Today’s date is “nine nine”, which sounds like “nein nein” (“no no” in German), which suits my inappropriate sense of humor. (Sometimes things are so absurd and so inappropriate that they become funny. Like who would have ever thought people could think like this. Haha I’m not evil. 🙁 )

Meanwhile I’ve made a list of what to design per zone:

In case you’re wondering why the theme park won’t have botsauto’s: because botsauto’s are fxcking satanic man I really don’t understand why people think driving into each other for fun is fun. Shxt hurts my back.

Meanwhile I’ve also concluded that I’d elect Candace Owens for National Praesens of the United States. I need the president and VP for other purposes…

Anyway, though I want to continue working on my maquette, it’s better to pause now than to start another chapter of this project at this hour, since I’m trying to keep some sort of a normal sleep schedule.

I’ll be taking you along on my maquette journey and the rest of my days. Today I’m planning to start making detailed sketches of the architecture in the zones I showed you, mop the floor, eat fish sticks w/mashed potatoes and sperziebonen & wash some dishes. Oh and make some juice. 🙂

Good night liefjeee x

01:31 (AM) CEST

Ohh I’ll be adding an outdoor Titan-sized chess space to the forum. 🙂

01:37 (AM) CEST

Reminder-to-self that I add hotel apartments to the neighborhood.

01:41 (AM) CEST

Thoughts are creeping up on me so I’m going to do a little 20 mins of HIIT training, some weight lifting and 10 minutes of stretching, followed by a shower. 🙂

I’m realizing that when I and others say “When I feel down, I distract myself” this is actually the best thing to do, in contrast to listening to the people who say “No you shouldn’t ignore it. Instead, you should drown in your feelings.” Stop that toxic shittt.

02:33 (AM) CEST

Also the people trying to login to my websites using seriously the most insultingly simple login credentials ever really need to cut it outtt.

02:34 (AM) CEST

Lol I also realized that I seriously forgot to write down “roller coasters” for the theme park.

02:43 (AM) CEST

… 🙂

I find it very difficult to put to words the relation between cause and effect in this case. It is just important for me to keep distance from those who do the contrary of empowering me in my path to success, treating me as if I’m disabled which makes me feel disabled (though some disabled people are more able than abled people) especially because people will go blub blub soon.

Usually this is the time when I grab a joint, go clubbing and drink too much, write some stupid shxt (I said I will take responsibility for my words but that does not mean that I’m proud of everything I have stated haha…) or have sex I will regret later. Now it makes me want to kill but instead I exercise and/or play video games. Or spend a couple of days in bed all day with the curtains closed. (Because I don’t have the resources to kill… (: )

It makes me want to sexy wrestle a Titan haha…

But for now I’m going to take a shower and continue trying to sleep.

Kusjeee x

03:51 (AM) CEST

The post (post as in Latin for “after”) flood world will be some Genesis 47:15 shxt if we don’t Volta soon.

(Far out of context but still comparable.)

05:13 (AM) CEST

Heyy liefjeee

I woke up about an hour ago and have been cuddling my pillow for a while and watched some snapchat stories and saw a video about the minister of justice ducking to condemn a guide to child abuse. That’s fxcking crazy man…

There are people who claim that child abuse does not happen in the Netherlands? That is the most ignorant and arrogant BS I’ve ever heard. (Some white people man smh…) It happens all over the world. And nowhere does the system allow a safe space for them. Ugh I feel sick to my stomach…

The minister of justice has had so many reasons to be sacked already man I really don’t get why he’s still there.

Sick to my stomach, but also have been ignoring my growling stomach for over an hour. I’m going to brush my teeth and eat some yogurt with honey. And drink a banana milkshake. R.I.P. my sleep schedule.

15:27 (03:27 PM) CEST

Online I’ve come across a lot of people who helplessly condemn child abuse and speak of some satanic cult that uses child abuse for strength of something… I choose to not dive into such theories because I don’t have the power to take measures to stop the problem, so by diving into such theories I’d just be making myself crazy and hopeless.

I think it’s often the most ugly and therefore sex deprived adults who are interested in sexually abusing children. (Like the minister of justice…)

Ughhh get this topic out of my head ewww.

16:03 (04:03 PM) CEST

I’ve almost finished my smoothie but honestly I don’t want it anymore ewww… I wanted to mop the floor before starting with my sketches, but I need to distract myself from this nauseating thought on my mind, so I’ll start sketching zone 1. In my mind it looks great. I wonder if I’ll be able to translate it to paper haha… (I won’t be using a computer to make my maquette. I’m old school like that haha…)

My attraction to handsome grey haired men is something way different from pedophilia, I just want to point out. Like sex for me is far from the main objective. They have inside knowledge about the things I wish to change and that mental connection just makes me find someone attractive. I’m young, but I’m an adult.

16:11 (04:11 PM) CEST

The nauseating thing is by the way also one of the reasons why I say everyone young and old should participate in the recruitment process.

16:20 (04:20 PM) CEST

Ahahaha the 3D maquette result will look better okay. 🙁

I’m better at mathematical drawing than I am at aesthetic drawing haha… For now I’m sketching the overall design.

17:19 (05:19 PM) CEST

Ahahahahaha x_x

17:31 (05:31 PM) CEST

With my ideas, I can create the perfect economy niqqu I ensure youuu.

17:34 (05:34 PM) CEST

Haha the newly added details mean modern windows and balconies/terraces.

17:43 (05:43 PM) CEST

I very much look forward to passing these ideas to some architects some day?

17:44 (05:44 PM) CEST

… 🙂

In my mind I see what it’s supposed to look like in real life, but I find it hard to translate it to paper haha. I hope my mathematical drawing skills will save me…

For now I’m sketching all the things I want to make, then I’ll be making a more detailed map of the size ratio of things, then I’ll paint my canvases, then mathematically make my maquette pages and start folding and cutting. Throughout the coming weeks. On the one hand I want to see the end result already, on the other hand I want this to take a very long time because I have nothing else to do…

But let me eat some left over soup and mop the floor first. And wash some dishes…

18:01 (06:01 PM) CEST

These types of projects I like is one of the reasons why my mother thinks I have autism by the way hahaha…

18:25 (06:25 PM) CEST

A stereotypical counter argument would be “No because then my sketches would look a lot better” ahahahahahahahaha…

18:33 (06:33 PM) CEST

For the real-life size of these buildings: door size must be 1.5 Tishe.

Want to hear a random fact about me? I’ve actually had media training once. “Actually” as in I ignore about every rule, but I know what rules I’m breaking.

It’s quite messed up that I actually have the privilege of my family being in the type of circle that could get me in any TV studio or whatever. But instead my parents want to treat me like I’m handicapped and make terrible decisions for me. 🙁 Being outspokenly right-wing (or center right or whatever at least not left) now has permanently closed that door for me.

19:23 (07:23 PM) CEST

Soup is eaten & floor has been mopped btw. 🙂 And meanwhile I’m cringing at this debate:

They want to get more refugees to the Netherlands… It is so much more important to make sure that the circumstances in the countries the people are from are decent enough for them not to want to leave, because Europe is not paradise. There is no paradise on Earth.

Also this financial drainage to just throw more money against the EU, which is delivering 0 results aside from importing refugees and mandating destructive methods for power generation. It’s so annoying man no one who really understands this wants this, but aside from making it rain bullets there is no way to quickly stop it.

19:30 (07:30 PM) CEST

It is so indescribably fucking dumb that these people think that they will ever get those loans back.

19:31 (07:31 PM) CEST

Also there are so many racists in the live chat haha… Saying that all Turkish people must be deported and shxt.

19:33 (07:33 PM) CEST

Also no one wants to talk about the fact that they will all drown to death… Like 40% of the country – the most industrial, “metropolitan” side of the country – will flood. But they keep talking about how they want their country to slave more for the EU. Fu-cking annoying.

19:37 (07:37 PM) CEST

The euro will fall when these countries flood. God damn speed up the process.

19:40 (07:40 PM) CEST

Seems like those people in Lesbos were trying to kill themselves.

19:47 (07:47 PM) CEST

For the white supremacists (I’n not going to post this in the chat because I’m not in the mood to argue with them): it is white people here “intelligently” bureaucratically destroying their own countries. *slow clap*

And the chaircringe is sooo partisan it’s so fucking annoying. Every real discussion she prohibits from happening.

19:53 (07:53 PM) CEST

This shxt gives me palpitations. All this stupid virtue signaling and indescribably dumb decision making. Why am I not prosecuted for saying that the best thing to do is kill most of them?

19:57 (07:57 PM) CEST

See I already said ittt there was voted against Eurobonds, but they still find a sneaky way to get around it. “The United States of Europe” will never work out fucking idiotsssssssss.

20:11 (08:11 PM) CEST

People want to make changr by voting. Is it not overly clear that is way too much at stake to let this depend on votes? God fucking dammitttttt.

Okay washing dishes. 🙁

20:20 (08:20 PM) CEST

Also the amount of personal attacks normalized in that house should be illegal… Noobs.

Also very fucking dumb to think that just giving something more money will boost the economy…

20:22 (08:22 PM) CEST

Reading the chat makes me want to cleanse my soul ahahaha… How do you explain “huppelkut” in English? Things like that some people there call female politicians… Explaining it be like: “It’s like skipping pxssy”. Skipping as in sort of jump walking pxssy is what “huppelkut” means, with an undertone of women can’t do anything besides cry and want things.

Earth is hell on Earth.

20:43 (08:43 PM) CEST

Also it is economically nauseating to fake economic growth by paying money and then getting it back.

21:03 (09:03 PM) CEST

I don’t believe that the absurdly large fund is a “one time thing”. The next “crisis” they’ll do it again.

And the Netherlands will flood regardless so every argument about sustainability is absolute BS.

Of course dismantling the European Union won’t solve all economic problems for citizens at once. The European Union makes it possible for the EU countries to not be economically dominated by other countries.

That’s why all countries in the world should make the D.O.C.I.S. transition. Countries must provide for themselves. There should be not a single form of international competition/rivalry.

Also, by the way, the reason why I found it so odd to see Kerry Washington host the DNC is because in Scandal she was a diehard Republican. Literally doing anything to protect the republic. It made it look like she was held hostage or was doing some low-key strategy to protect the republic. Haha Olivia is my role model. 🙁

21:27 (09:27 PM) CEST

It’s annoying that the “crazy leftism industry” has made way for the “anti-crazy leftism industry”. Burning hellfire shxt never ends.

21:30 (09:30 PM) CEST

Felix saved the day ayy from toxic livestream to not giving me annoyance palpitations livestream.

Last few dishes & cooking x

21:37 (09:37 PM) CEST

I don’t want to sound stereotypical, but my stomach is full and now I’m very tired, so I’m going to sleep. Tomorrow I’ll continue working on my maquette and make some juice.

Good night liefjeee x

23:25 (11:25 PM) CEST

Featured image by Kelly Lacy from Pexels.


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