We Chillin’

Before the elections, I think the world was, in terms of rationale, more clearly divided into two camps. Two camps one would rather not put in the same room together. Regardless if it was even said out loud or not, the far majority had an idea which president they prefer along (with the underlying political preferences). Now that the elections are still undecided due to the results of the popular vote being challenged, most people are staying in their camps out of loyalty principles.

Out of the legal dispute, the outlines of a third camp have been set, consisting of people who, instead of blindly staying loyal to the person they (would) have voted for, stay loyal to what to them is reasoning in the most objective way possible. People in the original two camps want to hear nothing about “Seeing how the process plays out,” valuing a fair and elaborately defined process, accepting the outcome regardless of who will win, as long as they agree with the court’s ruling.

Most people claim to be objective when it comes to this. But only a handful of people find loyalty to a decent process more important than loyalty to the person they prefer to see win. If the people in camp three were ever part of camp one or two, they are not anymore because with their views on objectivity they are seen as not loyal to their camp leader.

The people in camp three are not incentivized by a leader. Our logic has simply led us to the same point. The people in this camp, if they weren’t already living in exile because of their views before the elections, are, at least in terms of political group affiliation, certainly living in exile now.

But we are in exile together, scattered across the globe. The tribalistic hate for either camp one or camp two (though camp two kinda really sucks but if they legally win they legally win and though that is, in terms of policy, quite terrible, we currently live in a democracy and that is how democracy works), is not what drives us. Will camp one and two start a war against each other? Pass me the popcorn, please. We chilin’. 🙂

Tucker Carlson

A while ago I already said that I like about him his sharp criticism. He was a conservative right-wing Trump supporter, but not anymore. It is unfortunate for everyone who has been banished, but I must say that the banishment, or (subtle¿) cancellation, of Tucker Carlson out of camp one has been most surprising to me.

Because he loves America by very strong principle. Something he has in common with basically all Trump-supporters. I mean look at this:

I am not and never will be the type of person to say, “AMERICA NUMBER ONE”, but listening to the arguments he uses, even I am convinced (though I think Belgian architecture is quite the very yayest).

But now, because he is objective and wanted to invite one of camp one’s main lawyers on the show (open to give her the whole week) to defend her case, instead of blindly believing everything she says, he is now considered not part of camp one anymore.

Camp one has lost a great one. Welcome to the club, Tucky. 🙂

(Non-partisan) Centrist Entertainment

In my opinion, camp three is where the actual freedom of speech is at. The other camps have very strictly defined parameters within which one must speak and operate to be and stay accepted as a team member. For us camp three members, it is independent reasoning that brings us together. Though the way we see life is dissimilar, the process of reason still, without the parameters, leads us to mutual understanding if it doesn’t lead us to the same conclusion.

We should definitely become the new owners of CNN. 🙂 It would be so much fun to broadcast gossip sessions about the battle between camp one and camp two ahahahaha. Especially because partisan entertainment, which makes up most of the market for entertainment, is unbearable.

In liberal entertainment, these days they need to incorporate beliefs from the absurd progressive doctrine to keep and appeal to their political demographic. Which proves the flesh is very weak, because literally everything leftist progressives believe is absolute BS.

Like once you incorporate things like “We must replace all free nature with metal windmills to fight climate change,” or “I like transgenderism,” into your content, you might as well end your own career right away because that shxt is unbearable.

And conservative entertainment… Sorry but what even is that? I’ve never even heard of that. What is conservative humor? Does it go like this: “Two guys walk into a Bible study session. (…) I love God, my family and my country.”? That conservatives don’t know how to have fun is nearly common knowledge and I have never seen this debunked.

Sure, Steven Wildcatje is an entertainer, but he is a wild catje so that doesn’t count. I consider him a liberal conservative. Just like my baby Yayence, though he is less liberal than het wildcatje, who is funny as hell. But it’s no surprise that they are yayed: they are members of camp three. 🙂

Camp three is definitely the most fun camp there is. 🙂

We Chillin’

12:47 (PM) CET

Look what I ordered on Saturday. 🙂
Look what came in the mail today. 😀
Ahahaha echt een topgozer.

13:05 (01:05 PM) CET

Oooh my goddd ik heb nu al zo veel vragen en ik heb net pas deel 1.1 gelezen:

> Waarom intense woede na die oppervlakkige uitspraak over evolutiepsychologie?

> Ahahahaha my god pagina 13 regel 22: leg uit, waar komt deze gedachte vandaan? Like genuine unintentional interesse ik heb het gevoel dat ik ineens in meer detail in het hoofd van een man kan kijken en dit is meer androïde dan ik had verwacht ahahahaha.

> Leg wenkbrauw logica uit? (Ahahahahahaahah.)

> In hoeverre identificeer je de hoofdpersoon met jezelf? :p

Ahahaha ahw Catthierryyy. My most favorite politician of all time. Dit is een van de meest Nederlandse boeken die ik ooit heb gelezen en ik heb het nog niet eens uit. Maar herkenbaar en niet cringy. 🙂 Ik kom wel echt niet meer bij, dat dit is geschreven door een politicus die als next level rechts-extremist wordt gezien en dat hij zooo’n zachtaardige en very very veryyy wildcatty filosofische kant heeft. Ahahaha I’m having a blast.

14:20 (02:20 PM) CET

Ahahaha god damn het meest passende job offer aller tijden heeft plaatsgevonden.

14:42 (02:42 PM) CET

Pagina 19 regel 3 – 4 is die aanname serieus?

15:00 (03:00 PM) CET

Pagina 21 regel 23 – 30: hoe beantwoord je die het beste? Ik incasseer altijd. 🙁

15:07 (03:07 PM) CET

1.4 ahw ik ben blij met deze wending. Ik zag het verhaal een hele andere kant op gaan. Het is dan weer minder androïde, maar ook minder bewustzijn van de samenhang van gevoelens en meer van gewoon iets doen en pas weten wat voor gevoel het oproept wanneer je er middenin zit ofzo.

Also worried. 🙁

15:16 (03:16 PM) CET

Ik zie nu pas dat het een flashback is haha… I will zip it liefjeee.

15:20 (03:20 PM) CET

Het is bijzonder storend dat de mensen met de hoogste politieke functies het het meest normaal vinden om fouten te maken en dingen te vergeten.

This seems to be a good example of lying under oath.

16:10 (04:10 PM) CET

Hij praat over zichzelf in de derde persoon en wil dat de Ombudsman zijn handje vasthoudt enzo (je kan zo makkelijk afschuiven binnen het Nederlandse systeem)… Zwaar incompetent. Oké, depressing. Ik ga weer verder lezen.

16:30 (04:30 PM) CET

Haha tested positive.

Last Saturday afternoon, before I took the pictures, I did some shopping.

Remembering why I don’t do shopping in the weekends anymore.
Eggs box pretty
I also bought this. :3
Not yayed by scent sticks bottle design so pouring it over into a yayeder empty scent stick bottle.

Zwitsal is a baby products brand with an iconic scent. I was out of scent sticks fluids and had walked past it in the store another time already, so I figured why not. Now my house… Ahahahahaha… Now my house smells like baby. :3

I miss my babyyy.

18:11 (06:11 PM) CET

Mijn Pokémon. </3

Nu lijkt het een beetje alsof hij gezellig samen met mij langs de zijlijn zit. :3 Vreemd genoeg een beetje deprimerend, want voor mij betekent dit het definitieve einde van politiek Nederland. Maar wel gezellig want nu heeft hij dan meer tijd om mijn Praesens Europiyayentis te zijn. 🙂

19:26 (07:26 PM) CET

Can we be Camp Fang? 😀

23:07 (11:07 PM) CET

Photo by Anna Guerrero from Pexels

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