Slightly bothered by the fact that I still hadn’t done a photography tour here yet, and suffering from corona boredom, I decided to take a walk through the city of Antwerp, showing you the part I know by heart. The pictures I have taken display the city’s greatness in architecture and art, contrasted by what I think is one of the most severe recessions this planet has ever seen, with signs of coronavirus everywhere. Due to some technical difficulties I can unfortunately not show you all 447 pictures, but here is a very small selection of pictures to give you an idea of my dear Antwerpiyae that has turned into CoronAntwerpen. 100% pure and unedited.

Summarizedly, the reason why I can’t show you everything at once here is file size. I don’t have the resources to quickly convert or “downsize” 447 files. But, though not as neat, I’d like to show you some screenshots.

A few more…? 😀


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