Genesis 23:3-8 : He doesn’t really sound like a genuine fan of the idea? I’m saying this especially because of the word “even” in 7.

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I was, by the way, glad to hear that the Yayence is tired of the repetitious rioting and looting. This is a great business opportunity for me. :p I can’t help also but notice his frequently shaking hands, to which the anarchist situation is not a positive contribution. It’s literally unhealthy and therefore change must come soon.

It is so repetitious that if you have condemned it once, you’ve condemned it for every time it happens again as well.

My dinner was kind of awkward, so I’m not sharing it.

Also I heard the news of the actor who recently passed away. It is unfortunate for those moved by it, likely including himself. Very unfortunate. I don’t know anything about the man’s character personally, because I don’t watch movies. (I’ve never seen Black Panther.) A while ago I’ve told myself that I won’t do “emotional writing after someone passes” anymore, when it’s not about someone whose good character I’ve known. The same is also not done for good people who are unknown to the public. I guess I let you know here.

In regard to Felix his new hedgehog: am I the only one who is becoming more and more concerned about the lack of intelligence of artificial breed (as in created for industry) animals?

02:19 (AM) CEST

By the way, if anyone is coming from the Netherlands towards me for a Volta, bring along a couple of the purple container brand of Jew cookies for us please. :p

Time for some Asphalt. With the remainder of groceries I have, I’m making brownies.

04:32 (AM) CEST

I was 3rd the entire time, until I chose a different lane at the very end and managed to sneak past. I call my Vulcan “the bat mobil”. 🙂 New World Series and A Class Series have begun, which I just started (that’s why I’m in the Novice League right now).

By the way, I do feel urgency to say that mister Rittenhouse must not be prosecuted. If the government were doing his job, he would have felt no urgency to perform the act of bravery he has performed. I’d definitely let my US subdivision employ him for security, if he doesn’t prefer another role.

Also an external party must look into the home situation of the girl who cried for help on social media because of the way her parents treated her. With the politician who left her job because of it. The present system offers no protection for children with toxic parents. (I pray for my sister. (Who could be local Praesens of Suriname?) She has school and has been siding with my parents, so I couldn’t take her with me. Given that she is stuck there with them, it’s better if I don’t tell her more details that I don’t even share online. We have no freedom to talk about it. Aside from writing letters, but that backfired… I don’t know…)

06:20 (AM) CEST

Also it seems like someone is using my personal e-mail address to purchase things? I’m suddenly getting newsletters from websites I do not use, such as “dekbeddiscounter.nl” (from the commercials)…

I am not buying new bed sheets and I have no intentions of going to the Netherlands. Especially because I don’t have a room there.

06:30 (AM) CEST

By the way is this when the United States are going to figure out that the Netherlands are behind all the global chaos in the world, including the narrative of leftist media?

07:00 (AM) CEST

As in the Dutch elite want every country to become leftist and be like the Netherlands.

Hey look, groceries.

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Image by Thor Garlan from Pexels

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