Only a Matter of Time

At some point people will realize that without me in charge, things will only get worse. At some point people will realize that all the odd things I have done are because my legal parents are insane. Hopefully it won’t take more than a month for this to be realized and for action to be taken.

I am very eager to tell you how to solve all of these problems once and for all, but without an official transition of power, that is not possible. I wish to introduce you to a government you can fully confide in.

I’m thinking the king of the Netherlands could maybe be national Praesens and Wilders a Iustis?

There are plenty of spots to fill, still. So many countries and stuff…

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I basically can’t tell you anything right now, because, as you have seen with the corona policies and the ways in which people are incentivized to take action for the wrong causes, policy of good intent is a recipe for disaster in the hands of bad people.

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The fundaments of artificial land are starting to wear out?

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Things like “My parents are insane because they would literally do whatever to just be able to watch TV very loudly with all blinds closed to “live peacefully” while trying to escape all the illegal shit that is on their conscience,” I could not say when living with them. They would kill me rather than have the truth about me be known.

01:03 (AM) CEST

Because the whole world would despise them?

01:07 (AM) CEST

We could actually hold elections for all national functions of the organization. πŸ™‚ Upper levels I select.

With that structure of business and government, news will be much more interesting, because we’d basically be reporting every step we take.

01:15 (AM) CEST

And you could follow the process in many countries. πŸ™‚ And in the end from the local functions information will be passed to the national functions, to the continental functions, to the council, to me. πŸ™‚

I ate this earlier. It was tasty.

Nighty x

01:31 (AM) CEST

Genesis 24:50 : They don’t have the curse because they don’t stem from Adam and Eve? Genesis 1:27 seems to imply that there were beings without the breath of life (2:7)? People with the breath of life all build cities and stuff?

1:27 by the way also reminds me of what I said about testosterone and gender.

04:31 (AM) CEST

It’s interesting how the same faulty-ish patterns repeat themselves. The way God commanded once, in their own will people send other people away to settle in foreign land every couple of generations. And husbands of attractive females keep calling them their sister to prevent jealousy? God seems to not want to solve/address these things? (God is a character in this story.)

Esau > Jacob? Just give the man some food??? (25:29-34)

05:05 (AM) CEST

My face has to be the last thing they see, by the way. Please don’t let me grow old without that satisfaction.

05:17 (AM) CEST

Genesis 26:28 : Evil opportunism at its finest.

05:28 (AM) CEST

Genesis 27:21 : If he asks this, then he basically already knows that he’s being lied to, right?

I remember being told this story in Kindergarten.

05:49 (AM) CEST

Genesis 27:40 : He is telling him to get rid of evil when the time is right?

05:57 (AM) CEST

Genesis 30:42 : Evil or whatΒΏ

06:28 (AM) CEST

This book is such a good digestive, by the way. It inspired/incentivized me to buy digestives, which I bought yesterday. I’ll enjoy that later today.

For now I’ll eat some yogurt and get some rest.

06:30 (AM) CEST

31:12 : Is it because he is evil?

06:47 (AM) CEST

31:29 : Laban has been yayed? πŸ™‚

06:52 (AM) CEST

31:34 : Omg so many liars?

06:55 (AM) CEST

32:24, 30: The anonymus man here is God in human form? Being so annoyed that willing to do this? Sounds relatable…

07:15 (AM) CEST

I still plan on doing the things I mentioned, but first I want to read the epic battle of good versus evil here. What I remember being told in Kindergarten was literally only the anecdote about the fake beard.

07:19 (AM) CEST

Oh no battle? 32:11 just undid it? God just says “yes” to everything that he is asked?

07:33 (AM) CEST

I don’t want to be offensive here, but God was fighting with and not for…? He took permanent damage. (32:32)

07:41 (AM) CEST

I recommend you to ask the “Jesus would have worn a mask” or “Jesus would have been a white supremacist” type of people one of the questions I have posed.

Napping x

08:40 (AM) CEST

How Genesis 28:6,8-9 –> Genesis 36:2?

17:37 (05:37 PM) CEST

I had forgotten that in the Netherlands corona fascism is way worse than in Belgium. No the minister of justice can’t be permitted by the people to ignore the rules and then put too much pressure on the justice system to prosecute others who violate the same rules. With the cover-up of the protests in Amsterdam he had already violated my trust once. He refuses to resign, so I’d kill this guy.

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