Cookie Dough

Heyy 🙂

My need for rest came and went more quickly than I thought, and I feel like snacking and working on my maquette, so I’m baaackkk. 😀 (Ahahahaha…)

I’ll be making chocolate chip cookies for the first time, using a slight spinoff of this recipe. I’ve added some kardemom, I’m using vanilla sugar instead of normal granulated sugar, instead of chocolate chips I cut up some dark chocolate and I don’t have an electric mixer, so I used two forks to loosen up my butter and did the rest with a whisk and my bare hands. Also I didn’t measure anything.

I took this right before I put it into the refrigerator. (To be more exact it was already in the refrigerator, wraped in plastic and aluminum foil, and then I took it out to take a picture, wrapped it again and put it back.)

I have no idea how this will play out, but it seems yayed. 🙂

So I will maquette & chill with myself until my cookie dough has refrigerated for long enough.

Also I randomly thought of this: if you want to estimate someone’s nature, I think one good question that sort of encompasses everything is: “How do you treat insects?” (Or more like I would say it: “What is your policy on insects?”)

Like do you smash them? Or are you one of the types of people who is like: “NOOO DON’T HURT ITTT DON’T HURT ITS FEELINGS NOOO.” Do you reach for them? Do you run around like a crazy person?

For me, as long as an insect does not bother me, I will not reach for it. I don’t intend to kill it, if it has no intentions of harming me in any way. If possible, I will guide it to the outdoors if I can do that without touching it in any way. If it is on my body, I will swipe it off, and if it dies in the process thereof I consider that not on me, for I have one policy: you may exist, but don’t touch me.

04:47 (AM) CEST

But they’re quite very tasty! I might finish the whole tray at once.

For architectural correctness and sunlight reasons, this tower has to be veryyy high.

06:05 (AM) CEST

08:15 (AM) CEST

In case you’re, by the way, wondering why I haven’t mentioned Suriname in a long while: it’s because I’m very not yayed. The leftists have won the elections, the inauguration was in Sanskrit and they’re handing out all oil to freaky capitalists. I have nothing against India and Sanskrit itself, but Suriname is a mixed country and in that light doing the inauguration in Sanskrit is extremely non-inclusive.

Meanwhile I’ve washed my hair. I’m going to play some Asphalt now. x

09:30 (AM) CEST

Meanwhile I’ve also slept, watched some snapchats and youtube videos, took tonight’s meat out of the freezer, did some cuddling my pillow in fetus position. I’m worried about never having to testify for my words and actions. Years of baiting for no reason?

19:23 (07:23 PM) CEST

Aware of having been framed by criminals on the loose, I must have had (more) digital surveillance on me ever since. It having been slightly exposed to the public, and criminals thinking that I’m just as bad as they are, this is a DIY-from-the-couch public entertainment type of case. Also my private life, which is a painful sacrifice. But after my original path to power having been shxtted on, I had no choice but to propaganda push towards this.

19:31 (07:31 PM) CEST

Having my private life and everything people don’t know shxt about being judged by a couple billion of couch detectives is not the most comfortable thought to live with. But the thought of its merit makes it durable.

19:34 (07:34 PM) CEST

The mainstream couch detectives must have their hateful judgment publicized somewhere already. Why am I hearing none of that shxt? What the fxck is taking so long? I’ve been craving for a good argument.

19:38 (07:38 PM) CEST

Meanwhile, over the course of my you-are-about-to-shoot-yourself-in-the-foot case baiting, I’ve also developed my business concept a lottt. We’re way past the phase in which through books I tell you what change I will bring. I’m waiting for the action.

19:47 (07:47 PM) CEST

What I like most about my organization, and how it stands out from literally all other organizations, is that usually organizations mold themselves to the liking of the public. My organization is based purely on my own vision, 100% pure and uninfluenced, where members of the public could choose to embrace it individually.

If I ever expand – after having defended myself (long story but this is the exception in which that works) – I do would like to “sparren” with my campaign manager sometimes about how my words come off and the justification thereof. Maybe I could find a consensus with the general public.

19:57 (07:57 PM) CEST

I’m also strongly in need of a completely different concept of internet as a whole.

Bipartisan does not exist anymore?

20:03 (08:03 PM) CEST

Hey since the United States and the Netherlands were meddling in the Surinamese elections to see if they were “fair”, let me on behalf of Suriname and the Netherlands meddle in the US elections to see they are fair? #fair

20:10 (08:10 PM) CEST

My own couch detective case is: wth is happening in this building?

When I moved here, it was with desks and all ready for people to move in. Then a few weeks ago it was emptied. Now the closets are open. I have never seen anyone inside that building. (Would be quite awkward if it were a fully employed office because I walk around nude very often.)

20:21 (08:21 PM) CEST

“We could discuss things over some jodenkoeken.” Ahahahahahaha… We should make cooking tutorial.

Stacked the juiceee.

22:10 (10:10 PM) CEST

This post is getting too longg it makes my phone slow up when loading the editor. I’m going to clean up a little, cook, watch some Yayence and work on my maquette. See you some moment after twelve. x

22:33 (10:33 PM) CEST

Featured image by Marta Dzedyshko from Pexels.

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