Lil Rationing¿

Assuming that the advice to buy long shelf-life foods to prepare for potential shortages of the end of the year is not based on bad numbers, I got up at 8 AM today to stack up a little bit.

I slightly injured a foot taking that long ass walk on shxtty shoes the other day. 🙁

At Delhaize for a short while they had rolling shopping baskets back in use, but now shopping carts are mandatory again and on top of that I was obliged to stick my right hand into a machine that sprayed (an alleged) disinfectant on it. Not only do I usually prefer to wash my hands because I don’t like what disinfectant chemicals do to the state of my hands, it has also been scientifically proven that this virus with an over 99% survival rate spreads itself mostly through air and not through the touching of surfaces. (Otherwise everyone would die from touching supermarket fridges/freezers.)

It also doesn’t make sense at all anymore, because, if it already spread itself through the touch of surfaces: they have stopped cleaning the shopping carts before use, so someone with dirty hands grabs the cart, making the cart handles nasty, then the gross chemicals, then putting back the cart that will be grabbed by someone else with nasty hands again. In other words, that – I guess this measure is part of the “house rules”¿ – was some bullshxt. I will quit shopping at Delhaize. (Or at least not go there anymore until they cut that shxt out.) Never in my life have I washed my hands so compulsively when coming home.

One of the first things I do when I have left the premise of a store is take off my mask. When I arrived home, there was a camera man and a journalist installing themselves.

The second time I went outside – because I just came back from round one (Delhaize has popcorn, “exotic” products e.g. Indian curry paste, better tasting chocolate and stuff) – I did wear a mask all the time. On behalf of all black and brown people in existence, if – and that is very unlikely because I do very much not have an inviting facial expression – I am asked the type of questions where people are trying to make one look stupid (not saying that they would do that, but 21st century journalists do that often), I should at least not be judged for the basic misconceptions regarding the coronavirus. Nothing happened though. 🙂

So I went to facility management to pick up the coins I bought for the washing and drying machines (the person in charge of facility management is so cute my goddd it makes me all nervous and shxt every time I see him) and stacked up at the Lidl.

Then came back like this. Does anyone with glasses have a hack for not fogging up glasses when wearing a mask?
Round 2

The things I bought include things with a less long shelf life as well as things that are due in 2022. This because products with a shorter shelf life are most of the time way fresher and wayyy healthier. Something my body always craves, so as much I can eat fresh products, I will be eating fresh products. But I’ve also bought canned tomatoes, canned BEANs, of course, canned cocktail sausages, canned tuna…

And these canned vegetables I will only eat in a life or death situation.

In case you’re wondering why I bought another box of eggs while I still have a decent amount of eggs: I have intentions of baking a Surinamese cake some moment in the coming days, and Surinamese cakes are made with a lotttt of eggs. I prefer to buy in bulk so I don’t have to shop often, especially for products I use very frequently.

Also, if you’re, like me, into fresh produce: apples and oranges have a relatively long shelf life, in comparison to bananas and kiwis. Pineapples also. 🙂 (Lidl does sell that. They also sell bok choy. 😀 (But I didn’t buy that this time because I ate that yesterday and its shelf life is short.))

Stacked up. 🙂

The left pineapple I will use to make juice today. The other one I will let ripen for a few days and then bake a Surinamese cake with it. 🙂

You know what’s stupid? I’ve noticed that since I started using regular toothpaste again, my memory has gotten worse than usual. Like even back when I was smoking 3 blunts a day (and using fluoride free toothpaste) my short-term memory wasn’t as bad as it is now. So I wanted to get some fluoride free toothpaste. Usually I use Weleda, but they only had ones for heavy tooth decay and I prefer just strong menthol, a whitener and/or something for my gums. So in the same section I saw a vegan brand and I just assumed that it would be fluoride free. Turns out it isn’t. 🙁

Parmesan cheese, by the way, also has a relatively long shelf life, in comparison to other cheeses. 🙂

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Living the high life.
Support my boyyy

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I like his attitude towards leadership. One should be able to trust the people who work under him/her. It’s no use breathing in people’s necks all the time. If that is needed, they are incompetent.

13:29 (01:29 PM) CET

I like the Rutte doctrine.

13:43 (01:43 PM) CET

Why do they prefer the inefficient, long, bureaucratic route? It is much more efficient publishing requested confidential information all at once, instead of publishing it gradually.

14:09 (02:09 PM) CET

In my opinion, aside from important scheduled meetings, nothing else (especially when it’s non-official) should mandatorily be reported in detail. Bureaucracy is one of the biggest problems in this broken ass system. If people in lower layers would take responsibility for their actions, this entire discussion would not be here?

14:17 (02:17 PM) CET

They should just resign. Come be my catjes. :3 I’m waiting either for after the party leadership elections or until resignation to revoke my FvD membership. (opens in new tab)

I’m also waiting until the break of this multi-days multi-people hearing about a child’s subsidies error of years ago(?) continues. I think this is inefficient and there are more important things to solve – not that of creating more skewed economics through compensation etc. – it’s interesting. My soap series. :p

& Somehow one of the interrogators stated disbelief about the government being seen as the enemy and not the ally: aside from my radically leftist mother, I don’t know anyone who considers the government beneficial in any way. If this were different, I would not be illegaly hiding across the border. God damn haha.

In case you’re wondering why I’m not talking about yesterday’s episode of Ben Shap in the Hizzle: that is because the content of news is dying out and I have so much baby to miss out on until Monday so… </3

My babyyy <3 ahahaha <3

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Instead of making it free and with that creating disproportionate government expenses and uncontrolled manufacturing, how about making sure there are decent jobs and decent salaries? (opens in new tab)

15:40 (03:40 PM) CET

Bigger yaaays.

16:20 (04:20 PM) CET

Thank you mother and everyone else on behalf of whom this spontaneous package was sent. <3

16:33 (04:33 PM) CET

Yeah it seems like we’re at the end of something. The end of society feels closer than ever. These people cannot fix this.

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Hehe I like youuu.

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Better pictureee.

The big bottles are home made lemonades. The little green bottle is alcolade, a mix between cologne and lotion, used to cool oneself off. And from the card I got some of the context within which this package was sent. It came in a shoebox. At first I thought I was sent shoes haha. (It took me forever to bypass the errors to upload that picture. Meanwhile Felix gone. 🙁 Also I thought my baby’s book arrived when the postman rang my doorbell.)

17:25 (05:25 PM) CET

If I’d be ambushed with kusjes within 48 hours, someone will have to carry me because my right foot is hurting like crazy. I move through my lil crib jumping around on one leg or limping now. 🙁 Glad I have stacked up on groceries.

I think I’m gonna call it a day. Tot morgen. Byeee. I miss my babyyy.

18:12 (06:12 PM) CET

*laughs like an insane person*

18:37 (06:37 PM) CET

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