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Come on, man. The best is yet to come. πŸ™‚ Finally, everyone will be equal in the eyes of economic opportunity and true human strength is how one distinguishes oneself. A good moment to stop hating on good looking multitalented nerds. πŸ™‚ You might bKe close to your local Regent ( = national Praesens). No, money can’t buy you that role. πŸ™‚

00:20 (12:20 AM) CEST

This is why Europe doesn’t have a Second Amendment.

00:21 (12:21 AM) CEST

Or Provincial Regent, by the way. πŸ™‚

00:34 (12:34 AM) CEST

Plenty of spots to fill, still. We must start recruiting soon. (Those motherf*ckers would let us wait until 2030.)

Like I’ve said multiple times now, my age, race, gender, level of education et cetera… Nothing will make me subordinate to anyone so don’t even fucking try. You’d be lucky to be my bitch.

00:47 (12:47 AM) CEST

Racism etc. solved hahaha.

00:48 (12:48 AM) CEST

We’re talking life or death here. Now is not a moment for unintelligent spoiled internally rotten losers to think that they have any say/options in this. Do as I say. I give these commands for a reason. As long as they have not been fulfilled, I will not tell you why. Go watch some Netflix while you still can. Meanwhile I’m waiting for the assembly.

First corona, now this… It will likely happen way before 2030. Will 2020 end with a bang?

01:57 (AM) CEST

The generation destroying the economy with corona nonsense should really step down. I will take some bitches.

02:05 (AM) CEST

The last section of the previous post has been rewritten.

02:15 (AM) CEST

For me to achieve Regentesque decency I really need people to fucking do what I tell you to do instead of just reading what I tell you to do.

02:22 (AM) CEST

They want to keep people trapped in boxes of race. The dumbest part is that they think that they’re being empathic by being so offensively racist. We’re past the part where people of color can own property, so there’s absolutely no need to revert laws. This is insane. Selective assassination of the people who come up with satanic policies like this is so extremely necessary. They will never stop doing the things they do.

02:57 (AM) CEST

Me rn having a blast haha.

03:21 (AM) CEST

Omg stop trying to hack my sites. I’m getting way too many alerts for that a day. You will dieeeeeeee.

04:47 (AM) CEST

Creating artificial land below sea level is an incentive driven by capitalism. Now it is falling. People worried about their “superior” whiteness can chill.

I’m an expert in post-apocalyptic economics. πŸ™‚

04:53 (AM) CEST

School and a job et cetera of the current system are not that meaningful anymore in the post-apocalyptic world. Some things might be useful, but your own thoughts will become way more important than those from school books, television and/or your routinous job.

04:57 (AM) CEST

Stock market values will reach their zeros?

04:58 (AM) CEST

Breinbreker haha

The housing market has passed away quite some time ago. It hasn’t even crashed. There are too many people in the same income range who wish to buy a house. Other countries may not have reached this point yet, but there is not enough space to build everyone a decent home right now.

In the post-apocalyptic world, however, everyone will, when it is done, own their own custom made home. πŸ™‚

It’s quite annoying how we’re deep into an economic crisis, but as long as Wall Street does not admit that, people don’t realize it. The numbers may not show it, but at some point the physical will show it very clearly.

05:37 (AM) CEST

Could also be a wing of a custom made palace, depending on your role in the new system. Council, continental, national… For people with other roles in society (farmers, teachers, etc.) I don’t know how they would like to live.

My eyes are so tired of artificial light. (With and without special glasses.)

06:23 (AM) CEST

After recruiting, there will be some packing. I will pack then recruit, as well as the essential members of the assembly (council etc. members that have been pre-drafted). Then I will announce and guide the recruiting. Because broadcast networks have nothing more important to report, of course.

06:41 (AM) CEST

Also, Praesens, I’m conflicted here: so during the transition we live in (large) groups, but I don’t want to overemploy. As in for us, the most efficient would be security guards who cook, clean, edit videos and do make-up and stuff? Do they exist?

06:58 (AM) CEST

At least two boxes checkedΒΏ

07:05 (AM) CEST

My websites have instructions on them. I refuse to add more text to them. Appreciate the previous. Just for those who think I should revive my other sites: fuck you.

07:41 (AM) CEST

I have tidied up the extreme mess in my kitchen in case I can expect visitors. Hoping you’ll quit your jobs on Monday…

You know my stance on it: close all country borders all over the world (each country needs to focus on itself right now, other countries can be helped if it’s extremelyyy necessary and a country has excess resources) and better take damage controlling measures than wait it out.

08:44 (AM) CEST


08:50 (AM) CEST

Ugh the last thing I need right now is an old person who thinks he/she knows everything, trying to dictate me on shxt. Most old people are fucking ignorant.

08:53 (AM) CEST

To give personal command, I need, as I have mentioned PLENTY of times for at least the past three years, personnel, designer clothing, a better laptop and a couple of briefcases at my doorstep.

09:27 (AM) CEST

My dear bitches that are old are not fucking ignorant, by the way. They are cool exceptions. (Do people still say “cool” for positivity? I know it’s still used for affirmation.)

09:29 (AM) CEST

Cute exceptions. :p

Does not mean that I would let them dictate me on anything. Nooo. I’ll ask them things, but I do not take orders from them. Or anyone else.

09:43 (AM) CEST

To give a bit more insight – I really don’t want to give you the full details here because I’m concerned about plagiarism and the life destroying consequences thereof – the building across will be used for the governance of the city of Antwerp. (Provincial from a greener, more secluded area.) To decide on what to fill the building with (it’s both home and office) and make a blueprint for the other cities which will follow this example of preparation.

The process will be broadcasted.

10:08 (AM) CEST

Oh yes also: fuck corona. There are many tasks that need to be fulfilled and we will not take into consideration social distancing. We’ll just social distance from those who do want to do that and other than that we have the right to decide over our own fate and the risks that come with that.

There will be a shopping list and a list of operations for the city. Creating an adaptable blueprint for all cities.

10:55 (AM) CEST

This is the best year of my life. πŸ˜€

Napping x

11:03 (AM) CEST

Two things I need to tell you before I nap:

1) People who incentivize you to question me should be listed for selective assassination

2) Like in my corona policy, everyone is obligated to participate in the recruitment process (now that’s when the blueprints are finished and the council has settled somewhere) [like it could be in Europe but if people are not that satanic we could also go overseas]. The economy will inevitably change and we must take precautions. Not participating in the recruitment process has serious consequences.

11:12 (AM) CEST

By finished blueprints I mean that instead of me guessing what people want, it is actually based on the overall environment-based needs for the sovereignty of this city. (Perhaps with provincial collaboration? Temporary stacking from beyond?)

Let’s make the best of this system while we still can.

11:17 (AM) CEST

Also, I promise to come back to visit Antwerp after the worst is over.

11:31 (AM) CEST

Like seriously your basic knowledge is so extremely broad that there is not that much to worry about.

Don’t let estrogen tell you that you must worry.

11:47 (AM) CEST

Meanwhile Germany should treat this crisis as if it’s happening locally… Because Germamy has that same capacity relatively when it comes to crisis management.

12:10 (PM) CEST

There’s basically not a wall between west and east Netherlands, but there should be one.

12:15 (PM) CEST

Hypothetically speaking.

12:19 (PM) CEST

Dutch farmers will be providing for themselves and local citizens. πŸ™‚

Just like Belgian farmers and so on. πŸ™‚

Overseas support maybe, for the beginning phase?

12:21 (PM) CEST

Process recorded and not broadcasted live for safety reasons and I think it would be boring and uncomfortable to show the whole thing? But when I introduce all this a montage could be shown of some action.

12:28 (PM) CEST

Fun fact: why do the whole marriage headache if you could also ask someone to make that eternal pledge by biting into a slice of pizza? “Will you my liefje forever be my liefje by accepting this pizza of love?” *feeding each other pizza* Sooo much easier.

12:37 (PM) CEST

Es a very special moment so don’t rush it, though. Maybe one fixed day a year, so cheating will be impossible? November 1st? πŸ˜€

12:51 (PM) CEST

When my demands will finally be listened to, let me know at least a couple of hours in advance, so I can make sure that I’m wearing clothes and my home is receiving guests proof.

Text me, then. My last seen is like a decade ago, but I’ll still respond when you send me something.

13:03 (01:03 PM) CEST

It would also stop Belgium from breaking new records on its without-a-government-days. πŸ™‚ There should be spent more time on that. There is time. We don’t want this country to be invaded.

19:29 (07:29 PM) CEST

The whole country can serve as a blueprint example of how to install a D.O.C.I.S. International government. πŸ™‚

Never thought that I’d be writing a blueprint guide on this… That the National Ab-actis would be writing a detailed guide on this and Continental Ab-actis will be taking notes and Council Ab-actis will be mapping it for the global archive. πŸ™‚

19:38 (07:38 PM) CEST

This is internationally oriented, by the way, because the global economy will collapse because one country will be permanently disrupted by nature and restoring that within capitalism would result in a globalist takeover and the consequences thereof creating the risk of nature trying to wipe things out once again, with that China will suddenly have a big decrease in demand (basically everything in the Netherlands is made in China) and the European Union will fall. There should be a system in place that is without dependency.

You need me.

20:24 (08:24 PM) CEST

This is also a moment where one must really focus on what the inner tells him/her, in contrast to following the flock. Everyone’s survival instinct is different. You are stronger on your own than with a lot of people telling you how you should do things and how you should feel. Those who do that are completely lost (but in the current system that is falling apart they have the moral upper hand) and projecting their own misery on you. Don’t let them influence you liefjeee.

I’m feeling more alive because I feel extremely unchallenged in the present system and am craving for a challenge that will finally make me feel alive.

20:31 (08:31 PM) CEST

Also I think that my system is quite the opposite of the fascist leftist tyranny that is telling you what you can and cannot do and say.

In my system, you can literally become anything you want to at any level of society, if you show the reasoning skills for it.

20:42 (08:42 PM) CEST

Me being a regent doesn’t mean that I will dictate all behavior within everyone’s lives – as if I’d want to do that. (No, thanks.)

It just means that I determine the overall direction society is heading in (that of the sovereignty of all countries and all cities) and step in when it’s extremely necessary, like with threats of nature and viruses that could make humanity go extinct.

Other than that I’ll, like, start a clothing brand and do other basic representative of a new world related things.

20:49 (08:49 PM) CEST

And lecture a class of highly intelligent children and teach basic cooking skills and have a piano to play. *cat heart eyes*

20:57 (08:57 PM) CEST

I miss playing the piano. πŸ™ I haven’t played in so long that I’ll have to reteach myself so much. πŸ™ Playing keyboard is farrr from the same. πŸ™ Maybe MarCatje can teach me something. πŸ™‚

21:03 (09:03 PM) CEST

He has such a skill for nuancing things.

21:05 (09:05 PM) CEST

Clothing lineee*******

21:12 (09:12 PM) CEST

It will be called Fangs. πŸ™‚ I was thinking maybe Huda could be in charge of the overall beauty and fashion production policies?

Manufacturing houses will be fixed, lines will be variable. Literally anyone could start something and make a living with it. Easily applicable online. Also for school projects.

21:15 (09:15 PM) CEST

Since we all need clothing, I could maybe send you all something from my clothing line when all of this is over. πŸ™‚ Something royal that binds us (for special occasionsΒΏ) πŸ™‚

21:25 (09:25 PM) CEST

For that I’m gonna need you to register in D.O.C.I.S. Admin for the recruitment process and your Fangyist ID, though. (:

I still need developers…

21:28 (09:28 PM) CEST

Really fucked up that you have decided to listen to my parents. You see the consequences it has for all of us. I hope you haven’t given them money to give me because they don’t give me shit because I’m not submissive man fuck them fucking lying frauds.

21:30 (09:30 PM) CEST

The children I will teach will be generational leaders. It will be inspired by giving them opportunities I’ve been missing growing up.

21:37 (09:37 PM) CEST

I really hope you will make a change tomorrow.

21:38 (09:38 PM) CEST

I think I’ve reached the point where anyone putting this idea into practice will be evidently plagiarizing but such a signature thing that seeing anyone else do this would be extremely disgusting to see. So I’m going to tell you something scary that no one else should put into practice.

Cities take up a lot of space with barely any living space. Also many will flood or experience other consequences of nature.

For damage control reasons, after…

Wait let me boil my potatoes and then continue typing.

21:45 (09:45 PM) CEST

Meanwhile I’m almost done preparing my meal haha scucami.

The corona crisis has shown us that office buildings the way they used to be used are actually quite useless to keep a society functioning. To solve the housing crisis and problems related to people not living their dreams, in the recruitment process, people will be assigned office buildings for temporary living. Historic sites and buildings with recruited people in it will be protected. The rest will be imploded.

22:19 (10:19 PM) CEST

Also, given the balance between someone’s purpose, social needs vs alone time and efficient use of resources, it could be better to remodel society into living with those you share a purpose with.

22:21 (10:21 PM) CEST

It is inevitable that not everyone will make it through, but it is very important to trust the process and do not let fear hold you back.

22:22 (10:22 PM) CEST

As someone who has had to ferociously defend her responsibilities all her life, let me carry the responsibility over these processes.

Doesn’t the city buildings idea sound fun? πŸ™‚ If you don’t live in a city, you will be grouped elsewhere. If you are assigned for a high governmental role, you will likely have to travel a relativelt

I need people on transport and people on stacking duty.

I don’t mind doing these things for free, but at some point I expect someone to have something like a heart and empathize with me and give me a suitable compensation.

22:26 (10:26 PM) CEST

I’m happy to be saving people from toxic situations. πŸ™‚

22:32 (10:32 PM) CEST

Meanwhile I’m almost done explaining the command without having given you the command directly or on film. πŸ™ I hope people won’t disobey. πŸ™ I hope I won’t continue to be being left for dead. πŸ™ I’m essential. πŸ™

22:42 (10:42 PM) CEST

Does everyone have a mattress to bring along? Also travel times must be scheduled to not overbelasten the roads.

22:46 (10:46 PM) CEST

For people on heights in flooding areas, enough inflatable boats, gun training and guns are needed, just in case.

Of course also rations and in D.O.C.I.S. Admin people must be registered so we’re certain that they’re not being held captive in toxic situations.

Also we need a back-up communication system.

22:53 (10:53 PM) CEST

Fuck the EU for not doing anything about this. I’m literally on my own.

22:55 (10:55 PM) CEST

Every building has its Praesens etc.

22:58 (10:58 PM) CEST

I hope you’ve had enough time to think of which direction you want to go to with your life.

The D.O.C.I.S. Transition consists of 3 phases:

1) Laying the groundwork (recruiting, getting ready for the big shift etc.)

2) The big shift (annihilating threats of nature, creating enough living space etc.)

3) Living (living happily and freely πŸ™‚ )

23:08 (11:08 PM) CEST

It takes years, though. But it will all be plenty of fun. You’ll likely feel emotions you have never felt before. Consider it part of a new set of memories. In the end you will reminisce while feeling happy continuously.

The dead motherf*ckers who think it’s justified to let me suffer for all of my existence just because I’ve gone unintentionally missing once will, however, not experience any of that. Eigen schuld stelletje godverdomme fucking kanker idioten.

23:16 (11:16 PM) CEST

Dat was zacht uitgedrukt. πŸ™‚

I’d prepare for the future and not that much be concerned about going to work tomorrow, depending on the work you do.

23:21 (11:21 PM) CEST

In case you’re wondering why I always stay calm and polite and haven’t raged since I was 16: it is because my anger is more intense than ever and I don’t want to be injected with killer chemicals and locked into an isolation cell.

But internalizing anger is unhealthy, so I can’t wait until we can start doing things. πŸ™‚

Likely the transition will be less easy because demons exist. Purges and stuff. We might need overseas support. Or is the military here large enough?

23:44 (11:44 PM) CEST

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