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There is not really a theme today either. This post might as well be themed “wrap stuffing” (or whatever what goes on a wrap is called), but I’m just so happy I’ll see my baby again. <3 😀

Oh and today we’ll see how the FvD situation will further unfold. I’ll let you know as soon as I know anything. Haha 0.1% chance but I hope Thierry will decide on the D.O.C.I.S. shift.

Meanwhile I’ve had some yogurt a while back, I’ve retaped my foot, I switched on the oven to let it pre-heat and crawled back into bed. Now the oven is pre-heated, so I’ll be right back… x

09:57 (AM) CET

I’d just like to note here that European countries actually do have constitutions. It is even a requirement for countries to have a trias politica and a constitution to be eligible to be part of the European Union. These countries all also have the right to protest, the right to assemble, freedom of religion et cetera.

The only major differences between Europe and the United States are that in the United States it is (currently) legal to harm someone else in self-defense, there is (currently) a clearer divide between government and private business (and there is no government mandate on health insurance) and culturally people more cohesively stand up for their rights. I say “currently”, because the Democrats are trying to reshape the United States to the European model, which is something I have been pleading against.

Beating someone up over not wearing a mask is, of course, ridiculous. The authorities have taken this corona shxt way too far. They bypass constitutional rights because they say that there is a national health crisis (amplified by the coronavirus being on the same A-list of dangerous viruses as ebola). But in reality there is no national health emergency. (There is an issue with the capacity of the health care system, but maybe that is a sign that death should be normalized. Also with people with authority not knowing when it’s more than enough…)

That brothels have been allowed to stay open for the most part of this “pandemic” and there is a lockdown but simultaneously Dutch people are still allowed to go to the Dutch Antilles for a holiday clearly shows that coronavirus policy is an exaggeration and they know it.


I’m just speechless. There’s no point to human existence if every minor health risk will cause people to shut everything down. Normalize death, I’m telling you.

Awww yeaaah
Not president-elect. But unfortunate.
Lunch… 😀

11:00 (AM) CET

A key constitutional right is by the way also that it is illegal for police to randomly kick in your door without a warrant. Something else that is ignored “in the name of national health crisis”.

I think in all countries in the world, though, people with authority often ignore the law and no one holds them accountable (in such a way that they are punished in a way they would punish someone else).

12:10 (PM) CET

Am I the only one who thinks testing itself is pointless?

To go somewhere and get tested where other people go as well could cause spread as well. If the virus allows the luxury to need a test for it to be identified, and that can be done without being infected, it is not that dangerous. We are at the point where the coronavirus should be treated like the flu. For vulnerable people, especially with the health care system being overwhelmed, a whole different discussion is necessary.

12:43 (PM) CET

So the oddity within Forum voor Democratie continues. (opens in new tab) As I mentioned a while back, the party founder, Thierry Baudet, here better known as my Catthierry, proposed to take a step back (taking a step back, not resigning) from his leadership position after he was condemned for being too lenient towards the highly controversial beliefs of some of the members (as in support) of his party (mainly in the youth wing). 5 days ago, he called for leadership elections and for members to speak up about the situation. (opens in new tab)

Also announced via e-mail.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend (to illustrate the time frame, not because it is celebrated here), however, members of the party’s board found that he was not in a position to call for internal elections without consent of the board and most (if not all) people in a position to run against him in this internal leadership election have left the party.

So now, instead of people stepping forward as potential FvD leader and running against Baudet equally, the board of the party has decided to let the members vote in a binding referendum, to decide on whether they want to keep Baudet as the leader or not. How this is a clear choice I do not see, because in case the majority votes “No Baudet anymore”, who will then become the party leader? In my opinion, the election proposal the board declined was actually much better. Now when these elections will take place is not known. (opens in new tab)

This entire circus, which certainly includes all his former allies publicly speaking badly of him and the way this is now the centerpiece item of Dutch media, seems like, regardless of how this plays out, slowly but surely the end of Forum voor Democratie is in sight. Relationships have been destroyed, support for the party has become more polarizing… Since this has happend, I think the party won’t do as good in the Tweede Kamer elections in March next year.

I have often asked myself why I got involved in Dutch right-wing politics – which is mostly “zwarte piet” extremists (and I really don’t like zwarte piet). But for a short while I just had a little bit of hope that people my age would be able to get a decent house and a decent job, and that maybe something could have been done to take away the risk of a flood wiping away like 50% of the country. Honestly I don’t know where the alleged increase in racism and anti-Semitism is coming from (likely not but it has nothing to do with my pictures, I hope¿ because that is fxcking art you bxtch), but given that with this which people refer to as an “exodus” (opens in new tab) and with that a lot more difficulty for Baudet to have any political influence in the country, I strongly think we should leave the current system behind. I want to see Thierry succeed. I want him to be happy. But I find that his working environment has become way too hostile and toxic for him and therefore would rather see him run away with me a.k.a. come work for me. Therefore I will likely vote against him.

15:05 (03:05 PM) CET

Round 3 ehh… I’m out of avocados now. 3: As for the stuffing I still have 50% left but I feel like if I’d eat more of this I’ll get scurvy… I might make some penne with shrimp later. Or maybe I’ll eat some fruit and not cook a new meal today…
What else can I do… 🙁

15:21 (03:21 PM) CET

Haha I feel silly but I really miss natural things. 🙁


16:15 (04:15 PM) CET

If there is oversight of affidavits being in sync with objective data, then mainstream news sources cannot redeem themselves from saying that there is no evidence or not enough evidence of voter irregularity and voter fraud. Amirite¿ (opens in new tab)

Also (this is just my suspicion and not among the more solid claims of voter fraud), I can’t help but notice that the places where the most suspicious things have taken place was also where the Dutch were filming. Also, to only vote for Biden and not the other picks for other races within the same election sounds like the way Dutch ballots are filled out, namely dozens of names on a piece of paper of which just one must be selected. Also, given that Trump smear on Dutch news is done at least just as fanatically as on CNN, it would not surprise me at all if the Dutch have meddled in the US elections, as an act of “heroism”. Did they check in extra suitcases? It’s difficult to prove regardless.

During the elections broadcast I said that they seemed more unbiased, but I should have said that they were just trying better to pretend to be unbiased in comparison to 1,5 years ago. They treat Trump the same way they treat Baudet. In their attempt to be unbiased, “not actors” who were “pro-Trump” stated to vote for him because of their religion and that he is pro-life. I’d say he is rather neutral on those things and people vote for him for different reasons, such as his tax policies – which they had not mentioned at all – being non-fascistic on coronavirus policy, his stance against critical race theory and things like that. These things were not mentioned.

18:50 (06:50 PM) CET

Why electtttttttttttt
Haha ahw I wish I could intervene. ( – 3 – )

18:57 (06:57 PM) CET

It’s this odd hour where I still want to do a lot of things but also don’t end up going to sleep too late. To make sure I’ll be able to sleep, doing some sit-ups and other exercises that don’t require much from my feet because ouch are necessary. Showering is also necessary because I haven’t done that in like 2 days… After that I might eat some (I ate an apple earlier). After that I’ll watch my babyyy and later likely pass out. I like saving the best for last. 😀

20:05 (08:05 PM) CET

I’m aware it’s one of the worst (if not the worst) thing I could do before going to bed. Watching the news. (I’ve mentioned that in the past as well, but now just for the completeness of my statement.) Seeing my baby is, however, the happiest moment of my day (not the things he is speaking of, but he himself), followed by the not-yayness after that moment being over when the episode is over. (It’s like I’m at the verge of tears when it ends.) The feeling of not-yayness stays until the other people I follow in the US and Canada go online the next day, so I’m doing this to keep that time frame as short as possible.

Also, before I go:

I want to go shooting tooo ayyy. 😀

& Are they insinuating 4 years of “freedom force” versus “the squad”? I can’t take this seriously…

By the way low-key pro tip: alcolade (Caribbean cologne, but I guess regular cologne does the same) has helped me getting rid of smelly feet. My feet have been sweaty lately, but not anymore. 🙂

21:51 (09:51 PM) CET

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