Running Out the Clock

Before I go further into why the revelation of all truths and the consequences thereof are just a matter of time, I’d like to share a short dream I had in last night’s inconsistent sleep of mine. (I rarely sleep inconsistently.)


I dreamt that Catthierry was telling me the story of a book he had written. It was about a man who did disco dance performances in times of hostility, every performance in risk of death. Though nearly dead every single time, he did go for the bonus performance with which an improved neighborhood (US colonial style, with modern twist e.g. rooftop that is sloping to one side) was unlocked, at the request of his wife. (He came home at some point and then she was like: “Ahem, aren’t you forgetting something?” And then he danced again and when he came back the US colonial style neighborhood had gotten a modern twist.)

When he was done telling the story, my sister and I were in a floating house that leaned in a direction based on the way weight in the house was distributed, which a mob was trying to ruin. It was designed like one very spacious (Dutch) attic. They were throwing half empty cola bottles at our windows and the ones we could catch we would throw back at them. At some point one managed to climb up on our windows. I changed the weight distribution in the house in such a way that he fell off and died.

Then I was at a part large industrial style cornered kitchen, part brown wooden boat dock with lake, with Catthierry and a faceless lady (as in I don’t know if it is the lady or just a because I didn’t look at her face in the dream), after-chatting about the book that he told us about earlier. Catthierry and I were doing silly dance moves and standard movie impressions and laughing. At some point he threw himself in the ice cold water for laughs. The lady said: “I don’t find it funny.” I told her: “If one sacrifices oneself for humor, at least just smile if you don’t laugh.” Then I woke up.

Case in Point

Thierry Baudet is basically being Julius Caesar’ed by his party members. One of the dumbest things they could possibly do. He is literally the only person with a vision strong enough to reform the Netherlands for the better, out of the ecological and political bankruptcy it is in right now. (It is not me because my strongest conviction is that that country should have been flooded yesterday, if not the day before that.) Instead they want to get rid of him.

So Thierry called for leadership elections the other day, as I told you. Now this man is saying that the founder cannot call for leadership elections without consent of the board, and that they consider it best if he just leaves. They say that that is the best thing he could do to keep his honor.

Because apparently Thierry believes that the entire system being rigged against the common man is caused by (elitist) Jews (I read elsewhere) and that Soros is behind the coronavirus. (opens in new tab) He allegedly, according to at least three backstabbers, said this during a recent party dinner. He denies saying it (like that). Regardless of the possibility of intoxication, these allegations are all taken like they are facts, while there is no level ground where the public can neutrally observe this case. That multiple people (striving for political relevance) are saying this does not mean that it is true. Similar to Hunter Biden’s situation.

This must be what Thierry calls “trial by media”? Unfortunately, for his own well-being, I do also think it is best for him to just resign as soon as possible (and take Freek with you hehe). The relationship between him and the people in his party has been damaged irreparably. (A good moment to take a leap of faith for D.O.C.I.S. International… 😀 )

I’m waiting for him to resign until I revoke my membership. In the discussion we could have afterwards we could militarize an independent broadcast in which he could speak up. As well as Hunter Biden and others.

The host and guest are throwing accusations at him about the dinner they did not attend. Thierry is saying the members and he should have a public discussion about this, with which I agree. But they, with support of the media, are trying very hard to assassinate his character to the point where he becomes a private citizen again.

On the thumbnail of the video, he is fixing his hair the way he always, like al-ways, does, but they are trying to make it seem like they are getting at him. His grace remains and is indestructible, I firmly believe.

My bias here is that I, with unwavering faith, believe in the vision of those who I endorse repeatedly.

09:37 (AM) CET

Ahahahaha I just wanted to ask the rethorical question: “What would be the first thing those people will strive for when Baudet leaves the party?” Because those people are empty vessels who do not stand for anything. But apparently the opposite has happened: the backstabbers have all (from the local ones to the European Union ones) left the party.

The greatest empty vessel of all time, someone from Rotterdam who stated that his political mission is to honor the legacy of Pim Fortuyn, doesn’t know what he is going to do with his life anymore now.

10:05 (AM) CET

Meow I just bought some kinetics tape online to fix my foot. 🙁 The pain is similar to when I used to play basketball, so I assume the solution is the same as well. I still remember which spots I’m supposed to connect for my foot to heal. 🙂

Kusje 🙁

So ye I wanted to talk about how I’m watching the clock run out – which will eventually make my seize of power very inevitable. And do this by, through referencing my baby’s words of Wednesday, explaining that the well of news propagated by the left is running dry. (Because it reaching me is not happening. I will not have that shxt happening to me ever.)

And that current political leadership is incapable of fixing the disaster they have caused with the coronavirus, so it is only a matter of time until the clock runs out and the system implodes on itself. Money will have no value anymore, people will look for people to blame etc. But I’m not in the mood to elaborate on it anymore. This is all so stupid and boring.


13:47 (01:47 PM) CET

It’s getting more and more difficult for me to upload pictures I have taken (as in non-screenshots and non-downloads (from Pexels)). I firstly already noticed Google’s cutdown on the maximum amount of data per user. (I’m glad I’m still quite far below the maximum.) Is what I mentioned a very long while ago about the risks of too much memory data being taken up for the internet as a whole, coming true? Since yesterday WordPress is suddenly acting up when I’m trying to upload a picture. Haha please don’t tell me that I’ll have to go back to self-coded HTML pages… 🙁

I’ve compressed the file from 4.2 MB into 800 kB and I’m still getting an error for the file allegedly being too large while the other images in this post are larger. God damn. 🙁

14:41 (02:41 PM) CET

Question: how to disintegrate disintegrationism (even if only because it just sucks man it’s like the mosquito that keeps you up at night) without disintegrating the same fundament they wish to destroy? :p I’m only like 3 pages in though so maybe my question will be answered.

14:45 (02:45 PM) CET

XIV r 4 – 5 Do not all countries fundamentally have the same interests? Is it not only the form of European colonialism that makes America different from other countries? So history and not interests? I mean yes, the United States is one of the most free countries still standing, in comparison to its predecessors for example, but all countries claim to be free.

And shouldn’t love and interests be interconnected? There can be love without mutual interests – like I love my family circle, that is why they are still breathing – but to speak of an actual love match mutual interests are a requirement? Is this beyond the point…? And what convenience…?

15:09 (03:09 PM) CET

Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ahwww look at my kitchen princeee:

I thought I was physically awkward under random scrutiny for casual things, but this takes the cake. Or takes the turkey ahahahaha. Ahahaha ahw my poor babyyy.

I wonder about the further context of this video? Like was that the turkey day turkey and the turkey day squad¿ Or was it staged¿ Ahahaha also someone seems deprived of amical kusjes.

15:33 (03:33 PM) CET

Also washing poultry with vinegar actually cleans it. And “we” pour coke on meat when it’s on the barbecue haha that is such a random random commonality.

15:37 (03:37 PM) CET

Haha one the one hand I want to watch it again but on the other hand in terms of grace being challenged I want to cry.

15:45 (03:45 PM) CET

Also my music is super lit innit? :p

16:00 (04:00 PM) CET

Ahahaha by the way, elaborating on the point that Dutch people are insane:

So I’m still in this models database and get casting calls every now and then (but now that I’m in Belgium with the corona borders situation there’s no way at all I’d respond to them regardless (like before that I also hardly ever responded)). Twice now I have received a casting call for a female between 21 and 35 who would be open to talk about her birth contol preferences, on behalf of the Ministry of Public Health. To Dutch people that is casual as hell, if you’ve seen what is on national television, but elsewhere that is just fxcking insane.

If it were not done on behalf of the government and if it were not about birth control, I might have considered it. But this I wouldn’t do not even for a million. Unless I’d be allowed to say that birth control sucks and the once-a-day-for-the-rest-of-your-life (read: once a day until menopause) birth control pill is the most ridiculous shxt ever developed. One of the most unnaturally impactful normalized artificial health care concepts ever developed. They would never let me say that. :p

19:35 (07:35 PM) CET

A Pixabay image from Pexels

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