s genders. I also will avoid any “political smackdown” “squad versus freedom force” (I very much do not like the squad but to me it seems like their opponents will be eaten alive) “this person said this and then that person said that ooooohhhhhh” type of shxt. My god this is about the authority people have over the individual’s quality of life. Time used to discuss the last circus elephant in the country.

Instead of wasting our time on this back-and-forth, followed by endless bureaucracy, sxht, we must form an independent alliance. Which brings me to my dilemma…

A Lead¿

09:43 (AM) CET

For the sake of appearing “non-scurvyistic”, I will not share what I just ate for lunch. Some say that left-overs should be consumed within 24 hours. I’d say give me 48 (living solo rule). I’m used to 168+, though… Anyway…

My potential Fangyists are my puzzle pieces. I am the puzzle frame who wishes to make the independent pieces operate in a coordinated manner, as an alliance. Corona fascism is making that less easy, but even without the right to assemble now being reason for arrests, what would our lead be? A real reason? A fake reason? What initiates our alliance?

To recap what a Volta means: it means that you leave your present life behind for something better. New occupation, new home, new friends, new environment (and perhaps new clothes selected by moi¿ 😀 ) and so on…

I need my Council and Senate close. More details about what the alliance exactly does can be found on https://the.docis.international (opens in new tab). How do we get there, though? I mean most of the people I need can’t even get wild to my playlists without it being a big deal, let alone decide to be stuck with me forever. To add some oil to that fire:


There will be no social distancing. u_u As an aggregate of what I said in the past: we will form our own bubble and those who are not part of our bubble best just stay away from us. Though with a rank-based consideration, basically, if one of us gets sick we all get sick. Fxck it, man.

How do we get there? As in what do you need to do to get there? :p We need to discuss our options in person. But how to get there? Especially with the whole police fascism thing like could we get an exception, do we have to bring heavy artillery killing whoever tries to arrest us, or will the coronavirus measures miraculously be alleviated before that time?

It could partially be done following the guidelines, but this is an intercontinental endeavor, so… Where my lead¿

10:53 (AM) CET

Speaking of local contrasting convictions: in Suriname, one of the main contrasting convictions is: Bouterse, yay or nay? He is the person who was considered accountable for the December murders in 1982 I mentioned a few days back. Is he a wild fascistic dictator or has he helped prevent the country from being taken over by foreign powers? The far majority of people I know are anti Bouterse.

He has, in the end of last year, been convicted to 20 years in prison for it (as I mentioned when I was still using Twitter). For the first time ever, he has delivered a statement on it. (Here is an example of a newspaper that is biased against him. (opens in new tab)) Personally, I don’t get what the point is of putting a 75-year-old man, who has been tormented by this all his life regardless given that he can barely travel, in prison. Especially because the media are Trump-style biased against him. I’m not saying that I think that he is squeaky clean, but I do not consider this as two sides of the story being told.

11:05 (AM) CET

Here is why fxck medicare for all. This disaster is irreversible. (opens in new tab) You keep paying for shxt and they keep covering less and less and less and less while prices get higher and higher and higher. You might as well just only pay when you go to the doctor and beyond that not be insured as all. But that is illegal. (But so are cartels…)

11:43 (AM) CET

I’m going to wash some dishes (to free working space) and get started on my pineapple cake… 🙂

Also, you know, if you have any tips regarding reasons to get together, let me know… 🙂

12:42 (PM) CET

I, by the way, wonder if the huge corporations who think that they are increasing their relevance during this “pandemic”, will at some point realize that market shares are valueless when consumers are not able to spend money anymore as a result of that same “pandemic”. (How was Black Friday weekend?) They will eventually go down with the rest of them. I just don’t want to wait until that has happened. Money lost its value a very long time ago.

Still washing dishes…

13:45 (01:45 PM) CET

Voetpijn so I’m taking a lil break…

Perfect timing:

14:34 (02:34 PM) CET

Step 1

Melted butter + sliced pineapple + some sugar + a bottlecap of cognac. Unfortunately my pineapple was going bad, so my slices are surgical.

Step 2

Egg yolks separated from egg whites.

Step 3

Egg whites whisked as foamy as I can by hand. In the other bowl crumbly batter consisting of the egg yolks, butter, brown sugar, vanilla sugar, vanilla essence, pineapple essence, self-rising flour (the last bit I had left), plain flour & baking powder + some splashes of water. (I’m improvising. Most recipes are self-rising flour only and use pineapple can juice instead of essence, but I don’t have those things.)

Step 4

The slices of pineapple are at the bottom. Now it’s in the oven on 175 degrees celcius (I think it will be in there for like 30 minutes).


16:45 (04:45 PM) CET

I’m yayed about my first attempt at this. I prefer my pineapple cake upside down, and you? 😀

Usually Surinamese cakes have sprinkles on top.

17:13 (05:13 PM) CET

Round 2 ayyy

With tamarind lemonade in the back. Got me feeling all cultural and shxt. :p All I’m missing is tropical weather and the sound of tropical birds.

I’ve taken some shrimps from the freezer, to let them defrost, for I will be cooking dinner later. For now I’ll be doing some exercises to sweat off this cake. :p

17:45 (05:45 PM) CET

By the way, given that the cake’s texture is rather sticky, does that mean that I used too much butter¿

18:00 (06:00 PM) CET

Swag silly. :p

I think I’ll really be ready to climb on that ladder tomorrow. (I’m not certain though. 🙁 )

18:20 (06:20 PM) CET

What would you consider a viable reason to get together? I have no clue. Like absolutely none. If you’d even consider it yayed. 🙁


My dinner was yayed and my quality time with my baby was also yayed (haha this is crazy x_x). Now I’m going to sleep meow I can barely keep my eyes open.

Nighty x

21:39 (09:39 PM) CET

Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

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