After years of indirectly writing “Kom dan, kom dan, KOM DANNN” and a long while of postponing this task, my intuition is strongly urging me to prepare compact answers to allegations that could be made on the things I’ve written, as an extension to the defenses in my posts. In case someone decides to act on the reason why my personal contact information is so easy to find. Haha I am not prepared right now. Or ever.

For now I can fall asleep any moment tho.

Nighty x

03:57 (AM) CEST

It is to put the past in the past once and for all. (Which is only possible when the lie about me being mentally unstable is corrected in my records.) I’m a very future oriented person and I prefer to never mention my past again. But this chapter can only be closed definitively after the truth has been told on the same scale with the same participation as the lie was told.

I’m not writing down here what my responses will be. That’s the whole point. You’re supposed to attack me. I put my trust in those who are with me and defend us all. It is where the umbrella-like role of my organization comes in. I was playing towards the gossip drama all news is turned into nowadays.

13:35 (01:35 PM) CEST

This, by the way, includes a map of steps to take in case of a sudden influx of clients. And takes over the responsibility those who are with me have over others. Because I need 100% of you. It’s important…

13:40 (01:40 PM) CEST

It’s fun. 🙂 I’m mapping out topics now, from my propagating death to my temper to the little privacy I had given myself in the past few years to my influence in elections… Etc. etc. etc.

14:09 (02:09 PM) CEST

I’m, by the way, reviving the roles of strategicus and ecologicus. Had I already mentioned that?

14:18 (02:18 PM) CEST

Right now writing about private investigation content made public, transparency and professionalism. 🙂 I know that what I do is highly controversial if not instantly demonized, but there’s a serious nuance here. Haha let me wrestle with these people pleaseee.

14:55 (02:55 PM) CEST

Of course also answering “Why would we do this if most people don’t give a fuck?” Which is a very valid question. I mean, look at my websites…

15:05 (03:05 PM) CEST

Though there is some overlap, I’ve categorized it like this:

A) Public vs private (@ investigation content)

B) Death is not yay

C) Tishe controversy

D) B controversy

E) Temper & intoxication

F) About power

G) About age, education & competence

H) About gender

I) About elections influence & anti-leftism

J) Divisiveness & compassion

K) Sexualization & exemplar

L) About trust

M) Adultery, “prophecy” & other odd claims

N) Consistency & promises made


P) Fraud

Q) Interest (as in interesting)

R) Capitalism, international affairs,…

15:33 (03:33 PM) CEST

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