Defense 2

I know most people don’t care about details and rationality, but every time constitutional rights are violated in the West it gets shoved under the carpet and I’m sick of that.

Also there’s no other way for me to expose the people who framed me. They made it look like I am mentally weak while I am the opposite of that.

They’re messing with my future ability to buy these trousers. :'(

I remembered that in my first book I was still trying to be semi-leftist populistic, saying everyone who claimed to be emotionally affected by my vanishing should be compensated. But the truth is that most of them were just pretending to be nice. So no, I’d like only compensation for myself. What I have in excess I will invest in policy. Which those who do care can earn with…

02:27 (AM) CEST

So a choice has to be made. The people who feel violated by me saying that they have to make a choice should just vote against me. I know people prefer not to do things when they personally gain nothing from it, but I really need this peace of mind. Only then I can move on. When a city can be burned down people can’t wait to preach and do viral sh*t for justice, but when it requires a little bit of mental capacity people prefer to act like they don’t see it. Fucking hypocrites.

02:37 (AM) CEST

I give people choices to make because I don’t care about what choices they make. I just want them to use their brains.

03:00 (AM) CEST

As long as you don’t violate people’s individuality, of course. Otherwise it’s click clack banggg.

03:01 (AM) CEST

I’m not here to tell people what they want to hear…

I’ve added “racism, social justice, BLM, etc.” to category H and added “D.O.C.I.S. International & Fangs” and “Conservatism” as other categories. I’m sharing this so those who want to join in on the heat but have no idea what this is about have some sort of idea of the scope of topics they can choose from.

03:47 (AM) CEST

Meanwhile haha…

05:17 (AM) CEST

Nightyyy x

05:51 (AM) CEST

Hoping I’ll never get questions about my nipple size anymore. *sigh* This society, man.

What disturbs me the most about today’s society is that there are way too many organizations and individuals that are trying to enforce what exact decisions people should make. In that way mindless robots are created that depend on them making their other decisions for them as well.

In the past it was accepted to have a different opinion. Now, for every topic there are basically two possible opinions that could have you accepted by two major groups. Everyone else is an outcast. Not saying that that is necessarily bad. It’s just unfortunate that most people don’t even want to think for themselves anymore.

That’s why in my propaganda I give arguments for multiple sides and try to incentivize people to make their own decisions. What I think is the right decision and why I put less emphasis on.

I find it very important to see where people end up at when making uninfluenced decisions. Regardless of the outcome, my heart feels satisfaction when knowing that an independent decision has been made. If the decision made turns out to be destructive in some way: do not resuscitate, because that’s fate. Simply enforce Fangyist law.

19:07 (07:07 PM) CEST

I don’t think I’ve ever before experienced 30 degrees Celsius in September. It’s going to be a wet wet Autumnnn. WAA aahahahahahahaha.

20:10 (08:10 PM) CEST

Where I embraced all forms of contact/interaction in the past, I now engage in only that which is some type of positive contribution to myself. (Basically nothing, for now, which I’m at peace with.) In other cases I’m as civil as I find suit. When I find that something crosses the line, I express that as bold as I want to.

Things are quite yayed. 🙂 Though I haven’t worked on my maquette and the questions anymore. All these projects without any real merit is quite draining. So instead I’ve only left my bed three times today – a fourth is coming up soon for cooking and maybe making yogurt ice cream etc. – which has been oddly comfortable. (Es funny I don’t speak like this because of the size of my vocabulary and the opposite is appreciated.) My days are boring and unfruitful, but still I’m doing better than I ever have. Which is both good and bad…

20:33 (08:33 PM) CEST

From the way things are looking right now it seems like my other websites will never be updated again. Which is painful on the one hand but indifferent on the other. Painful because of all of those years of effort for literally nothing. Indifferent because I’m good on my own regardless.

21:38 (09:38 PM) CEST

Quickest meal I’ve ever prepared… 🙂

When was your last kusje? I’m not saying this is a prison, because I’ve experienced times when I were less free, but my optio

23:07 (11:07 PM) CEST

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