Will we ever be Putting This into Practice?

If you’re reading this and, instead of making another 1000 episodes you’re interested in turning your life around, you’d make a good continental Praesens and/or campaign manager of mine.

I was thinking Felix could contribute to education reform, as continental or council Cultor.

This can’t stay infinite blog posts forever mayne let me get to the big screen and then destroy it bitteee.

I often make fruit juice and store it in an empty wine bottle now. One of my new things.

And I occasionally drink cola now. And premade chocolate milk. (Not simultaneously. :p) Oh and I make ice by freezing water in a freezer bag and then smashing it with a hammer. Whenever I please muhahahhaa.

As long as you people keep ghosting me, I’m back to being this online presence, I guess. Ooohh then when I’m ambushed for a Volta, it could be followed live. 🙂 I think my Praesens and others are still living in disbelief? *sigh*

The things happening on the news have such a fixed formula that if it weren’t for the nice characters of the messengers I follow, I wouldn’t be following it at all.

00:17 (12:17 AM) CEST

*giggles* It would be so funny to make a skit of a documentary scene of a police officer getting for work, sipping some coffee and being like “Hmmm getting ready to randomly shoot some black people today.” Ahahahahahahaha…

Get it? Because it’s not like that haha…

02:12 (AM) CEST

On a serious note, though, what other than public executions will stop the cycle of lies and riots?

02:17 (AM) CEST

Though I expect the opposite, I hope it won’t take long before people realize that I do this solely to improve the quality of life. I don’t care about being liked at all. (I do need some noiseless space though and living in city center……….. (Is driving me crazy man I’m tired of saying it.))

03:10 (AM) CEST

One day we’ll wake up and have creative fun together, living and working in my castle(s), right? (Including fun livestreams. 🙂 ) Not literally just waking up to that, but gradually working towards that.

I’ll be plotting further in my sleep. Good night liefjeee

Kusjeeeeeee x

03:51 (AM) CEST

Heyy liefjeee

I hope you are having a nice day. Is there much different for you personally in comparison to last year?

Honestly I don’t understand why people who are health wise and financially unaffected by the “pandemic” say that this has been traumatizing. Things could have been way worse. I mean if this is traumatizing, then what will “after the elections” be called? I also don’t understand why emotional responses are a sign of virtue. I mean of course in the context of mass psychology the masses have more control when people are emotional, but in a logical context getting emotional about everything that happens is a weakness. What is the use of having whiny bitches?

15:37 (03:37 PM) CEST

I don’t want to sound like a leftist, but I think that me being a stoic female of color makes me the perfect regent. :p

At least an eye catcher just because of that?

16:03 (04:03 PM) CEST

By “the masses have more control” I mean that anyone could influence an emotional person by being emotional.

I would rather rule by logic. “Rationalize death, don’t emotionalize it” would be one of the first things I’d push through if I were in charge right now.

16:13 (04:13 PM) CEST

It’s rainy today, which I absolutely love. When I was stuck at home under surveillance, feeling more trapped than I have ever felt (this corona sh*t is nothing to me), one night when it was raining, I went outside into the garden without putting my jacket on, just to feel and smell the rain. I just stood there with my eyes closed, somehow feeling alive and free in that moment. My parents thought that I had another “fit of schizophrenia”. They didn’t understand. Rain always reminds me of that moment. I associate it with freedom.

16:23 (04:23 PM) CEST

I still haven’t left my bed today. To just lay in bed without my feet being tickled unexpectedly, and without my sheets being ripped off in the name of “get up and do something”, is another one of the freedoms I enjoy. Though I often still feel the tension as if that can still happen to me. I guess without laying in someone’s safe arms, I will never get fully rid of that tension.

I should eat something. I had greek yogurt with honey in the morning. Which is basically what I’ve been having for the last few months, unless I’m out of yogurt and don’t feel like going to the grocery store. For now I guess I’ll eat some bread with tuna spread and for dinner have rice with fish and green beans. I really wish I had servants, though, so I wouldn’t have to focus on preparing food anymore.

16:53 (04:53 PM) CEST

Had I mentioned that I started eating meat again, by the way? A couple weeks after I published my research (over 400 views) and the lockdown started, I realized it was all an exaggeration and started satisfying my cravings for red meat again.

17:37 (05:37 PM) CEST

It feels good to know that I’m the reason why life can’t move forward without me anymore. One cannot plagiarize a strategy that is not created for him/her to execute. Love the cliffhanger it ended with.

17:43 (05:43 PM) CEST

I have zero intentions of giving instructions on how to get out of the economic hellhole I have not created. Only when the highest of all international governmental powers is transitioned to me, I will solve this. Sorry but I have to eat too and people can’t keep getting away with plagiarizing misinterpretations of my work.

17:47 (05:47 PM) CEST

I have not created this “traumatic experience”. If the virus was as deadly as it seemed to be, my strategy was literally the only way to survive. If the virus was as not deadly enough to keep supermarkets open and there have people touch the same freezer doors et cetera, I would have ended all measures from the very beginning.

17:50 (05:50 PM) CEST

But people have turned this into a “historic” capitalistic ego boosting rollercoaster ride. They portray themselves like heroes while lying to your faces.

The virus is literally created by leftists. They do e-ve-ry-thing to make the right wing look bad. Some leftist supporters know this, but are just evil enough to be happy to be a part of it.

That’s why I hate wearing a mask. It is the most awful form of submission. The marketing slogan is even “wear the damn mask”. One must be insane to think I’d comply with that. But I don’t want to risk a fucking jail sentence… Especially not abroad…

17:57 (05:57 PM) CEST

I’d like to debunk the two most ignorant arguments for coronavirus I’ve ever heard.

1) “Your right-wing politician is the reason why your granny has died

Preexisting conditions make someone vulnerable to that weak virus. Right-wing politicians were actually more open to closing the borders, which would have prevented the virus from crossing your border in the first place.

The chance that one dies from this virus (I mean how much time has passed and you’re still alive and you’ve likely have had a minor cold or a fever in the meantime) is so small that if one dies, the only reason why is fate.

2) “Things were locked down on 120 cases and are reopened at 120000 cases, very dumb”

Whoever says that is very dumb. The phenomenon that makes it logical is called “accumulation”. Cases are not deducted. Someone gets corona: 1 case. That person heals. Still 1 case. Someone else also gets corona: 2 cases. That person dies. Still 2 cases, now also 1 death. If someone heals or dies, that does not mean that the total amount of cases will be deducted. Things can reopen because we’re not at 10 million deaths right now.

Also cute?

18:27 (06:27 PM) CEST

Like seriously there can be 5 millon reported cases right now, with only 10 people actually sick in real-time.

18:33 (06:33 PM) CEST

Whoever was behind leaving the elderly in old folk’s homes during this pandemic should be charged with genocide ahahaha.

18:43 (06:43 PM) CEST

I hope that giving blood for coronavirus is done on a voluntary basis.

18:48 (06:48 PM) CEST

Workout time. 🙂 30 mintues of nude HIIT training coming up yay ciao x

19:13 (07:13 PM) CEST

Yay. 🙂

By the way, in case you were wondering why I was dancing at the end of that video about my coronavirus policy: it was because I know the whole world is watching me and I was about to establish my business the fair way or the unfair way, depending on whether there would be plagiarism or not. An opportunity to create rightful dependency one way or the other.

I’ll be showering and washing my hair. 🙂

20:41 (08:41 PM) CEST

Tasty, though I let my beans on for slightly too long because I was looking at memes.

It has been quite a while since I ate cod fish. Salmon, tuna and shrimps I’ve been eating most often lately. Tomorrow I’ll be eating yogurt for breakfast, foo yung hai for lunch (because I have tomato sauce left from the pizza I made yesterday) and cheeseburgers for dinner.

What ever happened to that Chinese lady on Fox News who was a fugitive from China, leaving her family behind who then didn’t die, who was going to tell people about the secret dangers of the coronavirus?

And I, by the way said that “unquestioning patriotism” is just as fascist as BLM, by which I mean the following: BLM is physically oppressive. Indirectly forcing you to post things on social media, protest, reject your history, victimize people et cetera. “Unquestioning patriotism” is mentally oppressive. If you want to be a part of them – regardless if you really believe in it – you must say: “Our country is the best country ever, God first family second, 100% pro life, protect borders, nuclear family where women aren’t fit for serious positions of power, (…).” If your stance is different or even slightly nuanced, you’re not really a part of them. Simultaneously, in that way it is super easy to be a conservative politician.

23:23 (11:23 PM) CEST

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