Wish I Could Change the Channel

On this day, 45 years ago, the independence of the republic of Suriname was declared, as a completion of a decolonization process that took over 20 years. The Surinamese government in power was, according to some Surinamese nationalists, set to keep giving the country’s riches away to the Netherlands too easily, as if it would indirectly stay property thereof, accompanied by the recession shortly after the independence, which led to a bloody overturn of power a couple of years later, in December 1983, better known as the Decembermoorden (December murders). (Surinamese people: how accurate do you consider my description of Suriname’s history? :p)

From being the colonial cookie jar of the Netherlands to the coup against the government that was appointed by the Dutch, followed by years of anti-globalist dictatorship, to today, where Suriname has a progressive government and the natural riches of the country are owned by anyone but Surinamese people… (This is a nightmare.) What else is there?

Where are the gracious and great Surinamese individuals who are known around the world for the history they have made? Are they unknown? Have they ever existed?

In my view, the Surinamese Golden Era is yet to come. (Not with progressives…) It is one of the few countries with resources and living space enough to become 100% independent, sovereign with a lot less effort. For some stupid reason people prefer globalism, and a dependence on China for resources. The virgin lands leave much undiscovered. Anyway, for now, I wish everyone, from the tribes in the inlands to the Surinamese people in the Netherlands and elsewhere, a happy Independence Day.

Wan switi srefidensi ­čÖé

I Don’t Like Where This is Going

I wish I could see a different course of history. Especially now. It’s like being stuck watching the fillers of a tv series, in between the events that have a serious impact on the course of the story. And I really don’t like where this story is going…

About the political happenings before the Trump-era I do not know much. Politics was a lot less sensational and “smearful” back then, so when my relatives used to be watching the news and I would be staring at the ceiling, they used to say: “What is your opinion on this? Don’t you know about this? This is important.” It could not keep my attention. Then, my shallow judgment of politicians was solely based on their charisma.

So from the fillers we will be watching until the electoral college has voted, it seems most likely that we are going back from the turbulent, smearful, sensationalist series of politics to the shxt that made me frustrated with boredom. The future of the coming 4 years could still end up going in all kinds of ways, though. Maybe the indirect cause of sensationalism will stay, maybe there will be an alien invasion. Who knows?

I really wish there was a completely different course of history going on elsewhere, where I could switch my focus to. I would never talk about “left versus right” again. But still I wish for this course of history to be narrated by my baby. Anything he has to say I (will) listen to attentively.

He is my baby because I cherish him as if he were my baby. (Not that I would be in favor of him calling me the m-word, no. I don’t seriously want to be an m to anyone ever.) I find it unfortunate that he spends his time talking about politics. I would much rather hear him talk about himself. This exotic individual.

There where, for example, Victor, Felix and I have our ability to philosophize as our greatest strength, I consider his ability to mediate as his greatest strength. He is very much aware of his own biases and is able to analyze and reflect on the different aspects of any situation in the most detailed way I have ever experienced. (Meanwhile also my low-key English teacher.)

Also one of the most obviously intelligent individuals who has ever indirectly come on my path. And I’m not saying that for the knowledge he has, but for the awareness he has. He is certainly one of the very greatest in his time, but I believe that he would only maximize his individual potential if he would talk less about other people and talk more about himself. (Like seriously, people speak of him negatively (which reallyyy pisses me off), while they barely know who he is. He never says it. He only describes himself in relationship to other things. (Haha what a mediator.))

For now my baby uses his ability to mediate to report news and I use my ability to philosophize to reflect on potential future outcomes of his mediation. Though this is child’s play, it has been a nice semi-serious occupation for me this year. But plastic news makes the both of us want to vomit, so, again, I don’t like where this is going.

The way in which he is shown is more graceful than elsewhere, but still I consider this nothing in comparison to what could be. (In that same way I see myself.) Support for independent business is very important, but I think there are more efficient ways to do this. (As I have described in the past.)

Sorry but I’m just going to say it as it is (yes, this is a fact u_u): he is too great to be reading advertisements. (Or to have his message to the public be so much about other people instead of about himself, but as things are today, that is just my opinion.) Was he, in that one ad read yesterday, indirectly talking about ass? Haha this is getting out of hand. My babyyy.

But, given the state of the economy, as long as external parties continue to suddenly refrain from interfering with my fate, every single day, for all eternity, you will be reading the thoughts I mostly got from watching my baby Yayence the day before. I have nothing else to do. Don’t get me wrong, listening to someone so insightful is one of the most fun things I have ever done. But I wish we were using our brainpower for something better. Here was my baby yesterday:

This Plastic Shxt

It is all just people propagating the leftist narrative, all with no self-awareness at all. The person at the fragment around 23:00 displays this perfectly. In the last few years they have forgotten what leftism was about and devoted their entire being towards hating one man. They have nothing else to talk about anymore. Nothing else to live for.

Notice how I said “person” and nothing else? Because the other basic physical aspects of any person do not fucking matter. It is ridiculous that race and gender are now the determining factor that make the fulfillment of a position “historic”. People should really never come near me with that shxt, because I could seriously, to the point of frustration, not fxcking care less.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, in the West, on paper, the voice of a woman is equal to that of a man. So to in the 21st century, in the West, be saying: “Wow this is the first woman to do this or that,” is not an accomplishment. It is a fxcking disgrace. The same goes for race. These forms of discrimination have been illegalized a very long time ago. So please shut the fxck up with these so-called achievements. It is a disgrace that it took so fxcking long.

Also, it is taking forever to find an equal amount of women for typical men’s jobs, but simultaneously men are very much on the rise in doing women’s jobs. (What the fxck is happening.) In a ceteris paribus situation, it really doesn’t seem to be taking long before gender in the make-up industry is split 50/50. (Oh I mean 33/33/33, of course.)

In regard to globalism, someone really has to explain to me about the fragment around 48:00, what the fxck Israel/Palestine has to do with the United States. Like why the fxck is it normal that that guy wants to go and meddle there and tell people what their political relationship (or any relationship) should be like? It is not a colony of the United States, is it? Of all countries, why is Israel/Palestine one of the major topics for serious dominating interference in the United States? Not even Egypt.

The background music in 51:00 is hilarious. The stupid sensationalism. I can’t imagine that the main source for sensationalism is going away and that they will have to try so much harder to bring news that is not fxcking boring as hell. We’re back at that, are we?

Is the globalist leftist political class so dumb that they think they can solve economic problems by low-key buying slaves from Africa and the Middle East?

Wish I Could Change the Channel

14:27 (02:27 PM) CET

Forum voor Democratie

My god I’ve been getting so many breaking news notifications about Forum voor Democratie today. There’s so much drama going on. I barely know the details about it, and in a few I will tell you why I don’t give a fxck about what the details of the drama are, but it has led to Thierry Baudet, my Catthierry, to take a step back from his position and let the members of the party decide whether they wish to keep him as the party leader or not.

In my opinion, everyone who has the Dutch nationality or is in any other way normalized with being Dutch, is fxcking insane. In comparison to other people in the world, Dutch people are just fxcking crazy. I am insane too. You need fucking thick skin and to do fucking crazy shit that goes against your principles to be able to survive that country.

Also, as you know, I am convinced that the far majority of the world population is dumb and purposeless. For like 20 years of my life I was convinced there were only fxcking insane dumb and purposeless people, and then Thierry indirectly crossed my path.

Finally, someone who is graciously able to reflect on the real problems in society, I thought when I was starting to see more of him. He was doing one of the things I at some point in my life thought I would be doing in the future. Out of support of his being and the things he stands for, I became a member of Forum voor Democratie. Before that, I had no faith in political leadership at all.

Of the “trial by media” stuff, things about far right anti-Semitic extremists in the youth movement (I am not and have never been part of the youth movement, just so you know) and other dramatic shxt going on I didn’t know that it was going on until I saw the video about Thierry stepping back like 2 days ago. I also don’t know where this has taken place, where I can find the digital battlefield (isn’t it super weird content on a screen can influence your heart rate).

All I know is that, aside from Thierry stepping back, LITERALLY the ONLY two other FvD members who I considered decent, reflexive politicians, Hiddema and Cliteur, have LEFT the party. Because the party is a collective effort and not a dictatorship, Baudet is now allowing his party members to decide whether they still consider him a suitable party leader. He is basically allowing for these people to end his career in politics.

Aside from the – though he wants to see more Dutch people in space travel and I do not – youth party representative who used to present FvD news with Thierry, who is not one of the crazy extremists, who seemed quite all right, as in not on my selective assassination shortlist, there are only people I never wish to work with. (With N-VA it’s similar.)

This is the most disgustingly opportunistic shxt I have ever read. (opens in new tab) For her tokkie-achtige way of communication, I was already not fond of her, but this is shocking. She doesn’t seem to understand how new party politics works. If you decide to join a brand new political party, you unify in the vision of the person who has started the party. So you cannot say, basically: “We must quickly condemn anti-Semitism (if that is even what she wants┬┐) and other than that what we stand for is in the party program and Thierry must not concern himself with things that are not on the party program.” In a new, small party, you unify in the vision of the founder and not in the programme.

The party is called FORUM for Democracy, so to, like a sheep, bureaucratically say: “This is not on the list of topics every Dutch political party must define its stance on, so we must not reflect on this,” is just a display of one being dumb and purposeless. Completely unable to philosophize. Doesn’t she know that in the Roman Empire, the “forum” was where people went to have discussions about all things? And to then hail the media (because she probably wants to be on the news, spoken of positively (Dutch media do not like Forum for Democracy and, given that the party opposes immigration and such, likely never will)) and demand for the founder to leave the party… This bxtch is fxcking insane.

It is FORUM for Democracy, not Dictatorship for Democracy. So all members, how ridiculous some or most of their beliefs may be, should be allowed and able to express their views. To strengthen or change your own views, and to add to your perception of society, a forum was and is something desperately needed.

So between November 30th and December 1st all FvD members will be, as organized by the party leader, allowed to speak up about their wishes for the future leadership of the party. If it leaves an opportunity to write something, I will say what I just said. If it’s a vote – which it likely is because writing sentences expressing thoughts ahahaha – I will vote for no one.

Not voting fuck democracy Dominique is back guysss. I want to revoke my membership of Forum voor Democratie. This is all fxcking bullshit. I have nothing to do, but still I have something better to do than be part of a collective that includes racists and power hungry people who don’t stand for anything. The party has lost its purpose. I will permanently distance myself from Forum voor Democratie hope Thierry will do the same.

15:57 (03:57 PM) CET

What are they not telling us? (& Am I too late if I do this tomorrow…?)

Are we going blub?

16:15 (04:15 PM) CET

Will he be putting Dutch fishery businesses out of business?
Because es fakeee. Also who is smoking crack…? Hunter left his laptop with hyperconfidential information on it with him…?

16:29 (04:29 PM) CET

Ahahahaha neeeeeee mijn babyyy moet ik nu helemaal wachten tot maandag. </3 Maar ach vrije dagen zijn wel nodig though & I see people value Thanksgiving a lottt. It seems almost more hyped than Christmas. (But no holiday is more hyped than Christmas haha.)

Europeans are funny. This continent has nothing to do with Thanksgiving traditionally, but there are Black Friday sales all over the place.

23:57 (11:57 PM) CET

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