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The one-sided Julius Caesar’ing of Thierry Baudet continues. My god. I see if there is a power void he needs people to fill up now that everyone is leaving his party, I’d just like to say that I’d gladly lend a helping hand. (But I’m not at all fond of having to appeal to all the people in contrast to having to appeal to only Fangyists, so it is for as long as I can bear it… I’d rather just have him be my Praesens Europiyayentis. (But that is even more convenient now that he has managed to keep his political power and get rid of all snakes. I didn’t even know that it, that cleansing, was possible like that.))

People are rushing to disassociate from him because, they say (and the truth about his beliefs is likely very nuanced), he has become a radical far-right extremist who believes in conspiracy theories and is a next-level anti-Semite because he has, at some point in private quarters stated: “Nearly everyone I know is anti-Semitic.”

Now mind you I have said exactly the same thing and meanwhile I love my neighbors. You see, in learning about international relations, what people are taught is: “Palestinians were peacefully chilling in Palestine and one day the Israelites came and disturbed their peace claiming that their land was theirs and committing genocide using similar tactics as were used the other way around during the Second World War.”

99% of people I used to spend my time with I am certain believes this. Some of them so strongly that they start hissing when they see anything positive related to Judaism. I believed it, too, but not as strongly. The least I can do is call it controversial, because it is.

But when I moved here and saw a Jewish community up-close (like I didn’t even know that there were Jewish neighborhoods in Europe like that), I thought: “Why would I hate these people?” (As if it is their individual fault in the first place.) They are just doing their thing and are not bothering anyone by enforcing their beliefs on others or whatever. As far as I know, all I see is innocence.

I don’t believe that I am anti-Semitic, but still: most people I have ever spent my time with are anti-Semites. You might remember me complaining about the people visiting me here complaining about the existence of my neighbors. I don’t know a single person of color who is openly pro-Israel. (I’d say it is irrational to, given that the territorial transition is basically completed, revert everything and try to turn it back into Palestine. I’d say I’m pro-can-we-just-chill.)

So Thierry has said that almost everyone he knows is an anti-Semite and he has also denied being an anti-Semite himself and said that a relative of his was awarded something for helping Jewish people during the Second World War. They also say that he has said that he wants a white Europe, while I clearly remember him writing that he loves Europe and its cultural diversity but that illegal immigration simply must stop. Him being Julius Caesar’ed does not change my faith in him, if it doesn’t make it stronger.

Now the Dutch have introduced the phrase, “pulling a Baudetje”, by which they mean announcing that they’re going to do one thing and then quickly afterwards announcing that they’re going to do something else. This just shows that they are fxcking dumb as hell.

What Thierry did was first announcing that he is going to take a step back and allow people to choose their party leader again and then secondly announcing that he would like for people to choose him as his party leader. I don’t understand what the fxcking big deal is.

So instead of his snakes running against him, they have all rushed to disassociate from the party, are basically saying that Thierry is a schizophrenic (which they always do) and have introduced the phrase “pulling a Baudetje”. Isn’t that fxcking dumb as hell.

What I do wonder now is if there will still be leadership elections. I guess I will ask.

10:09 (AM) CET

I am able to upload pictures again, by the way. So here is what I wanted to show you yesterday and some memes:

My babyyy 😀
This, as well as the comments, concerns me.
Ahahahahahaha. (“Marzia, check your Whatsapp!” ahahahahahahahaaahahahhaha.)
I need my fixxx maahnnn
Ahahahahahahaha shxt!

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Haha I realized that I have asked for anything except if the elections will still take place. And that I didn’t check it for typos. Every time I send something where I claim my privilege within this socialist system, I don’t double check what I’m sending.

11:28 (AM) CET

Popcorn tastyyy

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My tape is in… 🙂

Instead of paying shipping costs, I decided to add other items that were available for next day delivery. My charger cable is dead and neuro spinozism sounded interesting to me years ago – it still does – so I figured why not buy this.

14:49 (02:49 PM) CET

On the one hand, I’m glad corona measures will be lessened, but on the other hand it is still crazy that policymakers think they can control a virus they very welcomely allowed into their countries, and that being allowed to shop in a non-essential store for not more than 30 minutes is now something people can be glad about. There is a 1% chance someone dies from coronavirus, so this entire government policy deadlock should have been ended a very long time ago. Like this is just sadistic. (opens in new tab)

Haha also I’d like to say that it is quite funny how I yayed my neighbors and show I have purchased a book written by someone who was banished from the Jewish community all in the same post.

15:13 (03:13 PM) CET

Woah. 😮

So like if mail-in voting were deemed unconstitutional in Pennsylvania, it could be considered unconstitutional in all of the United States? Then the electoral college will simply vote for president Trump? That seems reasonable to me, given that the vote in favor of ending (financial) freedom in the country was a 50/50 split. New elections would be a waste of effort given the unconstitutional things people do to win. Really, the general public should not be in charge of choosing their leaders. I am glad that this seems to be the way to avoid that disaster.

16:47 (04:47 PM) CET

Voetje fixeddd

The major issue comes from where the lower part of my foot is supposed to go like ^, it is naturally more like collapsing, which is why I have special soles in my shoes. For basketball I had to connect the ^ part to my ankle with tape, to make it go like ^ the way it is supposed to go. Then I decided to also just wrap my entire foot, for more support and making sure that it doesn’t go loose. The first time I wrapped it, it looked a lot better but when I stood up there was almost no blood able to go to my toes anymore, so I re-wrapped it. It looks less neat now, but at least I’m limping less now. 🙂

Ahahaha fxck health insurance niqqu.

Ahaha & also please don’t mind my batjauw.

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Tamarind pits are pretty. 🙂

19:45 (07:45 PM) CET

How I got to finding neuro spinozism yayed, by the way: until about age 6, I identified as a(n Evangelical Protestant) Christian. Then after considering myself an atheist for a short while, I regarded to myself as agnostic. Basically because I don’t believe that life can be 100% defined by science alone, but simultaneously I don’t believe that life can be defined by religious doctrine alone for that does not allow freedom of thought. (I can’t associate myself with a religion and say this I do believe and this I do not believe.) I do believe that there is some sort of higher power, or something so versatile that regular science can’t define it.

What defines agnosticism is basically believing that there is a higher power, but that what it is or how it works remains undefined. Around 2017 – here I go again haha – I actively started my search for my own definition. Neuro spinozism, that everything that is and everything the eye perceives is a manifestation of God, seems close to the definition I seek. (What does Spinoza contradict exactly¿) But in application of that definition, I don’t get why evil people exist. I still don’t get that.

22:50 (10:50 PM) CET

Photo by Lukáš Dlutko from Pexels

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