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The solo-indoors-in-exile continues, as it has for over a year for me. It is best to make the best – as in most enjoyable – out of any situation. But first I need to share with you the nightmare that had me wake up at 6 AM all sweaty and stressed out and stuff.


I dreamt that I was visiting a discount mall by myself, and that I was standing in line to enter. It was an extremely long line. (I wanted to say: “You know, when you’re visiting a theme park and you have to stand in line for hours,” but maybe you don’t know about that. (I’ve also gone to theme parks with a fast track pass a handful of times and even there there were some long lines, but not as long as this one.)) Anyway…

Almost at the main entrance was the food court entrance. When I was standing in line in front of the food court entrance, on my way to the main entrance, I looked inside and saw that everyone who entered had to register their name, address and phone number for contact tracing purposes. This already made me think: “Oh shxt…”

The military men from my neighborhood were standing there, armed as usual, observing the line. Though they had already clearly observed that I looked across the entrances and was not quite fond of having to register, not wanting to be registered and not wanting to leave my contact information, I tried to leave the line as casually as possible and walk as calmly as possible, to the exit of the mall’s premise. Certain that if I’d leave my contact information, there would very certainly be armed men kicking in my apartment door later.

Though I tried to do it casually, it was nothing casual at all. No one ever left the line. Literally all people there around me, except the military men, were standing in line, facing the entrance. I became the only one there turning my back towards it.

I was walking, but I wanted to run, my heart racing. It was still quite a distance back to not-on-mall-premise. There was a very long, straight path across the building towards the entrance. When I was about to walk around the corner, I quickly looked over my shoulder and saw that they were following me. I made eye contact with them. They were then certain that I was trying to avoid them.

I walked through the two entrances of a locker room, hoping to lose them(¿). The men in it looked at me (one colored and one white, both very muscular with white towels around their waists (hired “sexy” bachelorette party dancers kind of dudes)) in suspense as I was about to walk through the exit across the exit I came through. In the second of eye contact I had with them, they knew I was in trouble.

Outside again there were people walking around and chilling on benches and stuff – no one was wearing a mask, by the way – so it was less easy for me to be noticed by the military men, but I was bothered by the fact that I was still wearing the same light grey shirt they had already seen me in, still making it easy for them to notice me by looking for dark hair and a light grey shirt. (In retrospect I could maybe have begged one of them to please lend me his sweater and wear his jacket without wearing a shirt. (I would do literally anything for that.) They looked like they were very sweet and in favor of supporting the resistance.)

I had arrived at the entrance and exit of the premise, and there they were, observing everyone who walked in and out. There was a long rectangle shaped with rounded corners lake (is that a Dutch thing¿), surrounded by grass and one path on the left side of the lake and one on the right. The military men were standing on the left side of the lake and the entrance, so I decided to walk on the right side of the lake.

But then I saw that the path on the right side of the lake was not a straight one. The lake split off to the right. If I’d keep following the path I was walking on, I would not leave the premise and I would very noticeably be walking on only grass in a place where no one was. My heart rate increased even more, I felt.

Though I already knew it was over for me, as unnoticeably as possible, I held my breath and lowered myself into the lake without making too much of a splash. But certainly I had already lost, because no one voluntarily swims in these lakes. I tried to swim deep enough for the water not to reveal my location, swimming as far away as I could hold my breath for. When I was in need of oxygen, I swam to the surface and looked behind me. The surface of the water was rippled the way medium speed boats make it go rippled, but there was no boat. Someone was swimming behind me, just below the surface of the water. Then I woke up.

Further Intro

We are living in ridiculous times. I mean imagine someone from before the ancient Greek empire, or whenever before public elections existed, and you have to explain to that person that the whole world is waiting in suspense as in the United States one of two radically contrastingly different potential political leaders will be guaranteed to be president for the coming 4 years. (And the globalistic impact thereof.) While there was a time that the struggle for power was only dynamic at the top and the general public was simply subject to whoever ended up conquering them. I still think the public having any say in political leadership today is just a façade.

For weeks now it’s Georgia this, Pennsylvania that, Michigan this… The future somehow depends on this all and I barely know where to find those states on the map.

But what is the very, very weirdest about this situation and politics in general is the radical difference between the election manifestos (Google Translate gave me that for “verkiezingsprogramma”, but I’ve never heard anyone say “election manifesto” like political game plan, intentions for the coming years) of the two candidates. I mean if they serve the will of the people, how come their plans are not alike at all? If this were about the will of the people, it would just be “gg”. The race would have been amicable, there would be a clear winner. But it is never like that. If politics truly were about solving problems and prosperity, it would not be polarizing and with that not give clear reasons for a civil war. I mean if any of this were logical…

So it is extremely clear that all of this, from the militarization of brainwashed people by leftist media, to the censorship, to the coronavirus and all its nonsense, to the great (…): it is the greatest power grab the establishment has ever pulled off (or tried to pull off..).

Look at my baby yesterday: (Is it just me, or does he become even more handsome every week?)

Are we Close to Reaching a New Layer?

I mean the truth about the establishment is covered in ages of cover-ups and other annoying shxt. I never believe that elections are fair – but I do vote now so like if you believe this system is the way to go then don’t let my words discourage you (though Belgium…) – not even when they are done using only paper ballots, but electronic voting does sound like a simpler alleyway for the establishment to afdwingen keeping their position of power.

If the court cases in favor of president Trump are corpulent enough, they could expose all of the members of the establishment for what they really are and it would give ground for us to get rid of them once and for all.

Exposing proven (and used) weaknesses in electronic voting systems, following the trail that led up to that, is one of the ways in which we could reach the deeper layers of establishment cover-ups. It does not have to be THE way, though.

Don’t get me wrong, it would be in my advantage if it were true, but still we must then be certain that it is true. I care more about rationality than I care about winning. I know an above average amount of things about computers, but if someone would explain to me in detail how mass-scale nationwide voter fraud has taken place through machines, I would not be knowledgeable enough to verify whether that is possible and true or not.

As much as I want it to be true, I can not verify it and, though I really want it to be true, I don’t see how – I have helped people above the age of 40 with using electronic devices – someone who doesn’t sound like she has much computer knowledge is going to verify and defend digital voter fraud. Hopefully she will prove me very wrong, but I have to share this concern of mine with you. I mean online banking is also very vulnerable but it’s not like the entire population is screwed over by it on a regular basis.

Also, the at 24:00 passionate defense of the devices and willingness to hear about errors in the software to fix them has made me think it’s quite very unlikely that digital fraud via Venezuela is going to be the route through which we will reach the lower hidden layers of the establishment. If that is true, that would be pijnlijk gezichtsverlies I’d feel plaatsvervangende schaamte for, which would also uncover something about the nature of mankind in general. Above all, for all cases regarding the election issues, I think my baby would have been the best lawyer for this. u_u

Meanwhile, I’m getting more and more annoyed by how irrational and discriminatory the tactics in this power grab are getting. I mean, for example: I hate online trends with every bone in my body. Everyone knows that, and I am not the only person who knows that strong feeling of disgust. But you don’t see us out here trying to censor and silence online trends and the people who participate in them.

People are different (and clearly some people are very irrational because why the hell would you like online trends :p), but in this democracy we must cordially live amongst each other, so allow people to have different views. (In the Fangyist system it’s a whole different ball game. All Fangyists have the same things in common, you see. But anyway, we’re in Western democracy world and the propagandistic standard phrases that go with that, so…)

In a democracy, people with different views live amongst each other – en dan is het zegmaar de bedoeling that they can liberally have intellectual discussions about which scientific beliefs they have and other shxt, so they say, so what the fxck is this? No one should find it normal that leftist progressives and establishment figures are very actively and openly censoring and silencing specific groups of people. If no one fights back, we are in for something so much worse.

I’m not a Joe Biden fan (I’m a Hunter Biden fan though :p), but at 43:00 there is some serious pimp shxt going on. The media is literally Biden’s bxtch. Also, given that a speaker of any political house is a representative of all people of the house and with that a non-partisan role and nothing more than an entity representing a lot of people, why is Pelosi meeting with Biden and Harris? There is great irony in that last sentence, of course, because (…) Pelosi is the most disgracefully partisan abuse of power non-presidential politician I have ever seen in my entire existence.

Anyway, I am a bit confused now. Because some more lawsuits have been dropped and president Trump has given the go-ahead for the preparation of de Biden transition.

But there is somehow still a chance for him to win the presidency? How, then? (As in I don’t know the US system well.) And the Camp Biden people were raising funds for the transition but are now getting GSA funds for the transition, so will they be giving the people who donated a refund?

It is ridiculous that a Biden presidency is even an option. I mean if politics truly was about the will of the people, how come one of the two options is very actively taking measures to permanently end small and medium business? That is something that will have an impact on public health that is immeasurably worse than the coronavirus. No rational person wants to be a slave for a giant corporation (unless it’s mine, of course :p), so it’s very disturbing to me to see them try and get this far. I see the fascism in China is their great source of inspiration, but they forget people who were born and raised here are used to a (still not optimal but) higher standard of individual freedom.

One of the example sentences I saw the other day was: “It was the most egregious act the government has ever perpetrated.”

Though I wonder who would be able to conquer them if I didn’t exist, I’m living like I don’t exist. (Simultaneously the establishment wouldn’t be operating so well either, since they can read what potential scenarios I’m warning you against.) But yeah anyway most people are doing nothing other than fighting with each other in comment sections. Though Trump himself may be – I don’t know what the actual term means but I will say – an indigo child, I’m watching Camp One and Camp Two quarrel.

Popcorn Tasty

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I will definitely be including the word “pusillanimous” in my vocabulary (and invoke a British Jamaican accent when I say it hahah). As well as “pussyfooting” haha.

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Scusami, I was making lunch so I couldn’t share my thoughts when the question was asked. But they are very nice stories ay. Sounds like they are written by very smart authors. 🙂

12:30 (PM) CET

I’ve heard of Don Quixote but I’ve never occupied myself with it haha… Yes indeed I don’t get this one.

12:37 (PM) CET

I’n genuinely having fun having no idea what all these references are about haha. Haha ahw French (es French rite¿) pronunciation so cute.

12:48 (PM) CET

Veryyy much on point.

13:00 (01:00 PM) CET

Sii the wise always conquer yayy.

13:06 (01:06 PM) CET

Do I hear Praesens of Sweden? :3

& No I can’t hear your stomach ahw eat something. 🙁

13:09 (01:09 PM) CET

Societal morale seems to have altered the extent to which this applies it seems.

13:17 (01:17 PM) CET

Ahahaha ye fxck scholars. :p

Most of them truly are arrogant pricks who cannot lead tho.

13:18 (01:18 PM) CET

Soon they will have no choice but to accept. As a result of their own actions.

13:27 (01:27 PM) CET

Eet smakelijk liefjeee. :3

13:34 (01:34 PM) CET

Sweden or elsewhere by the way. I don’t knowww. But definitely a federal Praesens. Praesens positions are indeed for philosophers.

Had you seen these kusjes the other day? :3

13:43 (01:43 PM) CET

Wat Catthierry’s Voorwaardelijke liefde betreft vraag ik me af in hoeverre het boek is als de voorpagina van lilfangs.com in contrast met hoe hij zelf werkelijk naar intimiteit kijkt. Voor de Nederlandse standaard is er, mijns inziens, altijd een relatief veel obsceniteit nodig wil het de massa kunnen bereiken. Vooral hoe volgens de standaard seks zo ontzettend betekenisloos geworden is. Mijn interesse gaat uit naar alles eromheen. Misschien is het niveau wat alles eromheen betreft te hoog geweest…?

Voor het geval iemand zich afvraagt waarom ik niet een van zijn boeken over politiek gekozen heb: hij praat al sinds ik hem volg (dat is nu like 2 jaar ofzo) als een broken record over de EU, klimaat en immigratie, dus ik hoef daar echt geen boek over te lezen. Want intussen gaan de debatten zovan: “Gaan we 200.000 of 300.000 illegale immigranten binnenhalen? Laten we lekker een hele week daarover gaan debatteren.”

Catthierry: “Nee 0.”

Schapen: “Nee daar gaat het debat niet over.”

I’m sick of ittt.

14:23 (02:23 PM) CET

Aaaaahahahahahahahaha I love thisss

14:38 (02:38 PM) CET

Neeeee maar nu is het echt echt echt helemaal klaar. </3

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Pagina 47 regel 12: kerel waar haal je deze wetenschap vandaan haha? Regel 11 is naar mijn smaak correct, maar als daar meer dan 10 minuten tussen zit dan wordt dat toch frustrerend¿

15:55 (03:55 PM) CET

Wildcatted ahahaha

Maybe he is also more of a federal Praesens guy¿

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I hear someone is in for a Michelin star ahahahahaha.

16:43 (04:43 PM) CET

I don’t think European governments in this “Western democracy” will ever stop meddling in how many social contacts one may have and where, how and when and stuff.

16:53 (04:53 PM) CET

Is Thanksgiving the holiday with the aliens who gave some recipe for turkey and Native Americans and stuff? South Park History Channel reference hehe. But I barely know what Thanksgiving is.

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Haha sorry but why the fxck is this news?
Popcorn tastyyy
Cheers m8

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Funny but very sad it’s true.

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Considered… Friday…
Keep doing globalism.

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Fried chicken tastyyy

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