I can’t be Chilling here Forever

I mean my stoic patience is infinite enough to be able to be chilling here forever, but it would be nice for all of us if things were changed up towards a more dynamic society, right?

There’s also a recession to tackle. Mainstream people think economics is only about the numbers. Numbers wise, this recession can be fixed using old methods, but reality wise the size of the population is too large for that now. I guess some will prefer to forever live in this (semi-)lockdown? Because they know people who aren’t interested in anything are very unlikely to make it through from recession to prosperity.

I’m making stoofpeertjes. Usually in Winter, but I’m just in the mood for it right now, so I’m breaking that tradition.

From the way the Sun goes up later lately, I already feel the flip of seasons is on its way. I kind of like the seriousness of the feeling that comes with Autumn and Winter. Though I also like the infinite beach party feeling that comes with Spring and Summer.

Funny thing is that this has not been my worst Summer. Summer 2017 was my worst Summer, trapped under surveillance. Quite comparable to a lockdown.

I’ll be playing some Asphalt 9 on my ceiling. (The current special event is the best this far. πŸ™‚ I really love it! From the additions to the style of language used.) When I started playing the game, mid lockdown, I only had one car. Now I have 25. πŸ™‚ In the game, of course. πŸ™

See you later x

01:07 (AM) CEST

Not that I see any use in owning 25 cars in real life. Not in one place at least. And reselling is not for me. One regular car and one hobby car per house would me the maximum for me I guess, if I’d have that freedom of choice. In this lockdown I’ve been craving to have a car so I could just drive around and seek quiet places. But that’s not in the cards for me.

Regentesse may not drive. But maybe in the middle of the convoy I can?

In the game I have 28 cars, by the way. Not 25. I unlocked the Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport with my World Series reward and bought the remaining cards for the Ginetta G50 for €4 to be able to proceed in the game, today. And I had forgotten that I had unlocked the BMW M40 recently.

I’m very glad that I have the Corvette now. Now I might make it to the platinum league. The Asterion doesn’t maneuver as smoothly, which was the best car I had in gold league.

Shooters I don’t play online, because I can’t 360 noscope and without that skill I’m always a liability to the online team. (General accuracy and quickness. I can’t even quickscope. πŸ™ ) For racing games I’m skilled enough to play online. Skilled enough as in I sometimes end up 1st and most often end up somewhere in the top 3 out of 8. If I end up in the bottom 3, likely either the cars I’m racing against are all way faster than mine or I’ve been wrecked by someone else.

If it weren’t for the people with very highly ranked cars zig zag driving in the lower classes, to purposely wreck other cars, I’d enjoy playing online more than playing offline. I mean wrecking is part of the game, but to constantly force it feels unfair. If I can, I just pass opponent cars instead of wrecking them.

When I say “Play to win”, which is the slogan of my club, I mean “put strong effort into using your skills in the best way possible”, and not “win by any means” and contrasting a “play with an “I’ll likely lose”-attitude”. (I don’t like “I’ll likely lose”-ers. Because often the attitude is the only thing that is in the way of their success.)

I’m not saying any of this because I want a pat on the back. I’m saying this because I can’t stand when people want to talk about whatever and regard to me as “young black female likely doesn’t know/understand any of this”.

We should game together some day. πŸ˜€

I’ll be dreaming about it.

Good night liefjeee x

04:57 (AM) CEST

A gut feeling tells me that I must confess… I have placed another booby trap. Namely that I seriously won’t die even if the whole world wants me to. There will be no verbal lynching. The verbal lynching moment would be the exact moment where I know who is with me and who is against me and with that who will live and who will die.

The people who I want dead will die regardless. Because I won’t die for them. I’m tired of wasting my time on people who are not worth my time.

And the glass house stuff and taking a leap of faith for trust and stuff was just to create a provocative sexual tension that would create a stronger likelihood for the mainstream to endorse this get together because they are masochists who want to see us fail. Sure I’ll be nervous because I’m attracted to you, but my focus is on this revolt.

I couldn’t sleep because I was hungry and apparently I’m out of yogurt, so I’ll be eating “Dutch style” egg foo yung with crab sticks for breakfast. (“Dutch style” as in it’s definitely not flavored the traditional way, but the taste is all right (as far as I’m used to).)

Usually I make it with noodles, but I had left over rice and no microwave so it’s cooked mixed through.

After eating this, I’m going to continue getting some rest. x

07:27 (AM) CEST

By the way World War 3 is cringe meow I’d choose World War Fangs.

07:31 (AM) CEST

Heyy liefjeee

It’s raining again. πŸ™‚ I’m quite happy that now I live somewhere where I’d survive the flood if I’m home when it happens. And I’d have the calmth and sole responsibility of being by myself, instead of being with people who get on my nerves (even when they’re not here). It sounds like something for 2020 to happen. At this point it would make people sharp again after this much mind numbing lockdown. I call everything lockdown if it includes social distancing.

Our displays will be very much without social distancing. Kissy Regentesse ahw you have no idea how much I appreciate you liefjeee (- 3 -) [= emoji]. I hope you don’t fear that my anger will ever be directed towards you. I want to give you so many kusjesss.

The social distancing and contact tracing thing sounds very much as if the establishment is taking measures to prevent people from conspiring against them. Which is why I’d never involve myself in it. I’m not traveling and my social bubble is empty, so there’s not really a need for it anyway. They’re not getting my blood.

September and beyond are shaky for me because that is when my persisting student loan becomes illegal and the allowance with which I cover my living expenses could stop. They’ll find out that I’ll never come back and beg for their attention and instead will try to kill them to make sure I’ll never catch wind of them and their hypocrisy ever again. If there’s anything, if you go to my parents and not to me you will be lied to and I will never know.

16:57 (04:57 PM) CEST

On this pace (i.e. if I’d be chilling here forever), my birthday will be the chillest ever. No people I dislike, no notifications… Not even my worst birthday. My worst birthday was in 2017.

17:04 (05:04 PM) CEST

Haha my birthday is 2 days before US elections. Likely when the fake meteor a.k.a. extincting bombing will hit and it will still not be a worse birthday than the one in 2017.

Last elections I attempted to meddle. This time I will stand by and see what happens organically.

It seems like whatever the outcome will be, people will say that it’s unfair. I’d say let Regentesse handle things. Get snakes out of government. πŸ™‚

We could also pretend to be martians and do fake alien invasion. πŸ™‚ (And then secretly it’s real… *X-Files sound* )

I’m seriously clueless about what my fate will be. I want to be a regent. World scale regent. Instantly. I have the capacity to do this. But will it ever actually happen? Or will I be chilling here forever?

17:37 (05:37 PM) CEST

I won’t do any other job. I mean look at all these “professionals” plagiarizing my booby traps and with that literally destroying society. I can do way better than them and that’s a fact.

18:27 (06:27 PM) CEST

I know there are people who are very eager to tell me that what I’m doing is not working and then give me terrible advice and then claim that my succes is because of them. People like my parents, snaky “scientists” and snaky politicians. Which is why they are boycotting me and which is why things are going exactly according to plan. It makes them tracable. They will not survive.

18:44 (06:44 PM) CEST

A while ago I wanted to write a post called “Four Types of Real-life Demons and how to Recognize them”.

Summarizedly, the types are:

1) History Chasers

History chasers don’t need money or fans, because they already have a huge lot of both of them. They influence gigantic crowds world-wide, in which they convince people that they are the good ones. They employ their minions to take out their enemies. By any means possible.

Examples of people like this are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Level of dangerousness: *****

2) Fake Regents

Fake regents care about gaining popularity. They convince people that they can make big changes to the world and/or are making big changes to the world, while their actual influence is minor or non-existent. Simultaneously, they do not want to see other people be more succesful than them.

Brandon Tatum is an example of this.

Level of dangerousness: ****

3) The Hopeful Hopeless

The type of people who follow History Chasers and Fake Regents, even when there is proof that they shouldn’t. (As in in any debate they would defend them and no matter how many counter arguments given, they won’t budge, even if they have to use this false counter accusations and distracting questions to prevent from giving in.) They have zero talent, but they feel like they are good and valuable people because of the History Chasers and Fake Regents they follow. They would say that they hope for improvement, but don’t believe in it and are – when it comes to having content on their minds to discuss – better off when there is no improvement. The amount of people in this group is indescribably large. It’s regular folk people.

Level of dangerousness: ***

4) Improvement Junkies

Drug addicts and other types of people (like fat people or people going through sex change) who keep convincing you that they will do better and that you must keep them in your life, draining you. They always appeal to your emotions, while having no actual logical value in your life.

Level of dangerousness: **

Isn’t society weird? In comparison to 2000, there are now so many “famous” people and so many trends that in the end nobody is famous and everyone is in actuality nobody, while a lot of Fake Regents are sooooo full of themselves. And there’s a whole industry behind it… It looks pathetic. Am I the only one who finds the way they pose for pictures extremelyyy annoying? All these “to follow” suggestions I get on Snapchat make me sick. The algorithm is not even broken. It is all there is right now.

19:43 (07:43 PM) CEST

People who want to mass-scale expose (and assassinate) History Chasers often assume that they will fail (there’s a large amount of people who want to do this). But has anyone, in this era, ever actually tried?

20:03 (08:03 PM) CEST

A Pixabay image from Pexels

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