Friday, starting to draft out the topics I wanted to touch on in this post, I decided it is time for me to switch back to English. Like when doing bicep curls with one weight, it’s time to switch to the other arm. It is my intention to have my exile not be at the expense of my ability to communicate in the two languages I know best. (Though primarily Dutch is the language in which I think, as must have been very noticeable.)

If you hadn’t seen it yet, please make sure to check out the pictures I made taking a stroll through Antwerp. They, besides a beautiful city, show a physical representation of the urgent topics I have been pressing on for quite some time now, namely the desperate need for serious political reform, why socialism in the end helps no one and the (for anyone but the 1%) guaranteedly depressing fate of the world economy in case of a Biden win. The economic issues and political morale in Antwerp are similar to those all across the globe.

It has been a while since I took this long a walk. My muscles are sore… 🙁

As has been the case for quite some time now, Ben Shapiro’s news show is my main reference point regarding the course of the global political morale. Though (Western) Europe is quite a few steps ahead when it comes to the incorporation of socialism (and with that the intensity of coronavirus policy) and normalizing – what I for simplification will call “unholy concepts”, such as homosexuality and transgenderism, the overall shifts in new political morale, such as the intensifying demonization of Donald J. Trump and his supporters, are new to the rest of the world when they are new in the United States. For everyone outside the United States, US politics is the “biblical” soap series local federal politics compares itself to.

In 2016, I lost my mind worrying about Trump losing. Now I’m sitting along the sidelines eating popcorn. I think that over the past few years I have laid down the fundamental problems and the solutions a Trump presidency comes closest to. But well…

If this is what you people want, I am not going to stop you. If you would rather spend eternity watching Netflix, why would I want to convince you of doing anything else? That picture was taken on the peak of a Saturday afternoon.

What I have been doing is taking recent news and reflecting that to my own views and potential future outcomes. (I don’t know what, besides playing the piano if and when it gets here, I would be keeping myself occupied with if I weren’t doing that.) The main reason why I specifically like Ben Shapiro a.k.a. my Jewish twin a.k.a. The Shapiriyayence a.k.a. The Yayence a.k.a. my baby Yayence so much is because of the weighty reflections he does himself. Further reflecting on that (and Tim Pool’s views and Steven Crowder’s views in addition) adds a lot of depth to the things I state.

Though, after taking these pictures, I could have chosen to just dive into the details of the – the way I see it without Fangyism irreparable – economic damage (though that street was already in economic decline when I got here), I will start off with some US politics, for both “contemporaryness” and a more crescendo approach to that urgent thing I have been pressing on. So without further ado, here is last Friday’s episode of Ben Shap in the Hizzle:

(A little disclaimer: though I watch these men, my views are different from the ones they state. When I talk about assassinating people and other “radical” things like that, those things, like all things I state, are purely based on my own logic.)

Evidence is not Proof

Though, like I have repeatedly said, I think it is ridiculous to have the fate of the country depend on a bureaucratic process, I will continue to try to take this weeks covering thing seriously. I was playing CodyCross the other day and…

This is really how the legal system works…?

There is the possibility of someone being guilty, but there is also the possibility of someone being framed. “Evidence” itself is not proof. That is why, though I really want Trump to win, a sworn affidavit is not enough to shift hundreds of thousands of votes into a Trump win.

“Ja, mensen zeggen zoveel,” is what I would say. “People say all kinds of things.” (Connotation: but that doesn’t mean that it’s true.) We are living in a time of political hooliganism and the glorification of “going viral”. I’m not saying that to disenfranchise those people. I’m saying that because to make sure truthfully testifying people are heard loud and clear, their words should be matched with other forms of evidence, creating tangible and unfalsifiable proof.

What is worse is that if the biggest claims made in the press conference are not even mentioned or defended in court, solely to influence public opinion, they are just adding oil to the fire that is political hooliganism. Something I urge them to stop doing, because they are living safe and secluded and not in the heart of the chaos. Fucking seriously, please fucking stop… 🙂

What is even worse than that, is that regardless how this plays out, it is now clear to everyone that the people having a voice Western democracy is absolute fucking nonsense. In the end, if I’m correct, what every single living human being wants is to have some decent economic stability. Which is why I think voting for the Joe Biden platform should have never been an option at all. But somehow that is still controversial.

In that regard, with my bias here, it is unfortunate that the possibility of voter fraud is not reason enough to discard all the instances where that could potentially have taken place. Because hundreds of thousands of votes could then be discarded, while maybe only a few votes have been fraudulent through that route, in both cases, in regard to this election, the chance existing that not enough votes are shifted to ensure a win. Maybe fraud is always a possibility, but with D.O.C.I.S. International political and economic efforts are always well-intentioned regardless… 🙂

I’m going to eat some yogurt and tackle some of the giant mess I left behind when I told myself “I’m just going to take a little stroll and take only a handful of pictures”, then coming back completely exhausted, so I’ll be back in like an hour or so. #Hanginthere…

11:37 (AM) CET

Going more into depth on one specific case of alleged voting irregularity, it was said that there was an inconsistent time frame in which one could cure their ballot in some state. I don’t see how this is a purposeful argument. You don’t accidentally vote for the wrong president and not that many people ever want to cure their ballots, so it is very unlikely that that would have any noticeable impact on flipping the election. If Trump had won, the Democrats would have been saying the exact same thing. Again, evidence is not proof.

I want this case to be won, but using a proper argumentation standard. If I’m going to put my safety at risk facing some radicalized Trump haters with foaming mouths, I do need some solid arguments. What I do wonder is how fraud-proof the process of curing ballots is. I’m waiting for the elaborate plea defending that presidential candidate Biden is not the winner of the popular vote, just like I’m waiting for proof that Hunter Biden has not been framed. I’m waiting for the kraken as well as the cracken. (I try my best to stay open-minded, but I consider it quite unlikely.)


Political Bubbles

The zombie apocalypse is nigh. Not the zombie apocalypse caused by the public health effects of a virus like ebola but coronavirus is nothing in comparison to ebola improperly handled, but the zombie apocalypse caused by contrasting forms of radical extremism, amplified by coronavirus policy its influence on the economy and on people’s social mentality.

At least one of the two bubbles will burst within the coming month. The people who consider Trump their Lord and Savior who will definitely win (and then stay in their lives as president for 4 more years), their bubble will burst if the electoral college votes against him.

And/or maybe, though the layer of this bubble is very thick and hard to burst but if it happens I would be sooo extremely satisfied, the people who consider leftist media, such as CNN, the mirror of truth, will suddenly have nothing specific to fight for anymore when Trump is out of office and they will realize their immesurable mistakes when the United States incorporates Western European socialism and the European Union economically and politically turns into a communist empire with a lot of poverty, hunger, purposelessness and general unhappiness. The government will end up solely fighting to sustain its own existence and not to ensure the happiness of individuals (anymore). Once the political bankruptcy is evident, there is nothing left for them.

The Money Chain

Firstly I would like to say that I have no problem paying off my student loan, as I believe no one should, but that does mean that the government is responsible for ensuring enough economic opportunities for both people with and without university degrees. With Fangyism, you can earn your entire loan back in a month. 😀

It is why we distinguish between tangible and intangible finance. The tangible things you end up buying with loans will be there regardless, so, as long as people don’t buy an new house every month (that’s why we’re putting a maximum on houses, cars etc. one can own), people are (or will be) loyal to things like their house, car and job. #HouseBeforeHoes. I guess Fangyism could also be called constitutional neo-feudalism.

In the present system, it is difficult to get a house or store property and very easy to lose your qualifications to own it. But, simply put, that street around the corner from my house where almost every shop is bankrupt: if almost all store owners in that street can’t afford to own a store there, who will (want to)? While meanwhile, the store property is just standing there catching dust, so the owners of businesses lost because of coronavirus policy might as well be declared not bankrupt anymore. (Because I would become very pissed if I’d suddenly see a McDonalds, Starbucks, Subway or whatever there. Culturally influenced stores make up an important part of the economy (and my stomach haha). (Yes, culturally influenced stores come with a controversy regarding the country’s sovereignty and character, but I’ll save that for another time. Diverse foods and non-foods stay a must.))

What used to be the money chain is the lowest earning employed people buy products in affordable stores. Those stores pay taxes. For the collective of affordable stores other business are needed for supplies. They earn more and can afford to buy at more expensive stores. They all pay taxes. Those above them make their living investing and going to meetings and other “important” stuff, connecting one economic giant to the other. Summarizedly, this applies to goods and services.

Because of technological advancements (including the ones creating fast food), a lot of people and businesses have been entirely removed from the chain. And now, where the people at the top used to earn from money increasing value as it moved across the chain, the people at the bottom directly invest their pennies in the people at the top.

This is what people want, but Fangyistically speaking, it really doesn’t make sense for unemployed people to sit inside their homes all day trading pennies, while all small stores are going bankrupt. There are still three economic classes in store price range, but now the cheapest too are run by someone at the very end of the economic chain.

In university they say that monopolies are bad to then state an argument about why the government should regulate them. What I find bad about monopolies is that they put others out of business. In a Fangyist economy, that would be impossible. Needs (wants not necessarily) need to be met.

There were already people being born into generations of unemployment, and now they are trying to turn the entire lower and middle class in digital money trade machines who laugh and cheer when they see them on television. But digital money has no actual tangible value, and this titanium bubble seems to be coming closer to bursting (opens in new tab). Stimulus checks and digital trading money make life opposite to valuable, Fangyistically speaking.

I don’t want to become conspiratorial here, but isn’t it odd that the only people you hear advocating for “The Great Reset” (*vomits internally*), are people for whom the economy was already working fine? At least in comparison to the great majority of the world population. What is in the reset (*ugh*) for them?

Also, is it just me or, now that corona news has – okay with the vaccine maybe a little less – become monotonous and there are thank heavens less nonsensical Trump controversies on the news, reported instances of random violence have become breaking news again?

16:20 (04:20 PM) CET

In regard to the contrast between the university’s argument against monopolies and that of mine, or the Fangyist argument: sure, they probably also mentioned concern about small businesses. The big difference is that under Fangyist law, the government is not allowed to interfere in businesses. It is, however, allowed to send an advisor in case of unexpected circumstances and need of aid.

I think it’s immoral to say that there is a free market and encourage people to increase scale and stuff, but then, as a government, when something you don’t like happens, say: “That is not allowed.” Under Fangyist law, the parameters within which your business may operate are defined beforehand and equally (for operation standards, because a clothing store in a place where 1000 people live has different standards in comparison to a clothing store where 100 people live).

This is based on the goal of market coverage. The big difference between the communist goal of market coverage and Fangyist market coverage is that, instead of defining the exact coverage policy centralizedly, the responsibility is entirely in the hands of the store owner.

22:13 (10:13 PM) CET

Ik ga het gezellige zeggen en me vervolgens irriteren aan dat ik steeds weg kom met teveel:

Echt, executeer de volledige D66 en GroenLinks verkiezingslijsten voordat het te laat is. Jeheezus zeg. Wat een platform. D66 wordt PvdS: Partij van de Sneakers. De verkiezingen daarna komt er de TikTok partij. Ik hoop echt dat het land al volledig onder water staat nog voordat de verkiezingen hebben plaatsgevonden. Dit is echt niet normaal.

23:13 (11:13 PM) CET

Decipher: about the situation in Poland and Hungary, I do not have an opinion.

23:35 (11:35 PM) CET

Photo by Anni Roenkae from Pexels

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