A Blueprint for the Big Shift

The recruitment categories for the Big Shift are different from those of the Afterlife, because during the Big Shift options for activities are limited.

Though my ideas can again be used for the glory of others and I could again continue to live in lonely bitter unacknowledged exile, I should share this so people could start organizing themselves in advance.

For the Big Shift, there are three overall recruitment categories:

I: Logistics & Security

In charge of running errands, protecting the people of the building, making sure the communication systems are functional etc.

II: Stock management & house keeping

Making sure that everything essential is stacked up on, that the ration is divided over the right amount of days, things are cleaned and that food is prepared etc.

III: Governance

The leading functions (Praesens, Iustis, Ab-actis, etc.), in close communication with other groups from city to province to senate and beyond.

There’s a huge overlap in functions here. So at least two categories per person should be checked. I can’t have people having nothing to do.

01:44 (AM) CEST

I pray my Praesens is safe.

01:47 (AM) CEST

Will we ever be checking these boxes?

On a live broadcast with confetti because we better make the best of this?

02:13 (AM) CEST

Picking up recruited members is a lot more efficient.

02:21 (AM) CEST

Had I already mentioned how lucky and happy I am to have my private aboveground space here in Belgium?

02:22 (AM) CEST

Omg infinite LAN party? 😮

02:23 (AM) CEST

Also I’m craving for Praesens kusjes…

02:32 (AM) CEST

The only reason why I’m restless is because I’m here by myself without personnel and without hierarchical feedback on the instructions I give. Hierarchical as in from the organizational layers below me.

03:23 (AM) CEST

*does body builder style flexing* yeaahhhh

03:33 (AM) CEST

Will Russia help us? 😀

Are you also very disturbed by the fact that there is not much more news devoted to nature’s revenge being right around the corner?

I wonder how the selfish “That will happen long after we’ve passed away” type of people respond to it. Borders really must be closed.

I’ll be sleeping/napping x

05:41 (AM) CEST

By right around the corner I mean that if you’re alive right now chances are that you’ll still be alive when it happens.

I’m gonna go ahead and emotionally safeguard myself by stating that, though I’m hoping for a more fruitful situation, I’m alone and without influence now and I assume to still be alone and without influence when it happens.

For any supra governmental influence, I need endorsements. Bla bla bla. I don’t know if I’m just that disliked or if there’s a different reason. But that if I’m not in control when it happens, I’m convinced chances of ever having a prosperous society again are absolutely zero.

There’s no news devoted to the issue. Instead, I see a lot about democratic chaos in the US, WW3, economic trouble in the Netherlands, BS about asteroids and conflict between Russia and the EU. So I’m really wondering, especially in this “pandemic”: what is really going on?

13:23 (01:23 PM) CEST

Also, I dreamt that a tarantula was trying to impress me and I can’t figure out what it meant.

13:30 (01:30 PM) CEST

Like doom will be in my favor regardless?

13:31 (01:31 PM) CEST

In the current system, organizations that have a direct influence on the quality of life, such as the government, news organizations and retailers, can for anything say “this is all you get from me”, regardless of the quality of the effect. No one can hold them accountable. (One can send back a product but with that there’s still no influence in change.)

My organization and the people who decide to become part of it can be held accountable for the effects our policies have on individuals. We can’t be held accountable for our natural/economic circumstances, but if we’d fail to meet our responsibilities we’d be to blame directly.

For other organizations, doom is an opportunity for profit and virtue signaling. For my organization alone it is an obligation to make things better. The government doesn’t do sh*t.

13:47 (01:47 PM) CEST

No implosions in places that will flood, I hadn’t mentioned yet.

14:00 (02:00 PM) CEST

If my organization ever gets in charge, the first thing we will expose all scandalous motherf*ckers. So creating fake narratives about how we’ll get to power is a waste of time and no one will be able to demonize us afterwards.

14:10 (02:10 PM) CEST

Featured image by Francesco Ungaro from Pexels.

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